Tuesday 9 November 2021

Lets play Solitaire :)

 I had been very keen about learning various types of card games since my childhood. A deck of cards has always amazed me. Card games were the backbone of our fun during holidays, family vacation and family gathering. We would form a big circle and play cards whole night. All sweets, snacks and drinks were served right there to us. Those were some golden old days, today life has become so hectic that a large family gathering is near to impossible, someone or other always left out because of work, family or studies.

My life may be so busy but my love for card games has not been changed a bit. My favorite card came has been solitaire. I have played so many solitaire games and never ever have I felt bored about it. I hold the record of least moves solitaire win on my Windows laptop too. Talking about card games I love playing and trying different platform for card games. I try different applications and web sites for the game and it keeps me busy in my free time. I have also had good time and opportunity to try out new type of card games during the Covid lock down. i tried various types of card games in the last year.

I stumbled of this website solitaire.org a couple of months ago. There are so many card games available here on the website. It is pure love for card game lovers. I have come across so many new interesting games here and have learned to play a few although solitaire remains my favorite. The best thing I liked here is that they don't show you useless and stupid advertisements at all. It's so good to have an adware free website where one can play different categories of card games for free.

They have a huge list of card games http://solitaire.org/solitaire-games/ too. I personally haven't tried all of them but will definitely try them.

My favorite card game solitaire is also available in couple of variants. The first one that I liked the most was  Solitaire pro. It's the solitaire game with a new twist.

The next game that I played and liked was Freecell Solitaire which was also an interesting game to play. 

I have played so many games here and have absolutely loved them. Solitaire.org also has other games that one can try if one doesn't finds card games interesting like Logic Puzzle Games, Word Games, Mahjong Games, Hidden Object Games and Match 3 Games. If you are an online game lover and want to play something new and interesting when you are free do visit their website. It's well organised and free to play.

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