Wednesday 31 December 2014

I Share My passion With Micromax

We all love to live our dreams. Some of us succeed and some of us keep trying until we succeed. All that matters is the passion behind our dream. A life without a passion is like a body without a soul. We live, play, fight and even die for our passion. It is the passion of our dream that takes us to places and helps up to conquer the world. Have you ever thought what would life be like if you were not doing what you like or if you were not chasing your passion? Monotonous is the only word that suits best for an answer. This new year let’s take a resolution, a resolution to dive deep into our passion and to crack every obstacle that comes in our way. Passion is what we live for and passion is what we should die for. And to assist our passion Micromax has come up with a new wonder, yes you heard me right I call it a wonder because it’s nothing less than that. I am talking about the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. A Tab launched by Micromax with an Intel Atom core processor inside. For more details visit

I too live for a passion and my passion is to be a successful and a famous fashion blogger. Well I work hard in the best possible direction to live my dream and to fulfill my passion. But whit the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. I think my life would be easier and this tab can help me chase my dream well and live up to my passion.

As a fashion blogger I need to visit so many web sites. I need to put my views about the fashion to the world through the social networking and guess what? The Intel Atom processor of the Tab is like a magic for me. Or in other words it can act like a magic for me. Faster the tab would work faster would I connect and share my views and work. Not only that the Intel Hyper Threading technology could make it easier for me to work simultaneously on various things. So you one say that it’s just not a Tab but could be your key to the success of your passion. The Tab is so smooth and can handle your multitasking skills so easily and can add up to your caliber. Also we should not forget the 8 inch display that the gadget comes with. The era of wired telephones were sacked to the selves when mobile phones were launched in the market and in this present era Tab has started acting as a mini laptop for us and the day is not far that we would see laptops being sacked to the selves too.

Micromax has designed this Tab keeping this theory in mind and has packed this tab with all it needs to be the best in the market. The tab comes with the latest Android Operating system in the market and has1 GB RAM in it. It has two cameras that is front one of 2 megapixels and the rear one of 5 Megapixels. The device has 8 Gb internal storage and could be expended up to 32 GB along with 3G GSM facility in it. The gadget has wifi facility and also music and video players for entertainment, means I could work and play as well.  What more could one ask for. I would love to buy one of this for me and one for my hubby as well. Like I said this would help me brows, check, connect and most important it would give me speed.

Micromax Canvas has a passion to change the digital world with its gadgets and they have succeeded in it so far. And I bet this new-year they will rock the world with the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Don’t imagine get one for you and check it out. As for me I am definitely getting one or two of it.

Shave - Must For First Impression

Couples are decided in heaven and are separated on earth. Well that is entirely my philosophy and I don’t know whether I am right or wrong. But one thing that I am quite sure of is that may be the couples are decided in heaven but it’s us who nourish and carry our relations right from the beginning. And sometimes this relation completely depends on how we look and how we carry ourselves. All I want to say is that whether it’s the matter of a relationship or love we should be always presentable because sometimes a bit of laziness can destroy everything. It can destroy the bond that was created up in the heaven. Now you may think I am talking all nonsense, well I am not and to prove this here I am with a very small incident from my life.
My brother in law is a smart guy or I should say have become a smart guy since the day we decided to pay a visit to the in-laws to see the girl and to talk to her parents about all the arrangements that was to be made if the marriage was fixed. We were all set to go but my brother in law (Sanu) wasn’t yet home. We were all waiting for his return as he and Mr. Hubby were out of station for some business reasons. They were supposed to return by the afternoon but were late due to the flight delay. I was so excited and worried too because I knew that both the brothers were going be late and this could create a fuss in the end. Finally they arrived at half past seven and we were supposed to be at the hotel by eight.
All of us were almost ready except the two brothers who had just come in. Sanu was the one who was supposed to get ready soon and thus we all were shouting at him to be ready, in fifteen minutes. Mr. Hubby got fresh had a cup of coffee, shaved and got dressed up. And now it was 7:55 pm already and we were going to be late which wasn’t a good thing at all. So at last Dad said we are out in five minutes all you guys are ready or not. And we followed his instructions well.
We were all in the car within five minutes but Sanu was still late well after all he is the groom so he had all the rights in the world to take few extra minute. Finally he arrived all dressed up neatly but what? He wasn’t shaved. GOD girls don’t like guys with beard and mustache. That was my perception. Before I could ask him Dad signaled the driver to ignite the engine and so here we were with a Dulhe raja who hadn’t shaved.  We arrived the hotel 15 minutes late which wasn’t the main issue I was worried about but it was Sanu.
So our parents met and things were going good until the would be Dulhan steeped in. She was good looking well not as good as Sanu but yes one can say that it was Rab ne banadi Jori types. Dulhan looked a bit disappointed and I knew the reason. I asked sanu to go and talk to her in some private so they took a seat just behind us. Well I was physically present with my hubby but mentally I was there with them.  I heard the girl ask Sanu that why hadn’t he shave? To which he replied back that he was out of the town and got no time and also he promised that he would meet her tomorrow at the CCD and he would be perfectly groomed and shaved and then she can decide on whether to marry him or not. But the confidence in his voice worked for her and she told him that with your looks I would have said a no but the way you left the decision on me I would say yes and sure I would love to see you tomorrow all clean shaved.
Sanu got a lesson that day that if you are a guy you need to shave because there is no reason on this earth that could be your excuse for not shaving. They met the next day and I got a picture of them on my Whats app saying we are ready to follow the bond made in the heaven. 

