Tuesday 31 March 2015

Summer And Sunglasses

 'The name's Bond. James Bond'
    We all are aware of this famous dialogue, aren’t we? No do not worry I am not here to talk about Hollywood movies or 007. With summers on we all need to protect ourselves from sun and an ultra protection for our eyes too and thus we all look for a nice pair of sunglasses or a stylish shades for ourselves. This is where Mr. Bond interrupts me. Actually Frankly speaking I am a big movie freak but I am a bigger freak when it comes to copying styles from an actor or actress and to be honest I have always liked Bond because of the breathtaking glasses he wears and ofcourse his physique too.
Sunglasses are trendy as well as they are best to save your eyes from the hazardous UV rays and the heat of the sun. On the other hand it adds an extra edge to your style. We all love to look better and the sunglasses help us to get that look and every winter we hunt the local shops as well as the different e-portals for sunglasses that would suite our personality. Every female as well as male wardrobe demands a pair of sunglasses these days for their basic needs.

Today I am here to introduce you to an Elite group of sunglasses. Well the word elite itself gives us a rough idea that these sunglasses are going to par our expectation and believe me these sunglasses are the best of the best available in the market or any online stores. You can always buy ELite Sunglasses online.Glasses are needed in the field of fashion and day to day life.Elite Sunglasses are for both for men and women. The prices of these glasses are also not high.
Well in this summer I planned to buy myself those glasses also. Check out some of them which I am eyeing at -

Monday 30 March 2015

OOTD desi style - kurti and legging

Hello Peeps !

Wearing a printed Anarkali style cotton kurta with matching light pink legging with it.
Bought this kurta from limeroad few months back but didnt got any chance to wear it previously.
The print of this kurta is very eyecatchy, the colorful zigzag vertical prints in the whole kurta from top to bottom is very lovely plus the bird print in the end of the bottom of the kurta is very beautiful giving it a quirky look :)

How is it guys ?
Do lemme know in comments below :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 26 March 2015

Pick the best Cocktail Dress !

Hola Beauties !

A perfect dress is what we all look for, whenever we had to attend any party or occasion. Well we all want to look our best and that too not best its like we all try to look different from others and for that we try to buy the best dress for ourselves. Cocktail Dresses are to be selected very carefully looking at the cost and fabric and all as these dresses are must have for a women. While searching for some cocktail dresses online i saw that Weddingshe.com has got some amazing collection of cocktail dresses. Cocktail 2015 of Weddingshe are so gorgeous and eyecatchy. They got cocktail dresses of all types such as short, long, various colored, plus sized and many more. You just need to browse their total collection and select the one which suits your mood or your theme the best and order it according to your size, thats it. Oh and if you are lucky enough then you can get a discount also for your purchase. 
Checkout which cocktail dresses i am eyeing at - 

My first pick - Sexy A-Line Jewel Beaded Homecoming Dress
The short length high neckline dress is so beautiful. It will make me to be a glamorous, romantic, noble and sweet princess in the homecoming party.The a line dress with beading perfectly show the beauty and sweetness to the crowd.

My 2nd pick - Luxurious Sheath Scoop Pearls Tulle Homecoming Dress
Its such a sexy dress. I love it a load. This dress is very pretty and the color is beautiful! It is right for all body shape. back design will allow you to flaunt your back :)

My third pick - Lovely Mini Beading Sweetheart Strapless Homecoming/Cocktail Dress
This dress is very eye-catchy and beautiful , it will help you to be the focus of the party. The pick color and the beading work is very sweet combi.

Check out more in their site.
Do follow - http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Cocktail-Dresses-17178/

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hugs and kisses

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Wedding Dresses At Affordable Prices.

Hola Girls !

Wedding is one of the most important occasion of a person's life so it must be memorable for everyone in their life specially for brides to be. Every bride wants to look like a princess on their very special wedding day, they want to be the center of attraction in their wedding day and for that it is very important that they wear the best wedding gown in the whole world.
Let me introduce you guys to a online shopping website www.yobridal.com . yobridal provides hundreds of dedicated dresses for their global buyers, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products which are available at very low prices. In addition, their customer can also enjoy the custom made items, which may be more suitable for them as they are made according to the sizes provided by buyers only. 
Well according to me if you are looking for Cheap Wedding Dresses then you must visit yobridal. You can buy wedding dresses of all types such as plus size, vintage, classic, beach wedding dresses and so on. No need to worry about color, material, style, fitting etc, just go through their huge collection, place your order and wait to get it delivered at your home.
Check out some of my picks - 

My first pick - Voluptuous Long Sleeves Ball Gown Satin and Lace with Embroidery Cathedral Train Wedding Dress
Its a very lovely A line princess wedding dress made up of  satin and lace fabric. Very beautiful and gorgeous look.

