Saturday 28 February 2015

Lovely Bed In A Bag sets from OGOTOBEDDING

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We all love to decorate our home with lovely products. Like wise Bed in a Bag are also very important coz peaceful sleep is very much necessary for me specially plus who doesnt like their room to look beautiful with lovely vibrant bedding sets. 
Let me introduce you guys to a lovely online store is a professional online household products exclusive store. You can find various exquisite curtains, comforters, pillows, sheets, and bath towels here. All goods in are designed, tailored, and made by themselves. they are aimed at supply high quality products with reasonable price to their customers. 
We all know that sleep is important to us people. provide with the best Bed in A Bag, such as organic cotton duvet cover. You can find any kinds of colors, patterns and styles there, you can have an incredible discount when you buy from their website, which can help you have a more comfortable sleep and upgrade the quality of your sleep.
I am also planning to buy few of them, check out my picks - 

Buy - HERE 
This is made up of high quality 100% cotton, the floral pattern gives it a very pretty look.

This Bed-in-a-Bag is very fresh, the star patterned could make you become the shinning star, the black and white color matched would give others the fresh feeling, 100% cotton fabric, which could give us the soft feeling, and the star design is very popular this year, if you choose the bed in a bag, it won't let you down!

The teen Bed-in-a-Bag could make you become the shinning dress, it is pretty and elegant, 100% cotton, which could make us full of cool and energy, the bees and flower could be full of childish, if you like the country style, then the bed in a bag would be the best choice for you.

Hope you liked my picks .

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

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Upgraded My Car With Quikr NXT

We don’t buy Cars and houses every day. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to earn every single penny which can be used to buy a car. But how could someone make this understand to a guy who only dream or cars and bikes? Although having two of them standing in the garage he still finds the third car running on the rood better than what he owns. Ohhh I am sorry I forgot to mention that I was talking about my hubby. He is a big car freak. He loves long drives obviously with me. And to be very honest I adore his passion. But the problem is that he likes a car for just six to nine months and then he wants something else. And I am really worried that it is not always possible to buy a new car having two already standing at home. It is waste of money too because when he buys a new one he doesn’t drives the old one and it also cause the space problem as its impossible to accommodate the third one at the home garage.

This last Sunday he told me that he was planning to buy a Honda mobilio and he was done driving the Alto car. This car was in the family since a long time and he never liked driving it. Although I loved driving it, but I was not a frequent driver. So I asked him that what I should do with the alto car. And he replied mockingly that I should sell it on Quikr . And an idea struck my mind that why not I should use Quikr NXT to upgrade my car. Well the service is free of cost so it was worth a try.

So that afternoon when he left for the office in his Ertiga I was all setup with my phone to click the pictures of the car and post it on Quikr. And I did so. I posted an advertisement in Quikr that I was willing to sell my car for a very reasonable price because I was planning to but anew one very soon. Posted the advertisement with pictures and every requirements like model number and year of manufacturing and I was good to go. I wanted to sell this car secretly and wanted to gift a new car to my hubby from my saving so I also availed the Quikr NXT facility. This is a facility where you do not need to attend calls from the buys instead you can chat with them. So the very next hour I stared receiving messages from people around the town that they we looking for such a car. After chatting with few of t hem I got a message from an elderly lady saying that she wants that car for her grandson only if it was in a good running condition. I assured her about the condition of the car and told her that I myself will come with the car to her house and she can then check the car and test the engine too.

So the very next afternoon I reached to the designated address and the old lady took a test drive first and then we discussed the pricing over a cup of cold coffee. It was like a dream that I was really selling my car and I did. I handed her all the papers and required documents and recived the payment and took a cab to my home.

That night when he arrived he was shocked to find the car missing from the garage. And then came the surprising part for him. I offered him the full amount for the Honda Mobilio and said him “Jao ji lo apni Zindagi”. And he was in a state of shock for few minutes. He counted the money and asked me that where did I get this money and I told him that I just followed your instructions and sold the old car on Quikr and now we can easily upgrade to a new one. And he made me a promise that this car is going to stay with us until I ask him to sell it.