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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Dad! Please Shave

It's always mummy's boy and Pappa's daughter and same goes for me too. I share a great bonding with my mom but the relation between me and my Dad is special. It always was and it always will be. My dad is tall, smart and handsome do doubt but he had a flaw. Yes you heard me right. Well you can say I am mean that I am pointing out my Dad's mistake but truth is truth. He was a bit lazy sometimes and that was what bothered me the most. He didn't like to shave at all. Although life gave him a lesson on it and he understood that shaving is an important aspect of life and needs to be presentable always. Here is what happen to him.
My dad is a business man and is his own boss so he had no one to point out that he should be shaved and presentable. And like I told you that he was a lazy lad and never bothered about his looks. Mumma was always after him but he was very good at making excuses and tackling mumma. So he never let me or mumma win over his excuses. But he didn't know that someone somewhere was watching this and had his plans set for dad.
It was lazy winters evening we were enjoying a nice fire in our courtyard and dad's phone rang. He picked up the phone and by the excitement in his voice I could make out that he was exited. So he disconnected the call and asked me, "Guess what?", I replied in same expression, "what?". I could clearly see the annoyance on his face but i didn't want to ruin his moment and asked him that who called and why was he so happy? He gave me a look and then getting back into excitement told us the whole thing that he was asked to judge a city level badminton tournament and he would be the chief guest. Well I forgot to mention that my dad was a state level badminton and volleyball champion himself. So we were exited that dad was being given a great honor to be the  chief guest and judge a badminton tournament.
The long awaited day or to be very precise evening finally arrived and dad was all set to rock the indoor stadium by his presence but what the holy cow of mother nature he didn't bothered to shave. Man who does that me and mom tried our best to convince him but he wouldn't listen. We gave up at last knowing he won’t listen. So we arrived at the stadium gate on time or I should say before time and Dad started looking for someone whom he could talk to and who could get us in. We approached the entrance which was guarded by two guards who thought they were no less than commandos. Dad tried to enter the stadium and one of the guards stopped him and asked what business he has here. My Dad told him that he was the chief guest and he has arrived a bit early so he should let him in. But one of the guard replied mockingly, “Sir are you sure you have even been invited to the tournament? Because your face doesn’t say so”. Now that was humiliating and I could see that mixed look of anger and shame on Dad’s face. But before he could have reacted to the situation someone came for our rescue and we were finally directed inside. The guard who was rude to my dad came in apologized for his behavior and to my surprise dad didn’t say him anything but, “its ok, can happen to anyone”.
That was the day my father realized that wherever one should go he/she should be at his/her best always. He started shaving since then and now he doesn’t skips even a day.
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Saturday 27 December 2014

Sach Mai He Sukun Hai

There is great saying Truth is always bitter. When I was a kid I thought it means that one should always lie and never say the truth because it will taste bitter. Childhoods are some crazy days aren't they? And I could not have understood it if life had not taught it to me in its own way.

Well my story goes 8 years back. I was a simple yet a lively girl free of any burden and tension. Belonging from a hardcore Marwari family I knew that there wasn’t even the slightest scope of a guy in my life and even if there was my parents would have not agreed to it. So boyfriend double crossed, I lived in a PG accommodation within the management of a strict and rude aunt so fun life double crossed so all had was studies. And I choose Economic honors to keep me indulged and it did keep me fun life free very well until “HE” happened in my life. Wo din mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai. And why wouldn’t I remember it after all it was my birthday.

It was 1st of April, yup that’s my birthday I am a born fool a random guy although no so random he was my best friends friend made an appearance to my birthday treat and that stupid guy paid all the bill of the treat just because I asked him that how could you accompany someone to someone’s party without being invited. He got up called the waiter and asked for the bill paid it and left handing me a big Dairymilk. I didn’t care much all I thought was bandde mai attitude bahot hai. It was exactly 9.30pm I was on my study table and my phone rang with some unknown number flashing on it. It did irritate me because I was studying but I picked up the call thinking someone may have called in to wish me. But to my surprise it was him, the guy from my party who paid my bills today. He said (let me quote exactly what he said), “Hello, pehchana kaun? Are wahi jisko aapne apni party mai nai bulaya tha, listen I liked you, your ways, your style and I LOVE YOU”. I had no words and disconnected the call he kept calling me and texting me I didn’t pick up. Story ended here from my side although he tried his luck for several days.