My 2nd pick - White Simple Off The Shoulder Natural Satin Wedding Gown For Brides 
A modern simple wedding dress combines all the essence of the a line silhouette creating a flattering look for most brides. Suitable for all body types.

My last pick - Wonderful Ball Gown Strapless Bateau Sleeveless with Embroidery and Appliques Floor Length Taffeta Wedding Dress
This dress is just wow my top favorite. If you are looking for a dress which will make you look like a princess then you must go for this dress. :) 

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

i love Kelloggs wale gupta ji ka nasta

Isn't it so tough to stop oneself from knocking the doors of next door aunt whenever she cooks something special be it the Chocolate chips cookies or hot coco brownies. We always fantasies about the dish being prepared at our neighbor's house and look for an excuse or opportunity to visit them for snacks. And not only this we always keep an eye on their recipes whether or not we are interested in cooking them but definitely recipes are one of the best excuses to have a snacks at the neighbor's house.
What if I say that some recipes being mouth watering can be the best possible thing for your health too? That sounds as fascinating and interesting as impossible it seems to be. But it is true. Now a healthy food can be interesting and mouth watering too. Isn't it the best thing you have heard? Indeed it is. There are few recipes which are as good and as mouth watering and are healthy at the same time. And I am not joking am damn serious about it. Let me introduce you to the latest sensation in the market in terms of taste and health The Kellogg's recipes. And if we are talking about Kellogg's no one can have the better of it than Gupta ji. Yeah you heard me right Gupta ji has the best Kellogg's recipes in the town and people keep looking for an excuse to find a way to his house or for being invited for a Kellogg's Nasta any day any time.
It is not only me who seems to be interested in visiting Mr Gupta's house for the Kellogg's Nasta but instead the whole town seems to be wanting to go to his house or waiting to be invited for the Kellogg's Nasta and why should not they be it is seriously tasty and no one I mean no one can resist it and along with the taste it is also healthy eating.

Talking about me I would love and like to visit him especially for the Corn-flake Coconut Laddo. Yes you heard me right in the vast and vivid array of food and recopies here is one simple yet so tasty that you would certainly like to know the recipe and over all it is so healthy for you too. While talking about this laddo I would like to throw some light on the ingredients which are coconut, Kellogg’s corn-flake, ghee, milk and chopped nuts. The preparation is simple too all you need to do is that combine all the above ingredients mash well and give it a shape of spear or lemon and serve it with a cup of coffee or tea or any beverage of your choice.

There are so many recipes and I could not pin out my favorites out of them yet I am including one more and this would be the Walnut Corn-flake choco Balls. And here goes its ingredients half cup dark chocolate, half cup milk chocolate, Grounded and roasted corn-flake, roasted walnut and vanilla essence. Don’t the ingredients sound tasty? Here is what you need to do mix the dark and the milk chocolate in a microwave ball and put it in the microwave at high temperature for a minute and then take it out and mix the rest of the items in it and make balls out of it. Serve when cooled a bit. That is really mouth watering.
So I would like to visit Gupta ji every single day if h invites me to try out more new recipes every day. I came across this lovely Kelloggs advert please have a look and for more such recipes visit https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and get all the recipes you like. For more videos try this link https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia      

Be the Queen of your Prom Night

Hello Beauties

Every girl wants to be the Queen at their Prom night. Prom Night comes when our high school ends and we go to study at different places. And we all girls wants to look our best in this night and wear the best dress that we own, so that we can be crowned as the prom Queen that night. I found my perfect prom dress at www.jdbridal.com . You can find a huge variety of Prom Dresses there, like classic prom dresses, short/long prom dresses, cheap prom dresses and plus size prom dresses also. You can find your perfect prom dress there in amazing colors and styles too that you have never seen before, available at very affordable prices which means you dont have to spend thousands of dollars there. At Jdbridal you can also buy wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and accessories also.
Well checkout few of my top picks from their Prom Dresses collection - 
My 1st pick - Best Selling Backless Lace Blue Prom Dress
A V neck floor length dress. Its a very sexy lace dress, available at different colors, this dress will allow you to look sexy and flaunt your curves too.

