Friday 28 August 2015

Tiny owl brows, order and enjoy.

"Knowledge is Wisdom, being knowledge less is insane and Half Knowledge is Brutality.”

Well you may be thinking that I must be falling in the second category and I am literally insane writing anything here. No I am not. The above saying goes well with me and I actually fall in the Half Knowledge category. To prove my category I would like to narrate an incident that I went through while I was in the collage. A food fix I got myself into years ago.

It was 2010 most probably and I was an economics honors student then. I am a foodie person and I love to eat although I am not a non vegetarian.  It all started at my PG where my roomies asked for a treat for scoring very good grades in the exams. The grades I had were extraordinary and a treat to celebrate it was not a big deal at all. I agreed to the requests for the treat without any hesitation and we planned for a dinner that evening. I had heard of a restaurant from my friends that they offered best food in the town and were well known for their dishes. I was not very sure what were they serving but thought that we may find something or the other on the menu to fill up our belly with and decided to visit the restaurant for the treat.

The restaurant was a bit in the outskirt and I was unknown to this fact too although I heard my friends saying that it takes around an hour to reach the place from the center of the city. I was so sure and confidant about the restaurant as if I had been their several times. I trusted my instinct and was just playing along.      

I arranged for a ride and we five of the roomies were ready to rock the evening. The avenue was a surprise for my friends and fortunately they all were pure vegetarians like me and this fortune of ours was going to turn up side down very soon and we were not aware of it at all. We left for the restaurant around 7 in the evening and it took us almost 45 minutes to reach the destination. The first look of the restaurant did not look too promising to me but I kept reminding myself that we should not judge the book by its cover always and it was my idea to throw a lavish treat to my friends here. The expressions of their face were so loud and clear and their “what the heck” looks constantly resonated in my head. Well pushing every thought aside we went into the restaurant. The first view of the interior of the restaurant was so pleasing and it said all you can eat buffet ₹350 per person including the taxes. I was not sure about my friends but I was too exited because like I said I was a foodie person and a buffet means you can eat several dishes without paying for each of them separately. I did ask for an a la carte menu but the waiter said that all they were serving was the buffet today. My friends didn't find it an issue and I was comfortable with it too.

I paid ₹1750 for five of us and took the token and we together moved toward the buffet. We planned to start with the soup and there were two of them. The problem was that non of them were leveled and it was tough to find out which soup it was. I was about to taste the soup and suddenly I thought what if it was a non veg soup? I asked my friends and to my surprise one of them was having the soup. I went to a server standing in the corner of the room and asked him about the soup. His answer was like a molten lead in my ears. He told me that the lavish buffet that we paid for was a complete non veg buffet offering 2 non veg soups, 3 non veg and a veg starter, 5 non veg main course and rasogulla as dessert. I was startled and was guilty three of my friends were enjoying the soup and were appreciating the chefs effort to create such a marvelous delicacy. I was clueless and speechless what to say and how to break the ice. I took a deep breath, gathered all my courage and walked back to my friends. The one who was still confused where to start from asked me that where I was. I made an excuse of the washroom and asked my friends that how was the soup they were eating. They exaggerated about the taste and the blending and the consistency and I suddenly burst into a laughter. I wasn't my fault but the way they explained the soup was something I couldn't resist. I broke the ice and said out loud that they were eating a chicken hot and sour soup and they were clueless. One among them ran to the washroom and the other  two were giving me a kick you look but It wasn't my fault entirely. I said them sorry and asked them to move on with their dinner but non of us were in a mood of eating anymore. We left the place and went to a tea stall we had tea and Maggie with few bread sticks. I said them sorry again and promised a treat any where they wanted. I asked my fried that didn't they find if different having a non veg soup? They were in jolly mood now and told me that the soup felt a bit different in the mouth but it was good and later I found out that the friend who ran to the bathroom had two Manchurian balls too with the soup thinking it was a veg item. I never told her that she ate chicken Manchurian instead of veg.
It was a hell of an evening but I learned that half knowledge about anything is brutal and can harm you or others too. I wasted more than 2000 rupees that day just because I was not having proper knowledge about it.
I was a victim then but today we have some very good applications available on the Google play store that helps you and never lets you witness such a day in life and the best among the lot is Tiny Owl which has been designed to help people know about every food lounge and outlet in the town. One can get any information about any food serving outlet and the best part one can directly order food from the application. This application is available for android and iOS as well.