Weeks passed by and I almost forgot him and suddenly my phone broke. It wouldn’t turn on although I can hear the nokia sound but no display. I called up my friend somehow and asked her that if she knew any mechanic and she said that do I remember that guy who crashed into my party because he was a good tech savvy guy and had helped her so many times. I had no time for these things so I asked her to give my phone to him and see whether he could fix it. Well he did fix my phone but said that I will have to meet him if I want my phone back I had no other option but to meet this guy. And I met him in the same restaurant where we met first and he gave my phone back and didn’t say anything. I was so surprised and angry too, I mean if he was to keep mum why the hell he called me? He could have given it to my friend. I went back with my phone and to be honest it ran as it was new. I did like that guy after all he wasn’t that bad.

We started texting, talking, meeting and going out and he proposed again. And I told him no but this time it wasn’t me who said no. it was the fear of my parents and my career that compelled me to lie and I lie to him for almost one and a half year but this guy stuck to my side always what so ever. I was afraid my parent may ask me to discontinue my studies and would have asked me to get married but I loved him yes I did but I kept lying to him. It was always no whether it was a coffee shop or a multiplex I always lied.

It was October I don’t know what was going in my head it kept spinning, I felt that it was high time now and I should do something about it. First I thought I will say him that I am leaving the town forever and also that he won’t try to contact me but my heart started shrinking and the very next moment I took my phone it was 1 in the morning I called him up and before I could say anything he said, “Dear I LOVE YOU and Don’t ever leave me alone”. I paused and disconnected the phone to my surprise he didn’t call back. 15 minutes later I called him back and he picked up the phone again. I asked him to get up and sit down and call me after having a glass of water. All worried he called me up in less than 1 minute. I picked up the phone and he asked me worried, “Dear aap thik toh ho?” I said him,”Rakesh I kept lying to you for more than a year and I can’t take it anymore, No more lying, no more burdens, no more sleepless nights, yes I LOVE YOU and always have and I always will”   We continued to be together until one day my parents came to know about it and I told them the truth too. They were furious and shocked but wo kehte hain na “Pyaar kea age kiska chalt hai” and today we are happily married since last 3 years and 7 months.

Truth was bitter but yes it tasted sweet and it still does. My parents are happy today to see us in love and are proud to have him as their son in law. Haven’t I would have spoke the truth to him or to my parents I don’t kno where I would have been. So Sachai mai sachmuch bahoot chain hota hai.

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Saturday 20 December 2014

Winter Outfit Inspiration

Hello friends

Check out this Winter Inspired Style
A plaid check shirt with big lapel pink coat, boyfriend jeans and black booties and some accessories :) 
Wohoo Ready to go ;)

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Thursday 18 December 2014

In love with Melbourne

Vacations are always on my mind. I just love travelling. Last evening few of my friend were discussing about an International vacation spot and all of shouted together Melbourne, Australia. I really want to visit this beautiful, breath taking and lively city at least once in my life because a world class vacation is not worthy until you have visited Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne the capital of Victoria one among the six states of Australia is the vibrant hub of style, sport, culture and dining. Melbourne is the most livable city of the world. The city is a puzzle of hidden lane ways, sumptuous bars, specialty restaurants and many calm and splendid boutiques. It's also where one can witness the culture of the place, sporting arena for big international sports, taste the Vintage wines accompanied with mouthwatering dishes, dance with all your hearts or just have a casual walk in the park and the leafy boulevards.

In simple terms if you have holiday on your mind Melbourne should be the first place to visit on your vacation list. One thing that makes Melbourne so special is that it is a complete package in itself. It has something or the other for everyone. If you are a sport lover Melbourne is the best place you want to be at. It is also known as the sporting capital of the Australia and host few of the biggest international events like Australian Open Tennis Championship, Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and this year it is going to host the most awaited sensational cricketing tournament on the planet The ICC World Cup tournament along with New Zealand. The whole city dresses up for a big Carnival commonly known as Melbourne Cup Carnival during the spring which is also a good attraction for the tourists.
Melbourne is not only famous for its sporting spirit but also there are places where you would definitely want to go if you are in Melbourne. The main attractions of the city are Melbourne Tower, National gallery of Victoria, Queen Victoria market, Eureka Tower, St. Kilda Beach, Victoria, Flinders Street Station, Bathing Boxes, Federation Square, Great Ocean Road Victoria, and Melbourne Cricket Ground.