My second pick - Faddish Bodice Flat Embroider Flower Blue Organza Satin Ball Gown Floor Length Prom Dress 
If you are plus size then this dress is to die for. The dress is gorgeous and fabric is soft, you can gain tons of complements with this dress.

My last pick - Column Flat Tie Wiast Paillette Silver Organza Satin Tea Length Prom Dress 
A popular prom dress comb all the essence of the column silhouette creating a flattg look for madam. There are paillettes  decorated around the body of the dress. This dress gives a very elegant and luxurious look , which will help to show your sexy figure

So if you are looking forward to buy Prom Dresses then do check this site out :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 22 March 2015

Happiness comes from the simple things in life !

Why did not the scientists discover a happiness making machine or a machine which can count the level of happiness? Have you ever thought about it? Well it is very simple and crisp that they can't and if you ask me the reason behind it I would simply say that happiness is something which can neither be created and nor be destroyed but it is simply gained.

Happiness doesn't comes from money or power. It is not something that you can go and buy in the market or you can snatch from anyone. It just lies in simple things that we do. Feeding that stray dog that wages its tail when you step in or out gives you happiness. Taking care or a poor child who is homeless gives you happiness. Helping that old neighbor who needs help with his grocery gives you happiness. It is very simple and these simple things can make you happy well it does makes me happy. 

Talking about me personally I find happiness in simple things. I used to be worried and tensed in my life. I always tried to chase happiness but unfortunately never succeed because I was running after the wrong horse all these times. And I understood this later when my hubby gave me a lecture about it and finally I realized that I always had it with me an I kept looking for it everywhere.

I later got the point that happiness lies in simplicity. A bye kiss while he leaves for the work makes me happy and makes my day too and a rose in the evening worth's a lot of happiness. That little smile on my daughters face when I call her name with love gives me happiness. To see her grow inches by inches every day gives m happiness. Her innocent looks and mischievous eyes gives me happiness. A call from my mom just to say hi gives me an abundant supply of happiness. A small pat on the shoulder for a great effort gives me happiness. A reward for my hard work makes me happy. A meal cooked with love and ate with affection and praises makes me happy. Sharing my stuffs with my loved ones gives me happiness.

Is not it strange and a bit stupid that small and funny things that we go through everyday in our lives can give us a lots of happiness? It indeed is. It doesn't always needs a costly gift or a great effort to impart happiness to someone. All it takes is a small and simple act and that act becomes the reason for someone's happiness. These small and simple things makes me happy and this is all it takes to be happy. Happiness is not so costly after all it is just that you should know the right ingredients that cooks happiness and in my views small, simple and stupid things are the main ingredients for happiness.

Coco cola is celebrating the international day of happiness, lets have a bottle coco cola each and spread this happiness. For more information visit http://CokeURL.com/96jnc

Thursday 19 March 2015

Hair Extensions - must buy

Hola Beauties 

Everyone of wants to have our hairs or wants to look our hairs as similar to all the celebrities, we dream about having wonderful hairs like them as silky and flowy and gorgeous like we see in the movies, its like one of the secret girl fantasy of everyone somewhere hidden down every girl's heart, even mine :D Now let me tell you their secret actualy they also have hairs like us only, the only difference is that they use human hair extension which you can buy from cchairextensions.com.
They provide all sort of popular human hair. Out of which 2 of them are very popular - 

1 - Hair Weave  
Its also called hair weft,one of the most popular hair extensions,liked by black women and white women use it for make DIY clip in hair extensions.Its made of 100% Indian Remy hair with length from 12-28 inch, with 10 colors to choose from. They provide very high quality, silky, tangle free and natural looking hair extension. For example -

2 - Clip In Hair Extensions 
Clip in hair extension is the most popular human hair extensions coz these extensions are very easy to use like you can wear and take it off very easily, so all the women like this a load. They provide clip in hair extensions from 15 inch to 28 inch,with weight from 70g-160g to meet different request. all the material they provide is I00% Indian remy hair with top quality to make its better feeling. For example - 

So guys now go and buy these magical extensions and gain a load of complements from your friends and families and feel like a celebrity yourself :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
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Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Perfect Wedding Gown For D-Day

Every bride wishes to have the “perfect” wedding gown to make her wedding special. However it is sensible to follow some simple tips to avoid over spending and getting “exactly” what you always dreamed for.  