Monday 24 August 2015

Product Review - Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream.

Hi All !

Its too tough for us to decide which cream to apply to our face and which one to avoid, And for this reason many of us keeps changing their cream from time to time in search of that perfect one. Well i too belong to this category. Last week i started using Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream. Well we all know Garnier is one of the top cosmetic brands in India for women as well as for men too. Let me tell you guys i received this Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream from a contest .

Price - Rs 85 for 18gm
Ingredients -

Product claims - Instant Whitening, Sun protection and Lasting Fairness.

My Experience with Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream -
 This Cream comes in a very cute tub packaging, this small tub can be carried anywhere with your stuff. Its white in color , a bit thick in texture and smells refreshing.
As soon as i applied it to my skin, the cream got absorbed in 1-2 min , it gave an instant glowing white effect as this product claims. And also helped in hiding my dark circles a bit too. In the last 12 days i saw a little change in my skin tone. Well i am not that into skin tone, what i like about this product that it has good SPF, so no need of sunscreen.

Okey now lets see its Pro's and con's

Pro's of Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream
  • Cute packaging
  • Pocket friendly
  • Small container
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Gives instant glow 
  • Provides SPF
  • Blends easily with your skin

Con's of Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream
  • Not for oily skin
Rating - 4.5/5

Repurchase - Yes 

 Let me know if you have tried this product :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Saturday 22 August 2015

August Wishlist !

Hello All

I know i am too late for my this month's wishlist post, but now here i am with it :)
This time in my wishlist there is nothing for me but for my cutie-pie Eva who is only 6 months old right now :)

Cute dresses is all i can think about right now for my darling baby, have a look - 

Kids Ball Gown Tutu Dress
only for  $4.83
Floral Decor Bubble Dress
Only for $5.53

Fashionable 2 piece tank top dress
For $6.69

Baby Princess Dress
Only for $5.76
What's in your wishlist friends ?

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 21 August 2015

Grocery Shopping With Lil Munchkin.

Hello All !

Went shopping today for groceries at Food bazaar today and Eva enjoyed a load. This is the very first time when Eva helped her Mommy in day to day needs shopping. It Seems she wanted to pick each and everything from the store there :D Colorful / Lively place excites her too much.
Ah i am waiting for that day when i can shop fashion stuff with her :) 
Sharing few pics of her excitement - 

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

The New Airtel 4G

People born in 80’s will always wonder and will be thankful for the internet. I do not mean that people born after that will not be thankful of wonder less but for the 80 kids it is special. We have seen the life changing drastically with the use of internet. Internet was nothing less than a miracle at a time when all you could have referred to were a bunch of books laying on a dusty self of a library or sms the short messaging services where the fastest means of word exchange and that also came with a boundation of number of words that can be used. Songs could only be bought and not downloaded in form of mp3 but now everything is possible and it is the Internet only that is responsible for it. It has helped us develop in each and every segment of life and has given us a more comfortable, safe and secures life.
The internet changed the face of the world completely and brought a new a techy era. This era was fast and everything lied on the finger tips. Stores, hotel reservation, ticket bookings anything and everything was now online by the help of internet. Large collection of books and documents were stored at a place and it was easily accessible from any part of the world. Ideas, information and knowledge were shared and gained here. We got advanced and never looked back.
It was not less than to have an internet connection on hand but the main problem was or even today is the speed that we get from the internet providers. There are different sources of getting an internet connection like a wired broad band connection which has lightning speed and is considered as the best but the main or the biggest drawback to it is that it is not portable and cannot be taken along. The second or the most used type of internet connection is the wireless internet connection provided by the mobile carriers like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea and etc. these mobile carries provide data connection an can be used in any ways one wants. It is portable and could be carried anywhere. But the main problem that was or is faced by the users of the mobile carrier data connection is the speed of the internet. The carriers started with a low speed 2G data connection and were later upgraded to 3G. The 3G data connection was fast but was not good enough for the generation “X”. they needed better than a 3G data connection and their wish was heard by the Airtel mobile carrier and they launched the very first 4G service in India.
This 4G data connection is just awesome and is nothing less than broad band. It has speed and has a great value for money. I myself am a big movie, songs and game freak so if I get a 4G connection I would really like to download all the hits and block buster’s of Hollywood and Bollywood. I would download big graphics games for my PC and X Box and play them all night. Who won’t like a good and fast internet connection? I would create my own movie and Game library. I would also download hell lot of eBooks because I love reading in my leisure. There are so many things that would do if I get my hands on such a 4G data connection. It would be like a dream coming true.