You can always enjoy the beach with your sunscreen and pinacolada in your hands or can go for a memorable ride to the Great Ocean Road with your love. The sunset by the beach or the Great Ocean Road is just awesome and it can’t be compared to anything. You can also take a tour to the great Vineyards of Melbourne on your own hired hot air balloon. The whole city just looks spectacle from the hot air balloon. You can also taste few of the finest Vintage wines of Australia here. Foods are awesome too. 

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Let's have a kid's vacation

“Baar Baar aati hai mujhko madhur jaad bachpan meri gaya legaya tu jeevan ki sabse mast khusi meri”.
 -Subhadra Kumar Chauhan                                        

It’s a good poem where the poetess has described childhood in very beautiful words. When we are child we are carefree, tension free and our life is hustle free. We don’t have to worry about a thing and all we have to do is fun. And if we are talking about fun let me tell you kids love vacations and they go crazy when they are about to have one well my kid does. They really love to spend good time with their parents having all the fun away from school and homework. So if we plan for a vacation we are always conscious that we do not leave even a single stone unturned and we ensure them a good vacation. We choose a good destination for our vacation and by good I mean a place where children can have fun too. Usually we adults choose a destination where we can enjoy to the fullest and leave the kids out but it should be opposite. The destination should be something which amuses the children and if they are happy and if they have fun directly or indirectly we parents enjoy the vacation too.
There are few points we should always keep in mind while we plan a vacation for our kids such as the vacation should be kids friendly, the booking for hotel or resorts and transportation should be arranged before arriving the place, the vacation should be well planned and should be discussed with the kids to ensure their involvement and the kids should be asked to plan for family games and funs together. Let the kids decide on what to eat and where to go for games after all they are on vacation and it will make them happy. Try to spend time together out there during the vacation. Anyways a couple can always have time after the kid sleeps. The parents should keep in mind all the requirements of their kids and should consider their likes and dislikes always. Parents should play small games and keep their kid occupied.   
As for a kid vacation means fun all the time. They add magical sparks to our vacation. They understand well that vacation means a few days away from home yet together with their family. No school, no teachers, no study and no homework.  So they are free of all the above things and just try to live in the moment and that is what makes them happy. The smile and loud laughs enlightens the whole atmosphere. It calms us too and we learn it from them to live a moment forgetting all the work and problems we have. They even enjoy the smallest games played with the parents. And if taken to some special place like an amusement park they add extra battery to the vacation. The excitement level that they hold within themselves is remarkable and that is what makes the parents happy and a vacation successful.
Club Mahindra has planned and started a campaign known as “Teddy travelogues” which is India’s first crowd sourced e magazine where children between ages 4-12 were asked to submit their entries under eight different categories and have arranged good prizes for them too. It was an opportunity for the kids to show their talents and creativeness about holidays. Also it would help us understand better that what have we been missing out that they wanted and what could add extra magical spark to our vacations. 
For more information visit the website . And when you are going to have a vacation next time do keep in mind what your kids want from a vacation and make it a memorable one for them after all memories are all we have with us always.  

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Check Out Blogmint :)

Hello Friends

Blogging has been more than a mere passion today. I still can recall time when people used to blog just for fun and as their hobby. Poetry, stories, songs and etc were the main criteria for the blogs. But the time has changed now. With the rapidly developing world our ways of blogging and reasons of blogging has taken new shapes. This 21st century has transformed blogging into a new platform. A platform where not only people share their thoughts but they also come to know about new things and new ideas. It has been a platform to advertise and a platform to review new products, sites and etc. And to put this all things together “To The New” have taken an initiative and introduced a new website

Blogmint is an opportunity, a platform and a gateway for bloggers to come across new products or websites to be very precise. The product could be anything from software to an application. And the best part is that these campaigns can also fill your wallets as the reviews can get you paid too. I have been working for them since sometimes now and have been through few campaigns too and have been paid and praised for my work too. All I want to say is that Blogmint has given me new and good opportunities and reason to Blog. Join BlogMint and Happy Blogging. 

Saturday 13 December 2014

Let's Rise Above Fear

"Fear is just like fire; it can be helpful if you know how to use it. If not, you will get burned."

Mike Tyson.