Determine The Dress Code
You should keep the religious restrictions in mind while shopping for wedding gown. In case the ceremony has been organized at place of worship, enquire if some attire guidelines like covering of shoulders are to be followed.
Set a Price
In case you are certain that you would not be spending huge amounts on your dress, it will be better to concentrate on realistic cost point so that more time can be devoted towards items that can actually be bought. Factors such as cost of alterations, shipping, taxes, veil, lingerie, shoes and jewelry which could add substantially and would also have to be kept in mind.
Be clear about what you want
You should be able to narrow down the dress style by taking cues from the season, venue and time of marriage. Fabrics and the silhouettes which are not suitable for the occasion should be ruled out. Opt for a style that would enhance your shape and get the best discounts from SaveMyPocket. You can also download some wedding looks    for browsing large number of gowns and search for online retailers selling these.
Start Early
You will require six to eight months to get your favorite gown. If adequate time is not catered for, selection of dresses could get restricted and you might take hasty decision. You should cater for eight weeks for alteration of gown. Custom gowns take six to eight months to tailor and one heavily-embellished may take more time.
Take Recommendations
If salesperson brings something for you to try, try it and nothing should be eliminated at a glance. It is possible that you may like something which you had not liked earlier.  Every dress does not look very attractive on the hanger and you need to have open mind.
Book Boutique in Advance
If you contact the boutique earlier and ask for a particular style, it might be in a position to arrange a sample of this gown for you. Prior appointment will ensure that you get undivided attention. However you can get a higher range on gowns online compared to retail outlets and at a much lower price too.
Shop at Right Time
It is advisable to go for shopping on working day during day as consultants would be fresh at that time and would be able to give you personalized service. If you are shopping sample sale, skip it on first day. Avoid taking too many people with you for shopping as this will provide clashing opinions.
Read Fine Print
While ordering gown from boutique, read written contract carefully so that you do not end up with wrong color, size, designer style number, delivery date, measurements, number of fitting and cost of gown etc. You may also order online using Fashionara discount coupons as they can be returned if you do not like the final piece or if it does not fit well.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Look Gorgeous In Your Evening Dress

Hello beautiful girls

I know you all want to own some lovely Evening Dresses for your upcoming events or parties to look your best on that day but its too tough to get that perfect dress these days. To get a perfect one you guys must checkout Weddingshe.com . 
At Weddingshe.com you can find dresses for all types of events/parties such as Elegant evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses,and formal dresses for all occasion. Whatever you want in any fabric, design, color, style, or size they have everything you just need to browse through their vast collection place your order with your size and wait for it to get delivered at your home. Even i liked some of their Evening Dresses a load, check them out below - 

Charming Scoop Neck Sequins Sashes Court Train Short Sleeves Long Evening Dress
Isn't this the most lovely evening gown? The dress is well made,so noble and so lovely, the sequins and beading detailing is gorgeous plus this color is somewhat different from the normal colors.

Awesome One-Shoulder Mermaid Pearls Tiered Sweep Train Long Evening Dress
If you want to attract everyone at the party towards you then this mermaid dress is the one to go for. The Red color is also very eye catchy. So you will look sexy also in this dress :) 

Scoop A-line/Princess Short Sleeves Beading Rhinestone Floor-length Evening/ Formal Dress
This dress is like Love at first sight. The back side of this dress is also very pretty as the front. the beading work gives a shiny look to it.

Foe more follow - http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Evening-Dresses-14354/

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

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Monday 16 March 2015

Wedding Dresses To Die For

Hello Brides-to-be 

Are you looking for some Cheap Wedding Under 200 ? Then i must say you are very lucky, coz i am going to talk about wedding dresses which are not expensive and can be bought at a very low price. And for this you all are welcome to Bridalup.com . Its one of the leading suppliers of wedding & special occasion dresses in China. They keep update with the latest trends in bridal fashion, offering fashionable dresses of good quality and dedicated products for their global buyers at the most reasonable price for every special bride in the world. You can purchase your wedding dress by selecting from a wide range of products there and that too at a very low prices. And the best part they provide a special advantage to their customer.i.e, customers can also enjoy the custom made items, which is more suitable for them. You can buy some Unique Wedding Dresses and also Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100 for all types of all types of themes, fabrics, colors, and sizes according to your mood and demand. Well let me share with you guys some of my top selected wedding dresses from bridalup -