Floral Curtains from Ogotobuy

Hello friends

Are you looking for some lovely ways of decorating your homes? And if Flower Curtains is in your shopping list then this post is must read for you. It means we will talk about Floral Curtains today.
And for that let me introduce you guys to a new website . is a professional online household products exclusive store where you can find various exquisite curtains, comforters, pillows, sheets, and bath towels. They supply high quality products at reasonable prices. All goods in are designed, tailored, and made by themselves.
Well let me tell you guys Summer is here and i am going for Floral curtains this summer to make my room look lovely and charming and fresh also.
I am planning to buy few of them from ogotobuycom . check out few of my favourite picks - 

This Purple curtains would highlight your fancy tastes. the best quality Polyester for your sweet home. Check the great Floral/Botanical style. You will love it!
Buy - HERE

Newly arrived Brown curtains would give you a fresh moment. Floral/Botanical style made of Poly/Cotton Blend is beautiful and eye-catching, isn't it? Suitable is the best.
Buy - HERE

You will have the greatest experience with this set of 100% Polyester curtains. Yellow and Floral/Botanical is high fashion but also classic and timeless. 
Buy - HERE

So if you are planning to buy curtains for your home too, then don forget to check out their collection and customise them according to your needs and demands. Hope you liked my picks too.

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 27 February 2015

Bought Iphone 5c at very cheap price with the help of 27coupons

"Holi ka hai teyohar mai kuch rang chuninda laai hun. Rango se bhar jaye ye duniya aapki mai Rab se duya ker aai hun."

Holi a festival of color, love and Happiness. To be honest it is one of my favourite festival. The smell of the atmosphere, the bliss of the sun and the smoothness of the wind. What a time of the year. The almighty has so perfectly timed this festival and it refreshes all of our our minds and hearts. I simply love the essence of this festival.
And if we are speaking of festivals how could we not expect gifts from our loved once? And would not it so selfish without giving a gift back to them on the festival. So as usual I was confused again that what should I be gifting Mr. Hubby this festival. And like always I was clueless. And then mere dimag ki batti jali. I remembered that he has lost his iPhone 5 c recently and this loss was really painful for him. He did not sleep the night he lost his phone. So nothing could have been better than gifting him a new iPhone 5c which would add color to his life. Now that the gift was decided came the most exasperated part where to buy it.

And suddenly I knew where to start my search and I typed www.27coupons.comand started my search .

27coupons are so organised that you can just pick a store from there and start your search for offers and discounts. The site had segregated the offers and deals and has categorised it so well. One can just straight forward start the search or browse according to the requirements. (pic)

So I started my search with the and guess what it was my lucky day. I saw an offer which said IPhone 5c 8 GB just at ₹22990.

 Although he lost a 32 GB but yet a phone for a phone was all I could have given him.
I clicked on the offer and it directly landed me to the amazon India web page and there I choose my color and processed to check out and used COD option as the payment option. I did not use a card because he could have figured it out that what I had bought and that would have ruined my surprise. All thanks it fixed me with a great deal yet again. 

27coupons is like a jinni for me and has helped me with great deals and offers always.
I have always and will always return to 27coupons before buying a merchandise. I bet that iPhone will bring a colorful smile on my hubbies face this Holi. What are you waiting for ready steady and go to 27coupons and see what they have for you in their store. You never know you may get lucky too

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pamper new Love language for my baby.