Everyone has their own fears. It is not weird to have fears but if we back down just thinking that it is too risky to overcome the fear that is completely cowardliness. We need to take risk in our lives to #RiseAboveFear and one who does lives his or her life with dignity. These all were just another lecture for me until one day I faced my biggest fear. And the risk I took to fight back made me courageous and was a rise above fear moment for me.
It was just a normal usual day. The day had just started and Mr. Hubby was getting ready for the office and I was in the kitchen doing my usual stuff. I was in a hurry had to prepare breakfast and lunch box for my hubby. While I was in middle of finishing a sunny side up for his toast the LPG cylinder ran out. Ask a woman how frustrating it is to change a LPG cylinder if she is in middle of her cooking and that also when she is in jiffy. Anyways I looked by him and unfortunately he was in the washroom bathing. I asked him to change the cylinder and he said he is going to take other 10 minutes to come out. Man so furious I was. But kept my cool and dragged the cylinder to the kitchen to fix it up.
When I removed the empty cylinder I do not know how but I broke the valve that is in the middle of the nozzle but I didn’t care about it. It was an old cylinder and the valve was all rusty and I knew that the cylinders keep changing every time they get empty so not a big deal. What I missed out was that there was still some gas left in the cylinder although it looked so light when I lifted it. I fixed the new cylinder and pushed the old one back and it fell. I lit up my burner again and started my work where I left it. I shut the burner and went to check on him whether he was still enjoying his shower or was he out and ready for the breakfast. God he was still inside. I knocked on the door and he said that he was done and would be out in few moments.
I returned back to the kitchen and thought of starting with the toasts. I lit a matchstick and lit the burner and threw it down. Suddenly the cylinder lying on the ground was on fire and I could see a liquid oozing out of its nozzle and catching fire. Well I didn’t mention fire was my biggest fear since I was caught in a fire while I was young. I was clueless, hopeless and helpless all at the same time. I literally froze their and saw the fire catching up. And then I remember that it was my house and we have bought it with a lot of trouble and if this cylinder blasts it doesn’t matter I live or die the house will not be left standing in a single piece.
That was the instance when I got the courage in me I don’t exactly know what happened to me but I grabbed the cylinder by its bottom and rushed out of the main door and pushed it out in the courtyard. It was Darr kea age jeet hai moment for me. Join the face book page and share your darr kea age jeet moments here
Hubby who was all shocked knowing nothing about what happened came out running and hugged me hard and eased me up as I was all trembling. It took me few minutes to calm down and it took him no moment to understand what just happened. He said that I could have just run out of the house instead of trying to be a hero. All I could utter was that some risk are worth taking because the success tastes much sweeter then the bitterness of the fear. That incident still leaves goose bumps when I recall the whole scene. I took the risk and took it over my fear.
Don’t give up without trying just remember “Darr kee aage jeet hai”.
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Friday 12 December 2014

Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Great

Whether it’s beauty ads on the TV, full-page spreads in magazines, or word of mouth from friends, we’re constantly being told that in order to have great skin, we need to be spending out on the ‘best’ (and, not coincidentally, the most expensive) products. These products promise flawless faces, they guarantee they’ll tighten and brighten, and they claim to get rid of even the most stubborn of wrinkles – but do they really work? That’s up for debate. However, what we do know is that it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to give your skin a makeover. Saving money is definitely important to many of us nowadays – and there are lots of resources you can find online to help you organise your home budget and cut down on your spending. Then here are some inexpensive and easy ways to perk up dull, tired skin in no time:

Don’t Wash Too Often (Really!)

Many people believe that washing their face regularly will help keep their skin looking fresh, bright, and pimple-free, but the truth is that washing with too much frequency (and too harshly!) could have the opposite effect. When you wash your face, you’re stripping your skin of essential oils that are needed to keep the skin moisturised. By washing too much, the skin can become very dry, flaky, and itchy – and every time you itch, you’re transferring dirt from your fingers to your face. Dermatologists recommend washing just twice per day – once in the morning and once at night.

Don’t Buy Too Many Expensive Moisturisers

Designer moisturisers in the store can be very expensive, but there is a way to keep your skin soft and supple using inexpensive products that you may already have lying around the house. Studies have found that a mixture of honey, beeswax, and olive oil can work wonders on eczema, and can prevent the growth of the staph virus, which some of us are susceptible too, especially if we haven’t washed our foundation brushes for a long time! Olive oil is often thought to leave the face feeling greasy, but it’s actually a great, natural moisturiser.

Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

We’re all guilty of waking up some mornings with last night’s mascara all over the pillow, but how does this affect our skin? Makeup reduces the skin’s ability to breath, which can have adverse effects if cosmetics are left on for long periods. Studies into the effects have found that moisture levels in the skin can drop by 20 percent overnight, and that skin can age by a whopping 10 years over the course of just one month. To keep your skin looking bright, always remove makeup before going to bed – it takes just 5 minutes and a small amount of makeup remover.


Being stressed and tense can have a negative effect on your skin – and can even aggravate existing skin conditions. Take a few minutes each day to de-stress and relax – perhaps spend a few minutes doing yoga, stretching, or meditating.

Helping Your Home Budget

Sticking to a strict budget when you’re striving to keep yourself, your home, and your family clean and healthy can be challenging – there’s always something you need. However, you can really cut down on spending by opting for simpler, more natural ways to take care of yourself. Rather than paying out for the latest miracle creams, try these easy methods and see if you can give your skin a fantastic makeover, without the price tag!