My first pick - Sexy Trumpet/Mermaid V-Neckline Wedding Dress With Beading
This is a very lovely wedding dress, fully graceful. If your wedding is in a garden or somewhere outdoor then this dress is perfect.
Buy here - http://www.bridalup.com/product/10989469.html

My 2nd pick - Sexy Lace Floor-Length V-Neckline Beach Wedding Dress
If your wedding is beach themed then this lovelybackless lace dress is to die for, giving you a very flowy and summery look.
Buy here http://www.bridalup.com/product/10992662.html

My third pick - Vintage A-line/Princess High Neck Sleeveless Beading Cathedral Train Tulle Wedding Dress
Buy here - http://www.bridalup.com/product/10994998.html
Its a very beautiful appliqued/sequined worked wedding gown. If you wanna look like a princess then you must go for this dress.

Do check out their website for more.
Do follow - http://www.bridalup.com/bridesmaids-c103552/

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
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Lakme School Of Style

A lot of human child are born around the world everyday but not all of them are special. We Indians have been blessed with a lot of talents which we are aware of. And among these talented people lies a very very talented name which we all are aware of. I am talking about none other than Mr. Karan Johar. We all are aware of this name and his works too.
Today I am not here to talk about him instead I am here to talk about the India’s very first video magazine. Yes guys you are guessing it right Karan has done it again and in his own style. Mr. Johar being the chief editor of the “Lakme School of Style” the video magazine has launched several videos on “you tube”. And here I am with an opportunity to present before you my take of few of his videos.

There are around 55 videos on the list of the Lakme School of Style and I have chosen two videos among them to talk about. The first among them is the “5 Top Grooming tips for Men” by Riaan George and the second is the “Vote for the Most Stylish Cricketer in India” a survey conducted by Manshi Wadhwa on the Indian streets to vote for the most stylish cricketer in India.

“5 Top Grooming Tips for Men”

Grooming is a word we usually come around these days and in simple language it means being presentable at your best although grooming includes a hell lot of points and believe me all of us are aware of them but Riaan has pointed out few of the most important among them and they are five to be very precise. We all want our guy to look smart and presentable when we meet them and nothing turns out to be as good as a polite and a well groomed gentleman for a date. Riaan says that we usually follow few of the grooming skills like great conversational skills, wit, charm and good manners but these are just not enough and we can’t be ready for a date with just these skills. Instead the Love Guru has pointed out that
·       Wear great Cologne: - We usually get confused between a deospray, a perfume and cologne. Cologne is something that we spray on the upper surface of the shirt, jacket of the neck skin and it has a very good lasting capacity. So one should always choose good and light cologne when they are getting ready for a date and it should not be sprayed too much that the person next to you faints due to the strong essence of your cologne.
·       Wear nice watch: - one should never compromise when it comes to watches. Cheap or non branded denim can be made to appear look good but in case of the wrist watch one should be choosey.  
·       Hair grooming: - One should always be well groomed in terms of facial hairs. No popping hairs should be seen from the edge of the ear, nose or the back of the neck, the beard should be shaved or nicely trimmed and should be done properly.
·       Manicured hand: - The fingers and the nails of your hand should be well manicured because these parts of the body are always visible and are in the eyes of the partner. A light moisturizer goes well so that it gives a soft feeling to your partner when she catches your hands.
·       Buttoned down shirt: - It is the best and elegant thing to accompany your personality on a date and to give you a rich look. Never go with an untidy shirt or a t-shirt on because it doesn’t give a classy look at all.
So these were the points well explained by Riaan and I completely agree with him. We like to be with a gentlemen when it comes to a date also I would like to add that the guy should posses a good sense of humor and the capability to take good care of you when you are out with him on a date.  