Being Mom is the proudest moment for a woman. That little life which arrives in the world through us is the greatest gift as well as the greatest wonder of the Lord. We keep that life inside us  and nourish it for nine months with at most care and love and wait for its arrival in the world. And when it does arrives in our world we try to give our best to them. We play, we laugh, we cry and we grow with them day to day.
And among these funs comes the best part when it's the bed time for the baby. This bed time arrives after a long and tiring day and the babies as well as the mom are ready to retire and call it a day. And every mom has a bed time ritual that they follow while putting the baby to sleep so do I. These rituals help my baby have a sound, good night sleep and also take an extra care of it. The baby being so little and unable to express its feeling and problems, therefore it is the mom who understands and takes care of each and every details for the baby.  
Well my rituals starts with feeding the baby. The little ones are always hungry you know and they need milk or there diet time to time on a fixed interval. So I keep feeding her every hour and before putting to sleep I feed her extra so that she sleeps well otherwise she wakes up hungry at night and thus doesn’t have a sound sleep and gets less sleep. The feeding is followed by oil message for the strengthening of the bones and to reduce the pain of her limbs as she keeps cycling all day long. This oiling and messaging is also accompanied some sort of lorry for the baby although it doesn't understands a bit of it but I think it amuse the baby and it cries less.
The next and the last step is to put Pampers pants on to the baby. Like I told you babies are hungry every hour and need milk to calm their hunger. And more they drink milk more they pee and more they pee more they wet their pants and beds which leads to less sleep. The wetness of the pant and bed wake them up every time they pee. So using Pampers for the baby is the best. Pampers are designed is such a way that they are able to hold wetness and moisture for a long time. The pamper pants absorbs and hold the moisture and wetness for up to 6 or 7 times. The baby feels no dampness and thus has a sound unobstructed sleep and the baby wakes up in the morning with a good night sleep and a big smile on her face.
We all promise the best for our little ones and Pampers is one among those best things that we can give them because milk and sleep is all they need to grow up well.  Give Pampers to your kid and give and them a good night sleep and a reason to grow.  For more information on Pampers baby dry paints visit the website Give the best to your kid because they deserve.

Saturday 7 February 2015

My Daddy is the Greatest !!!

 The word “father”for me is a synonym for Love, Trust, Happiness, and Sacrifice. Paapa tum sab kuchsehte ho aurhumsekuchnahikehte ho. A #Greatdad is a mentor, a friend, a teacher and a gift from the God. He lives for the happiness of his child- small or big, soft or tough he is there for you always. He is the one person in the world who can be angry and adorable at the same time. He has always been there  since the day you were born and will be there forever. His fingers taught us to walk, his care and love molds us to what we become in our life. A #greatDad works day and night for to better our future and helps us to grow into a good human being. Like I said he symbolizes love, care and wisdom all together. Dad is an image of the lord who has been sent here to look after us and guide us through the ups and downs of our life.
I have been blessed with the greatest Dad in the world.I was born in his image and in his image I will grow. That is what I have always wished. He has understood my Love, pain, fear and troubles in the best possible way. And he is always there to deal with them. Good days or bad days he stood by me always. #GreatDad like mine are straight sent from the heaven. My Dad has helped me in every walk of my life. He supported my thoughts and dreams and helped me to turn them into reality. He is the key to my every success and the main ingredient of my happiness.
There has been a hell lot of incidents in my life where my Dad came to my rescue but I would like to share a small story from my life where my #GreatDad rescued me from all the sufferings like a hero and helped me achieve ….. My Love. I was always a Papas’ girl, he has helped me in all my tensions and worries. But this time the worry was a bit serious one. I was in Love with a guy and he was the only thing I wanted and wanted to get married soon. Every single member of my family was furious at my decision of marrying a guy from other caste. Dad was silent. His face and expressions said to me that he was angry, worried and tensed about my decision. And he had all the rights to be. After all I was the apple of his eye.  Everyone went on shouting and howling at me. Few were genuine and others faked it but all I waited for was my dad’s decision and reaction to the news that he just heard. I was afraid because I knew his love for me was special and it was a tough decision for him to make. But he decided to go along with it and watch whether or not I have chosen wisely.
After a long discussion in my family, they concluded that I should not see this guy any more. They wanted me to breakup with him and marry someone who belonged to my caste. I was so pissed off and eager as well. But I sensed that the things were not going my way and I was so disappointed about it. And this unhappiness and disappointment was clearly visible on my face and in my eyes. But did I forget that I had an angel who was always there for me. My dad sensed the problem and spoke out, in the end. He asked me a few questions and we had a small discussion on the topic and at the end he signaled that the decision would fall in my favor.
Later I asked dad what was it that changed his mind that he accepted the guy. And his answer was really touching. He said that although he taught me to walk, talk, laugh and dance he wasn't sure that he taught me well to love other but this incident blew his mind and made him realize that I have grown up and I could make my decisions on my own. Cast or no cast it didn't matter, all matter is that love that he had for me and that he saw in my eyes for that guy. And finally, he concluded that being a father, he is the one responsible for everything and he could not have let anyone marry me until he was satisfied. I was in all tears and hugged him. This is just one among tons of incidents where he was the savior for me. He is so persistent and reliable that I can be the most careless girl in the world under his guidance. 