Thursday 11 December 2014

Own best Evening Dress from WeddingShe :)

Hello friends

Every girl wants to look beautiful in every special occasion. And as Christmas and new Year is around the corner we all are getting ourselves ready for evening dresses. Well to say frankly i am all set with my evening dress from :)
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Glamorous Trumpet/Mermaid One-shoulder Paillette Beading Sweep/Brush Train Tulle Dress
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The halter neckline and the satin look of this dress makes it look so chic and modern.

Shining Front-Split Sweetheart One-Shoulder Beading Evening Dress
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This one shoulder floor length dress is perfect for all body types with a very elegant look :)

Trumpet/Mermaid One-Shoulder Floor-Length Sequins Prom Dress
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Now this black evening dress is must have in your wardrobe as it will give you a very luxurious look.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

How 27coupons helped me save money

That smile on your father's face is just costless when you surprise him with a Rado saying "Papa ye aapkeliye hai". Festival are times of celebration and togetherness and to share this togetherness we share our love with our loved ones by gifting them a piece of our heart and or it doesn't even need to be a festival always to gift something to someone but yes I may say specially the festivals are the best time to buy a gift for someone. And these gifts could be anything right from a simple pen to a Solitaire. And this exchange of gifts makes us happy. Well this was simple human logic I was talking about and somewhere or other this scenario tends towards truth so often. It’s just so logical that we love or respect someone and to share the love, respect and happiness we buys gifts for our loved ones. And to support our anxiety to buy products we have a wide array of websites available offering products and goods of our choice. And they are there to make our work easy. All it takes is just a few click and you are done.

But what if I say that there is someone who can help you to get additional discount or fix you up with a good deal on any websites like flipkart, ebay, amazon, myntra and yatra? Yes you heard me right. Let me introduce you to a website that has only been designed to help you to get the best deals available in the market. And I came across this website this diwali. And this website worked as a fortune for me. Yes it did. Here I am sharing my experience how and when 27coupon did a great favor to me and fixed me up with the greatest deal I had ever come across.

Like I told you it was Diwali and wanted to gift something good to my hubby. And I just knew what he wanted. So I opened flipkart and started exploring for a laptop. I came across so many of them but wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy for him. I was stuck to my desktop monitor for hours but yet no result. I liked few of them but my pocket was tight and I couldn’t buy them. At the end it got on my nerves and I closed all the pages on my browser. I logged in to my face book account just to refresh up my mind but still the laptop was haunting me somewhere inside. And there it was on the right side of my face book page it said in bold letters “ best deals on tablets and laptops”. If you are going to ask me yes I felt like the luckiest girl in the world at that moment of time.

Next I clicked on the advertisement and there it was, the same laptops that was out of my budget was now almost in my budget. I didn’t even waste even a single moment I checked the specifications and then and there placed my order. You won’t believe saved 30% on the total price, that was heck of a deal and all thanks 27coupons.

27coupons understood that the number of ecommerce portal in India has been developing rapidly and there had to be someone to bring all these portals to a single platform. It provides free service to the consumers and also escalate the sales of the ecommerce portal hosts.27coupons have everything on their site well categorized. The website has separated every brand and it is so easy to find the deal. One can directly visit the brands or the portals they want to cut the deals for. It has also categorized the deals according to the products. For example if you are looking for a cell phone just go to the category and click on the mobile option and you will find all the deals offered by the various brands. Isn’t that easy? Surely it is.

So next time if you are planning to buy something from the ecommerce portals just don’t forget to check on Who knows you may get lucky too. Save big and enjoy.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

DressVe Trench Coats

Heya friends

Today we will talk about Trench coats
At we can find trench coats is available in classic versions which comes in different lengths ranges from the mid-calf to high knee and of all varieties in different sizes, colors, prices and designs :) There you can find the latest and the most popular and fashionable coats for yourself and for your friends too which can complement your dresses very nicely.

Check out some of their awesome collection below - 

Buy here -
This is one of my favorite , the fur collar in this coat is the best detail plus the color contrast is mind blowing.

Buy here -
The lace and bow pattern in this coat makes it look stylish and elegant.

Buy here -
The beaded work in this pink coat gives it a evening wear look, plus the color contrast makes it more lovely.

Buy here -
The stripe pattern gives a messy look to this coat which makes it more alluring.

Check out more Trench coats here - 

To look for more products see here - 

I hope you find something which suits perfect for you at 

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 7 December 2014

Review,Swatches,FOTD - Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick (359)

Hello Friends

Its Review time.
Today i will review a Lipstick from lakme Enrich satin range. Hope you all like it :)

Product Name - Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick - 359
Price - Rs 240 for 4.4ml

My experience with it
let me tell you all first that this is my 1st red(blood red) shaded lipstick , I bought this lipstick as its wedding season going on and i wanted a new shade for myself. 