“Vote for the Most Stylish Cricketer in India”
With the Cricket world cup on this topic seemed to possess a fire in itself. We all are aware of the tournament which is going on in Australia and New Zealand and also we know that the defending champions have not left any stone unturned to do well in the tournament so far. They have succeeded in winning the millions of heart once again. So Manshi was out on the streets conducting a survey that which Indian Cricketer is the best fashion icon. And the results were not unpredictable. With lots of good strokes and kisses blown to the audience Virat Kohli tops the list off the cricket grounds too. Well on a personal note I think M.S.Dhoni, Rohit, Raina and Dhawan are also on the list but if we are talking about the majority it is none other than Virat Kohli who got the most of the votes.

It was a good experience viewing and going through the Lakme School of Fashion videos. All I have to say is that Karan keep the good work on and keep making us proud.

 'This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at BlogAdda.com is association with #Fame'.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Sensuous & Appealing Nightwear for Your Special Nights with Him

Planning what to wear during your date night with your partner does not only involve what to wear during the date but also after the date when you're both alone, which we're willing to bet, involves the sexiest actions that you will have for the night. So you should not only be prepared physically, you should also dress appropriately for it. You know, before the taking off the dress part.
Nightwear has long since evolved from your ordinary pajamas, big shirts, sweat shirts and jogging pants. You guy likes a little visual play before getting it on. What better way to give him a show than to show a little skin and make him hot with anticipation to see the underneath of that tiny, sexy lingerie that you are wearing. So here are 5 nightwear you should wear during your special night and that should be included when you go online lingerie shopping –
·         Silk  Nighties


The most basic in the sexy nightwear department are your silk nighties. For one, they are smooth, silky and comfortable. And two, they are simple and adds a demure touch to your overall appearance. It makes you look innocent yet sexy – something that your partner will love and he would love to see how modest you can be when he gets his hands on you.

·         Camisole

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\img\buy-naughty-halter-chemise-and-thong-online-in-india (1).jpg

A camisole is the perfect choice for an “I’m not really prepared but I can still be sexy” look. It would give the picture that you were in a hurry and did not have ample time to choose any extremely sexy nightwear but you still look hot anyway. Plus, camisoles are tight fitting wears that can shape up your body and show your curves – curves that he would be very willing to fill. Paired with a thong or boyshorts, your partner can go head over heels even with this simplicity. 

·         Chemise


·          Chemise lingerie is a level up from your camisole. With its sheer and elegant design and the almost see-through fabric, it can leave little to his imagination and more to his anticipation. Chemise lingerie usually comes with a pair of matching panties as it should be worn. This can turn your sexy a whole level higher.

·         Hosiery. Hosiery, when worn on a special night with him, can be a complete opposite from its original cause – which should be a shape wear and an added touch to your executive attire. Hosiery is the epitome of elegance and sexy all rolled into one. You can pair it with any of your chosen night wear or you can wear it along, with everything else bare. Your partner will love it so much, he will make love to you and make love to your legs separately.

·         Baby Doll

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\img\red-honeymoon-mini-dress (1).jpg

Baby doll lingerie takes out the baby in you leaving only the doll. And what a doll you can be when you wear this to your special night with him. Seeing you in this type of lingerie is eye foreplay and he will barely resist making love to you there and then. Baby doll lingerie is just downright sexy he won’t make you take it off all night.

Nightwear lingerie is really comfortable and sexy that it would make you a lot more confident about yourself and make you bolder during your sexy time with him. Turn your special nights a lot more special with these 5 nightwear lingerie. Add a touch of demure yet bold and sexy look to your appearance and give him a show that he will never forget and always ask for.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Happily ever after together

"Tum agar saath dene ka wada karo mai yuhi mast nagme lutata rahun."
This has been a very old and romantic melody track sung by Mr. Kapoor and has been a source of love and togetherness since a very long time. The very simple explanation of this song is that together we can conquer every obstacle of our lives. We sometimes are weak and dull and all we need is a company to cheer us up. And sometimes this company leaves a deep mark engraved on our life and fills us with positive energy, attitude and optimism that we get motivated and gain strength to move ahead in our lives. We cling to these kinds of memories and use it as a power source to move ahead and conquer our fears.
I have been through such a situation in my life where I felt everything was over and gone. I had lost the meaning of my live but the moment spent with that special person lead a framework for my future and have brought me here where I am today.
My story starts with the end of my college days. I was on the verge of fishing my studies and was supposed to get back to my home after that. Now you must be thinking what was so bad about it huh??? Actually the problem wasn't my going back to home but it was that I was never going to see the love of my life again. Yes I was truly, madly and deeply in love with this guy we had had few great moments together but everything was going to be shattered in a go. I was so afraid that my parents were not going to listen any ifs’ and buts’ about this guy because he wasn't of my caste and thus i was worried and terrified.
I called him and asked him to meet me, I wanted to spend the day with him because only God knew what was going to happen next. So we finally met at a nearby coffee joint for the one last and final time. Well that is what I thought at least. But I was so unaware that thus last moment spent together were going to decide my future. We sat on the corner seat. I was in almost tears and was barely able to speak. He understood me very well he always did. He took my hand in his hands and said, "I have not taken this hand in mine to leave you alone, I have loved you and will keep doing that always no matter what and no one will separate us no one could and I could always run away with you but I won't because our love is real and people say that true love always wins and so will ours, we may come across a lot of problems but remember we will stick together". 