Airtel has launc service successfully and it is out there so let us just go and grab our own 4G today and it is not costly at all it just costs as much as 3G and all you need to do is just tweet and you will get your sim.
For more information visit

Thursday 20 August 2015

Condoms in India

“SEX” the biggest taboo in India. Is it? Well for saying yes but practically no. You are not allowed to share your opinion on this topic of SEX and it is completely prohibited if you belong to the feminine mass although a bigger segment of the Indian population consider us nothing more than a sex slave. We are developing and trying to get along with other developed nations of the world but we lie so far behind when we talk about the Sex and Sex educations. There are no proper education on Sex and how to protect once from the communicable diseases.  
We need to be provided with good and proper knowledge on the birth rate control too because we lack behind in that field too. There are several types of birth control available in the market and to be very precise and keeping it short Condoms are the best and easiest birth control measures available in the market. It is cheap, non permanent and the most important it does not have any kinds of side effects on the body. Government has stated taking few measures to educate people about condoms and it also distributes free condoms to turn this awareness in a general practice for the people. an online portal has also taken this initiative seriously and has started an online condom shop where one can buy condoms anonymously and receive it well packed that no one can even know what you have got in your parcel. USAID conducted a nationwide survey on why man do not prefer using condom and the result of the survey was quite socking because the result said that more or less every man is embarrassed and ashamed to buy condoms on a store and thus they deny to buy condoms and end up with unprotected sex risking their own as well as their partners life.
It is a wonderful initiative taken by condombazaar that they have taken this step and they oath to habituating India to condoms. Someone had to break the ice and had to cross the barrier and this has been done by These guys at the are so very professional in what they do and take care of the privacy of their customers. They keep the parcel neat and clean and it never says condoms or anything related to it. They have found a new way to fight the taboo without even breaking one.
This initiative by the #condombazaar guys will leave a deep impact on the minds of people and they will get more aware day to day and their dream of habituating India to condoms will come true one day and we should help them by making others aware of this e portal. #PlaySafe , #UseCondoms .  

Monday 17 August 2015

Design Your Own Dress !

Hi All !

Whenever we go shopping , we take a load of time to select the dress which suits our mood or we can say the one which we like the most. And sometimes we come back without any shopping bag simply because that one dress which is in our mind or the one we are thinking about that kind or style is not available in any store.
Keeping in mind our this problem has come up with a new concept where you can design your own dress. yes girls its a total win win situation for us :)

Its quiet easy to do - if you want you can combine two or more different dresses, or use one dress as basic style and modify it as you like. All the dresses in their site or a third party website or even your own pictures can be customize by them. You can have fun in customizing  the fabric, color, embellishment, closure, neckline, shoulder, bodice, back, straps, train length and much more. YesMyBride makes it easy and affordable for customers to get custom tailored dress for a look that is professional, fitted, and truly sophisticated. They started with a basic idea of helping brides-to-be and now they are very successful in their business.

Check out few amazing sketches from YesMyBride - 

Happy Designing Ladies :)
And if you want to shop from their collection just go to -

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~ Prerana ~

Friday 14 August 2015

Hair Replacement System !

Hello All !