Yes i applied it to 2 of the wedding parties this month and got loads of complements for it :D
This shade stays for a maximum of 3 hour, and you need 2 swipes to get its perfect shade. I love that inspite of giving a matte look, its not dry at all infact very smooth in texture. In total i loved this lipstick and going to suggest you all too.

Lets have a look at its pro's and con's


  • Perfect Blood Red Shade
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth matte look
  • Good Packaging

  1. Stays only for 2-3 hours
Rating - 4/5

Selfie time with Mr Hubby
and with lakme Rich Satin on my lips
Totally in love with this shade, yes i would love to buy it again and more shades of Lakme Enrich Satin range :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Saturday 6 December 2014

Blue Men's Loafer from Jabong

Hi everyone

You all know i am addicted to a load , have shopped from them a load of times and shared a few times with you all too :)
Shopped with them again last week again, This time i shopped for Hubby :D

Blue Loafers from Walk N Style

You can buy this product here - Walk N Style Blue Loafers
This is the actual pic and yes its price is only Rs 599

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 4 December 2014

Mother Of Bride Dresses

Hello friends

Well a wedding day is very important for a girl in her life, it is one of the most beautiful day for her. But lets not for get about a Bride's mother, coz a mother is the one who helps her in each and every phase of her life so this wedding day is also important for a bride's mother too.
So introduced a new section Mother of Bride Dresses for all those lovely mothers out there whose daughter is going to be a Bride :)
They offer Bride's Mother dresses in different styles and designs and colors, which can be bought according to your sizes and wedding theme.You can have a look here -

Now lets see some of my favorites -

Elegant Sweetheart Cap Sleeves Ruched Beaded Blue Long Mother Of The Bride Dress
This sleeveless beaded Mother of bridal dress is very chic and modern,the sweetheart pattern neckline makes is look more beautiful.I am sure a bride's mother will definitely look elegant in this dress. Plus you can buy this dress in many more colors available in the website.

Elegant Sequins Column Long Sleeves Applique Mother of the Bride Dress
This Long sleeved Mother of the bride dress has a very stunning look, it can boost up your appearance with a very minimal of makeup and accessories. The sequined design in both the side of this dress makes this very fashion savvy .

So guys hope it was helpful to you , now you can shop lovely bride's mother dresses comfortably sitting at home according to your taste and needs, coz your mother also needs to look beautiful on your special day :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

We all know what it’s like to feel as though you’ve run out of clothes to wear – but most of the time, this has more to do with not knowing how to make the most of what you have than an actual lack of outfits in your wardrobe. Take a look at these five simple tips for organising and looking after your clothes, and take a new approach to everyday dressing.

Learn to store smartly

A closet full of clothes doesn’t help you at all if you can’t find what you’re looking for. If you’ve been struggling to find your favourite dress or go-to shirt lately, then it might be time to clear out your closet in its entirety – but only to put everything back in again. Take everything out of your wardrobe and sort your clothes according to style, season, and fabric. Next, try to figure out the best way to make the most out of your wardrobe space. Knitwear should always be folded, and delicate garments should be hung up, but these are the only two storage rules that you should definitely follow. Apart from that, feel free to get creative with how your store clothes – no two wardrobes are alike, after all.Do try to make sure you don’t end up tucking away clothes in the depth of your wardrobe, though – you’re more likely to wear things if you can see them every day. It might be worth investing in one or two clothing rails as well. Not only will you be able to have all your favourite clothes on display, but colourful dresses and shirts neatly hung up on a rack can also make for lovely room decoration. 

Do your washing

You shouldn’t wash your clothes too often as this can harm the fabric, but once your laundry is dirty, don’t put off the washing for too long. If you stay on top of your laundry, you’ll have more clothes available to wear and won’t struggle to find a clean pair of socks towards the end of the week. Find out which laundry sorting system works best for you – if you separate your laundry even before washing it, you’ll save a lot of time and won’t accidentally end up washing your delicate lacey underwear in a hot wash with your dirty jersey sweaters. Always check the label if you’re not sure how to wash a garment. Doing your laundry effectively is an art that is worth learning more about if you care about your clothes, so if you find yourself struggling with this task, there is plenty of information available online to help you become a laundry pro.

Get rid of clothes you don’t need

If you’ve figured out the perfect clothes storage system, and settled into an effective laundry routine, it’s time to get rid of the clothes you don’t need to save time and space. If you haven’t worn an item in the last six months, then you’re probably not going to miss it much if you get rid of it. Throw out any old, worn-out items too, and if your style has changed a lot over the last few years, it might be time to dig out those once-loved items and get rid of anything you can’t picture yourself wearing anytime soon. 