I was really touched and optimized although I had a fear somewhere in my heart of losing him and not being able to see him again. But sometimes all you got to do is forget about everything and just live in the moment and that was what I did. I said to myself that whatever happens tomorrow I have him by my side today and this is what I will remember always and forever so this togetherness is what I should cheer about instead of moaning on the coming future. We spent the whole day together and if felt like a lifetime. Undoubtedly this was the best moment of my life of our togetherness and I still am clinging to it. Life played a lot of tricks and dramas but at the end of the day our true love won like he said. We have been happily married to each other since last 4 years and have a little princess too. I live every moment loved and cared and today every single moment spent are special and optimizing.
I came across this websitehttps://housing.com/ and this website gave me the opportunity to live that piece of my past. Housing understands the real meaning of togetherness and thus helps people with real estate keeping you away from all the worries about it. For more information visithttps://housing.com/ today. 

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Feel Like A Queen On Your Wedding

Dear friends

Wedding is the day which is very important for everyone in their life. We all wanna look our best on this special day, everyone one of us wants to feel like a queen and of-course love being pampered like a queen too on that very special day. But everyone of us cant get our dream wedding dress easily as they are heavily priced. Thats why i am introducing you to a new shopping website www.weddingshe.com , they have a huge variety of Cheap Wedding Dresses for this year's wedding season Wedding 2015 . To get a perfect wedding dress for yourself in latest design and reasonable price you must visit this site. With perfect pricing they provide good quality, you can find there unique wedding dresses for all types of all types of themes, fabrics, colors, and sizes according to your mood and demand. Well let me share with you guys some of my top selected wedding dresses from weddingshe -

The very first one i like - Elegant A-line Straps V-Neck Chapel Train Custom Made Wedding Dress with Pocket
This floor length wedding dress is a classic piece made up of satin material, its like a dream wedding dress for me.
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My second pick - Chic A-Line/Princess V-neck Knee-length Wedding Dress
If you are having an outdoor wedding, then this lovely laced knee length wedding dress is perfect for you.
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My 3rd pick - Sexy Mermaid High Neck Appliques Sleeveless Sweep Train Wedding Dress
Buy here - http://www.weddingshe.com/product/10989142.html
If you are looking for a sexy wedding dress then this dress is to die for, it will give you a chance to flaunt your curves perfectly :)

Hope you liked my picks .
Do follow - http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Dresses-list1-10075/

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

A Bold Step leads Into Success

“In the end we only regret the chances we did not take”
Life is very uncertain, we never know what it has for us next and we do not always have full control over it. But we have been always taught that we should always keep trying hard and someday or the other we succeed all we know that fortune favors the brave and we need to be brave and bold in what we do. We have everything planned in our life and many a times it gets executed well but sometimes out of nowhere things starts getting against our favor and we completely miss the track of things that we have planned and then we are compelled to take some bold step in our life to put things at the right place and to bring back our life back on track.
While I was perusing my graduation and was undergoing my honors in Economics I came across such a situation in life. I had to walk that extra mile to fulfill my dream. Had not I been so bold in my decision my dreams would have shattered like glass but I did not give up or to be very frank my parents and friends supported me like hell and they did not allow me give up and finally I archived what I wanted.
Here I am sharing my story of a bold step which changed my life. The story starts in the early weeks of my second semester examinations. The examinations were near and it was almost time but suddenly I fell ill and my bad days started since then. I was just 10 days away from my exams and I was diagnosed for a positive typhoid fever. The fever took a pledge not to leave me and it did not allow me to sit and study. I lost my concentration power and the thought of exams just being around the corner made my condition worse. I tried to rest but could not, I tried to study but that was not possible either. In short my life was a total mess. I did not want to skip the exams because skipping the exams meant waiting for another year or so to sit for the same exam but I was helpless and hapless at the same time. By the end of the first day thoughts started floating my mind that I will have to repeat the same ear again and I was going to lose my friend and the respect that I had in the eyes of my faculty members.