Indeed he is the #GreatDad of the world for me and a great man too. “Daddy I love you thank you for being there for me, you always forgave my mistakes and praised my good work; you certainly are the Image of the God.  You are the greatest creation of the Lord and I am highly obliged to be your daughter”.

Sunday 1 February 2015

No more calls Now chat on Quikr.

Mr. Pranay Chulet would have never even wondered that he was going to gift his fellow Indians with such a wonderful gift of Quikr. And his gifts are doing excellent wonders to the need fulls. You are in need of a car and don't want to buy a new one and you don't know where to look just log on to Quikr. You are fed up of your old bulged TV box set and you are looking to buy a new LCD but can't understand what to do with the old one sell it on Quikr. And there are many more things that you can do here all you need to do is place an advertisement of your needs and you are done.

Although Quikr was doing exceptionally well but the team wanted to move further and provide a more personalized service to its consumers and here they are introducing a new and sensational feature to the website and this feature is known as Quikr NXT.

This new feature enabled a chat feature to your Quikr website. The feature is available for the both version of the site that is the desktop site and the mobile site. Here with the help of the new feature you can chat with the other consumers on line about the products you have been selling or the products you are willing to buy from other customers.

If asked for my own opinion on the topic, I would prefer to use the chat feature over the call feature. And I have my own strong and valid reasons for that.
Not to mention but sometimes the calls which are in response to your advertisement are really annoying. They come at odd hours. And by odd hours I mean that maybe you are in middle of something important and you get a distracting call from a buyer who is not even close to knowing that he has called you at a wrong time. Also you can filter the serious buyers away from the time pass one's who just call you for fun.
Secondly the Quikr NXT feature doesn't let you miss your buyers. Maybe a buyer calls you when your phone is switched off and could not get in touch with you so the chat feature helps you to get back to them later. So you can chat whenever you are free and respond to the questions when you get time. You are happy and your replies to the buyers doesn't let them feel ignored.

The last but not the list of all the new Quikr NXT feature can help you to be a mysterious seller. Well i am kidding. But seriously sometimes you want to sell something and you can't let your roommates know about it. Or maybe you want to sell your old phone and get a new one with the extra money you have saved from the last festive season but you don't want your parents to know about it than this feature is a boon to you. No calls from the buyers and you can execute you plans more discretely. Or maybe you can sell your old unwanted stuffs discretely and buy a gift for your partner or your parents without them knowing how and when you did it. Surprises are always good and welcomed and thus feature can help you bring a smile on your loved one's face.

Above all this modern world prefers modern ways over the old ones and chatting is one among them. All i could say id that guys at Quikr really know how to keep up the pace with the world and so they have come up with this feature. They are the best in their field and are willing to accept the challenges of the evolving world and are ready to evolve.
Check out the latest feature on Quikr website yourselves click here
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