It’s always a good idea to think about potential outfits, too – if you have no idea how to combine a shirt with any of your other clothes, it might be better to rid of it rather than let it waste away in your closet. Make a pile of everything you have decided to throw out, and figure out whether friends or family will be interested in thee items. If not, fold the clothes, place them in bags, and help then find a loving new home by donating them to charity.

Step out of your comfort zone

Do you always catch yourself reaching for the same clothes over and over again? Do you have a few wardrobe staples that you feel helpless without, and do you neglect the bolder and braver parts of your wardrobe? If you’re guilty of dressing yourself out of habit rather than style – but would like to look a bit different once in a while – then it might be time to change your attitude towards your closet. Keep your favourites close, but combine them with items you don’t wear that often, and ask yourself in the morning: “How do I feel today, and what would I like to look like today?”

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for outfit inspiration wherever you go, and think about whether you can recreate great looks with what you have available in your own wardrobe. If you approach the act of getting dressed in the morning from a more playful angle, you might find yourself wearing the slightly more unusual pieces you once left abandoned in your wardrobe.

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Long Sleeve Dresses from

Hola Girls !!

I have already introduced you guys to few weeks back, So today we will talk about Long Sleeved Dresses that are available at 
"Long-sleeved dresses are the thinking woman's style weapon" - unknown
Long Sleeve dresses not only help us to hide our skin in winters but also makes us look elegant too and helps us gain a load of lovely complements from friends and families. has got a huge section of long sleeve dresses to choose from, with different styles and designs for your taste and mood.
Check out few of my favourites -

Buy here -

Buy here -

Buy here -

Buy here -

For more on Full sleeve Dresses visit -

You can also check out their lovely dresses collection here -

And extra long maxi dresses for tall women here -

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Look what i shopped from

Hey Fellas !!

Last week shopped a few stuff for Kitchen from :)

First of all let me tell you guys they got a huge variety of stuff for Kitchen and Dining category, not only that but also for our Home purpose they got Furniture, Bed and Bath, Decor and Lightning sections also with 1000's of products to choose from according to our taste and choice.
I was looking for a Non Stick Appapatram maker to make Appam for my niece (my niece is a die hard fan of south indian dishes), and i got it at and with that i bought 1 measuring cup and 1 Disney bowl too for my niece and guess what all the products i bought was in discount on top of that free shipping :)
I placed my order with them on 25th and the next day i got a mail saying my order was shipped. Placing an order with them was quiet easy and comfortable. After 3 days when i received my order it was very nicely wrapped, there was no problem in opening the couriers, and the products were safely placed inside the box.
Have a look at my order - 

Wohoo so happy :D
Now its time to cook and make my niece happy. Thank you
In total now i am 1 of the satisfied customer of and would love to shop with them again very soon.
Have you guys ever shopped with them yet ?

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Shop from Tidestore this Christmas

Hello Girls !!

So Happy its December, one of my favorite month as its the month of Gifts and Love,i.e, CHRISTMAS :) :) is all set to welcome Christmas for its lovely customers.On Christmas, people like to exchange their gifts with near and dear ones to show their love for each other. And this time they are offering huge sale for Christmas, trust me guys you will love their awesome products at sale. I am thinking to shop gifts for my friends and families from Tidestore this time.I am thinking to buy few shoes and dresses for myself and my friends. 
Check out my shopping list - 

Buy here -

Buy here -

Buy here -

Buy here -

To View more Shoes Collection -

To view more Dresses Collection -

Oh and most important check out their Christmas Sale here -

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Monday 1 December 2014

Plus Size Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses at TBdress

Hello Friends

Wedding is a very big day for a girl, each and every bride/bridesmaid wants to look their best on that special day of their or their friends and families. So for women who are heavy weighted / plus size, they find it difficult for themselves to find that one perfect dress. So to their aid has come up with a lovely solution, they have introduced a special section for them where we can find PLUS SIZE wedding / bridesmaid dresses for all sizes , colors, styles and designs. You can select the one which suits your style and personality and get loads of complements on that special day of yours :)
Tbdress have newly introduced wedding collection for 2015 also and after going through their store, I must say that they got some really fantastic collection too. Sharing few of my favorites here - 

Fancy A-line Floor-length Strapless Lace-up Appliques Plus Size Wedding Dress
Buy here -

Gorgeous Ball Gown Floor-length V-neck Lace-up Appliques Plus Size Wedding Dress
Buy here -

Charming Ball Gown Floor-length Sweetheart Lace-up Beading/tiered Plus Size Wedding Dress
Buy here -

Fancy A-line Half Sleeves Scoop Neck Sweetheart Backless Plus Size Wedding Dress
Buy here -

For more on Wedding Dresses 2015 see here -

For more on Bridesmaid Dresses 2015 see here -

5 Monochrome Style Winter Outerwears

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