Hair Replacement System normally known as Wig is very much popular these days. Few of need this wigs for fashion and styles and few of us need this to hide our baldness or hair loss problem and there is no shame in it coz these days we all suffer from hair loss problem, and we all cant afford the costly medication or hair transplant operation which are permanent solutions for hair loss problem.

And for such hair replacement systems you can always look upon , they customize the wigs according to the customer needs of what size their head is keeping in mind their requirements. When you go out wearing this carefully chosen Hairbro Hair Replacement System, uniquely customized and crafted for you, no one will be able to detect any difference from your natural personality. You can mingle with the millions of other people with normal hair growth, by combing your hair in the perfect hair-style as you wish.

Check out few amazing wigs -

the very first one Kinky Straight 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Silk Top Full Lace Wig
Its made up of soft hair, but it is very thick and of good quality.

The second one Loose Curl 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Silk Top Full Lace Wig
Great natural looking wig, the lace front made is very easy to blend into any hair line, making it hard to tell its not your "real" hair.

So next time you face any such problem don just sit and cry over it, instead buy the one which fits your style and lead a happy life :)

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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Red Sauce Pasta my way.

It is not about Roti, Paratha or Tandoor today. We have moved far ahead and Pizza, Pasta, Chowmin, Manchurian and Chillies are what we eat and are found of. Indian culinary has been influenced by a lot of other cuisines and we adapt so well in this scenario that our coming generations won't be able to find out whether the recipes belong to our nation or to some other nations. Today we have adapted to Chinese cuisine so well that it is difficult to find out the origin of the recipe. We Indians love to eat and to eat different types of foods we learn to cook different cuisines and same goes with the Italian cuisine.
Talking about the Italian cuisine there are few recipes that are on fire in our country and Pizza and Pasta are the two main recipes among them. We can find a lot of places in India where we can experience the exotic flavors of Pizza and Pasta but we love to cook things in our own way and we Indians are smart in adding tarka to any food from any part of the world and so here is my very own and simple yet yummy recipe of Red sauce Pasta.
I learned to cook pasta from my hubby who belongs to the food and beverage section of the service industry. He is definitely a good chef too and cooks delicious Pasta. This recipe of mine is a simplified version of his recipe and I bet it tastes nothing less than his recipe. So here is my recipe.

For the sauce -
1 A bowl of sliced onions
2 Ginger Garlic Paste 1 full spoon
3 Roughly chopped garlic few pieces
4 Blanched tomatoes 2 pieces
5 Tomato puree 1 tea cup
6 Cumin and black pepper powder 1 tea spoon
7 Pinch of red Chilli powder
8 A whole green or red bell pepper
9 American corn
10 Salt to taste
11 Butter 3-4 tea spoon

For pasta -
1 DelMonte Pasta
2 Water
3 Pinch of salt

Preparation :-
In a Kadhai or a Non stick pan heat up the butter or oil can also be used and let it heat completely. When the butter is hot put in the Ginger Garlic Paste and saute on a low flame. Saute it until it looses its earthy smell and instead smells good say for 5-7 minutes but on a low flame so that we don't burn the GGP. When the GGP turns golden put in the sliced onions and saute it again for next 7-8 minutes we do not turn the onions golden or brown. Add the bell pepper and stir the mixture for few more minutes till the bell peppers turn soft and now add the cumin, black pepper and the chilli powder and saute till they mix well. Now add the chopped tomatoes and the tomato puree and let it sit for next 10 minutes and at the end check the seasoning.

Boil water in a thick bottom bowl and add the pasta to it. Let it cook to be firm to the bite.

Final step
Put in the boiled pasta in the sauce and mix it well.

And lastly serve it hot with a thumps up on the rocks.

For more recipe visit

Saturday 8 August 2015

Desi Girl In A Short Romantic Road Trip.

Hello All !

Sorry for not posting lately, But now i am back.
Went to my relative's house last week which is 40km away from my home with him, the weather was awesome, very much romantic it was raining a little bit too. In short a short romantic road trip :P 
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I am Wearing - 
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Do lemme know your thoughts in the comments section :)

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hugs and kisses
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