The very next morning I called up my dad and I told him everything that I was going through. He had already received a word from my college doctor that I was ill and was suffering from typhoid but he was not aware of my situation, the situation which was worse than my fever and typhoid. He dropped by my PG accommodation and asked me what as I planning to do and I had no answers to his question. He got up and I thought that he had no clue to help me and was leaving to see the doctor but instead he took his phone out went out of the room made a call and came back in. I looked at him and he looked me back and then spoke, “Beta if I ask you to repeat the semester would you”? I had no answer to his question and a tear or two rolled down my cheek. It was precisely 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door and I saw my pg care taker accompanying a man to my room. He was in his mid 50’s and it seemed that he was a doctor.

The doctor came next to me and examined me and my test reports and then told me that it was certain that I was suffering from typhoid and it takes time to heal but if I had the extra positiveness in me I could study and face my examinations too. I was so eager to know how, I saw a ray of hope after a long time and I said him that I was ready to do anything but to miss my examinations. He wrote some medicines and advised me to take rest for at least 3 hours continuously and then I was allowed to study for two hours with breathers of 5 minutes every half an hour. Now that ray has turned in to a complete sunshine. I followed his routine and tried to memorize as much as I can without taking any extra stress and I aimed to hit the level of 50% in the examination.

The examination day arrived I took my medicine and sat for my papers and to my surprise my papers went well. I continue in the same state for the rest of my papers and finally finished them all with a smile of satisfaction on my face. By the time my results were out I was completely fit and fine. I did not top my class this time but I did not do badly either I was in the third place in my batch or I was proud with what I had.

On my vacation I went to the doctor who treated me just to thank him and tell him that I finally passed my papers. I met him and thanked him and instead of responding to my thanks he smiled at me. I was so puzzled and did not know what to say. He finally broke the ice and said that he did not give me anything special he gave me the same medicine that he prescribes other patients but it was due to my bold step that I wanted to sit for my papers I succeeded. I was confused and before I could have ask him anything he said that when he saw me on the bed he understood that my fever was not the main problem but the thoughts of not appearing in the exams was the main problem and he just gave a small boast by a making a routine for me and the rest was done by my bold step and determination to sit and qualify for my papers.

We sometimes need to take a bold step in our life without fearing of the result and you never know where that step would lead you to, in my case it helped me and saved me from repeating my whole semester. I came across this beautiful motivating and worth watching  Housing.com Video Ad by Housing a brand dealing with the real estate which helps people around the world to take a bold step to their golden future to know more visit https://housing.com/ .  

Monday 9 March 2015

Shopping With AmericanSwan

Hola Guys !!

Today i am going to share my shopping experience with you guys from Americanswan.com . But at first let me introduce you all to this awesome shopping website. This online store is a one stop destination for the shoppers who are looking for glamorous yet affordable collection of apparel and accessories. The brand offers an inspiring kink to the generation “X”. It also offers authentic smart casuals to the people who are looking for unique and glamorous yet cool lifestyle. American Swan doesn’t just offers you clothes which makes you look fabulous but it also gives you a combination of art and creativity as a package in form of its product. In simpler word American Swan has kept in mind the different segments of the consumers and has delivered according to their needs and requirements.
Well i was looking for a summer tee for Hubby, And to my surprise I found one quickly and ordered it for him.
And when i received my order i noticed It was packed very nicely. The Quality is very comfy and soft, plus the look and design is just awesome and was just similar to the one shown in their website. loved it a load :D Hope to shop something for myself next time from Americanswan.com .
Checkout my order - 

This is what i bought - 
Rainier Diva Blue Tee
You can buy it HERE its available in 3 more colors and in all sizes.

I am completely satisfied by the service provided by them and I would recommend you guys to visit www.americanswan.com once when you think of shopping online next.
They are having an amazing Sale also, so you can still indulge yourself in amazing offers :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~
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