Saturday, 20 December 2014

Winter Outfit Inspiration

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Check out this Winter Inspired Style
A plaid check shirt with big lapel pink coat, boyfriend jeans and black booties and some accessories :) 
Wohoo Ready to go ;)

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

In love with Melbourne

Vacations are always on my mind. I just love travelling. Last evening few of my friend were discussing about an International vacation spot and all of shouted together Melbourne, Australia. I really want to visit this beautiful, breath taking and lively city at least once in my life because a world class vacation is not worthy until you have visited Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne the capital of Victoria one among the six states of Australia is the vibrant hub of style, sport, culture and dining. Melbourne is the most livable city of the world. The city is a puzzle of hidden lane ways, sumptuous bars, specialty restaurants and many calm and splendid boutiques. It's also where one can witness the culture of the place, sporting arena for big international sports, taste the Vintage wines accompanied with mouthwatering dishes, dance with all your hearts or just have a casual walk in the park and the leafy boulevards.

In simple terms if you have holiday on your mind Melbourne should be the first place to visit on your vacation list. One thing that makes Melbourne so special is that it is a complete package in itself. It has something or the other for everyone. If you are a sport lover Melbourne is the best place you want to be at. It is also known as the sporting capital of the Australia and host few of the biggest international events like Australian Open Tennis Championship, Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and this year it is going to host the most awaited sensational cricketing tournament on the planet The ICC World Cup tournament along with New Zealand. The whole city dresses up for a big Carnival commonly known as Melbourne Cup Carnival during the spring which is also a good attraction for the tourists.
Melbourne is not only famous for its sporting spirit but also there are places where you would definitely want to go if you are in Melbourne. The main attractions of the city are Melbourne Tower, National gallery of Victoria, Queen Victoria market, Eureka Tower, St. Kilda Beach, Victoria, Flinders Street Station, Bathing Boxes, Federation Square, Great Ocean Road Victoria, and Melbourne Cricket Ground.

You can always enjoy the beach with your sunscreen and pinacolada in your hands or can go for a memorable ride to the Great Ocean Road with your love. The sunset by the beach or the Great Ocean Road is just awesome and it can’t be compared to anything. You can also take a tour to the great Vineyards of Melbourne on your own hired hot air balloon. The whole city just looks spectacle from the hot air balloon. You can also taste few of the finest Vintage wines of Australia here. Foods are awesome too. 

Check out the amazing video of Tanmay and Rohan and a Hot Air ballon here -
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"Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?".

For more Info visit - Tourism Victoria website

Let's have a kid's vacation

“Baar Baar aati hai mujhko madhur jaad bachpan meri gaya legaya tu jeevan ki sabse mast khusi meri”.
 -Subhadra Kumar Chauhan                                        

It’s a good poem where the poetess has described childhood in very beautiful words. When we are child we are carefree, tension free and our life is hustle free. We don’t have to worry about a thing and all we have to do is fun. And if we are talking about fun let me tell you kids love vacations and they go crazy when they are about to have one well my kid does. They really love to spend good time with their parents having all the fun away from school and homework. So if we plan for a vacation we are always conscious that we do not leave even a single stone unturned and we ensure them a good vacation. We choose a good destination for our vacation and by good I mean a place where children can have fun too. Usually we adults choose a destination where we can enjoy to the fullest and leave the kids out but it should be opposite. The destination should be something which amuses the children and if they are happy and if they have fun directly or indirectly we parents enjoy the vacation too.
There are few points we should always keep in mind while we plan a vacation for our kids such as the vacation should be kids friendly, the booking for hotel or resorts and transportation should be arranged before arriving the place, the vacation should be well planned and should be discussed with the kids to ensure their involvement and the kids should be asked to plan for family games and funs together. Let the kids decide on what to eat and where to go for games after all they are on vacation and it will make them happy. Try to spend time together out there during the vacation. Anyways a couple can always have time after the kid sleeps. The parents should keep in mind all the requirements of their kids and should consider their likes and dislikes always. Parents should play small games and keep their kid occupied.   
As for a kid vacation means fun all the time. They add magical sparks to our vacation. They understand well that vacation means a few days away from home yet together with their family. No school, no teachers, no study and no homework.  So they are free of all the above things and just try to live in the moment and that is what makes them happy. The smile and loud laughs enlightens the whole atmosphere. It calms us too and we learn it from them to live a moment forgetting all the work and problems we have. They even enjoy the smallest games played with the parents. And if taken to some special place like an amusement park they add extra battery to the vacation. The excitement level that they hold within themselves is remarkable and that is what makes the parents happy and a vacation successful.
Club Mahindra has planned and started a campaign known as “Teddy travelogues” which is India’s first crowd sourced e magazine where children between ages 4-12 were asked to submit their entries under eight different categories and have arranged good prizes for them too. It was an opportunity for the kids to show their talents and creativeness about holidays. Also it would help us understand better that what have we been missing out that they wanted and what could add extra magical spark to our vacations. 
For more information visit the website . And when you are going to have a vacation next time do keep in mind what your kids want from a vacation and make it a memorable one for them after all memories are all we have with us always.  

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Check Out Blogmint :)

Hello Friends

Blogging has been more than a mere passion today. I still can recall time when people used to blog just for fun and as their hobby. Poetry, stories, songs and etc were the main criteria for the blogs. But the time has changed now. With the rapidly developing world our ways of blogging and reasons of blogging has taken new shapes. This 21st century has transformed blogging into a new platform. A platform where not only people share their thoughts but they also come to know about new things and new ideas. It has been a platform to advertise and a platform to review new products, sites and etc. And to put this all things together “To The New” have taken an initiative and introduced a new website

Blogmint is an opportunity, a platform and a gateway for bloggers to come across new products or websites to be very precise. The product could be anything from software to an application. And the best part is that these campaigns can also fill your wallets as the reviews can get you paid too. I have been working for them since sometimes now and have been through few campaigns too and have been paid and praised for my work too. All I want to say is that Blogmint has given me new and good opportunities and reason to Blog. Join BlogMint and Happy Blogging.