Tuesday 7 March 2023

A Game for all your Moods

 What do you do in your free time? Well I usually watch reels, videos and explore and play various online games that I feel interesting. In other words playing game online during my free time has been my new hobby and I am loving it. I love all kinds of games, adventures, action, puzzle, card and money games. By money games I don't mean that I put in money to play games or withdraw money from the game. These money games are good simulations that provides you a very realistic scenario of the real thing and I have been playing money games a lot and recently I have found very interesting money games which are associated with cooking games. Like you get to run a Coffee Shop or Restaurant on your own.

I explore for these online games  and while doing so I came across this Coffee Shop game site https://www.mortgagecalculator.org/money-games/  which I found very interesting and challenging too. I got to run a Coffee shop for 14 days. You need to do inventory, pricing, strategy for good sell, prediction and customer feedback. So basically the Coffee shop is all yours to run and make a profit from it if you can.

I started my 1st day with $30.00 in my account which was provided me for inventory to start the Coffee shop. The first day was a tough one I swear. I didn't earn much on the first day but instead I learnt a lot from the sales of the first day.

So I worked on my Inventory, pricing and customer feedback and a couple of days later I was on the track. The sales of the Coffee shop increased and I started making good money. I got more customers sold more Coffee and got good feedback's. 

I played the full game that was for 14 days (not actual 14 days, 14 game days). On 14th day I made a good profit of $144.85. It was a good overall experience.

What I loved the most about the game was the cool and friendly User Interface and there were no lags in the game too. The game loaded very smoothly and had flawless running. The Web site https://www.mortgagecalculator.org/money-games/ offers many more such games. They have different categories of games too. You can just go the site and play a game of your liking no hassle I swear. I am gonna try the Pizza Cafe game next. Do check out the site and let me know your favorite game from the site in the comments. Keep playing and keep chilling.

Sunday 26 February 2023

Shapellx Shapewears.

Hello friends

Hope you all are great. February is almost over, and we are stepping into march ,it seems 2023 is going too fast for me, what about you all ?
After a week we have our Indian festival HOLI , it is a festival of colours , and we celebrate it with our friends and families with lotsss of good food and colours :)

Well today we will talk about Shapewear Bodysuit ,
bodysuits help us to shape and highlight our curves beautifully there by smoothing the uneven areas to give us a beautiful shape to our body .
It helps us to shape our body the way we want and gives us the utmost comfort too. Well i personally always suggest these shapewears as whenever i wear a gown or an indian ethnic Anarkali , they always help me to look perfect by smoothing my stomach , back and butt too :)
Its not that they are always too tight or uncomfortable , if you pick a good one as in quality and comfort wise , then you will be very happy with it , you wil feel as if its like your second skin. your skin can breathe in it and your will get the perfect look you are thinking of.

ll right now lets have a look at some best shapewear for women , i have selected few of them, check below -
The first one is Power conceal Tummy control and butt lifter ,  
its lycra base makes it discreet fit underneath our clothes and helps to highlight our backside angels.

The second one which i like is the Air Slim Advanced body sculptor ,
its ultra breathable and best for postpartum and post surgery too, 
 its easy to use while bathroom breaks also. its lightweight and relieves effort pain. 

I hope my picks and their classifications helps you in your search for shape wears or waist trainers , and you find the perfect one for you .
Now the question is that is Shapellx shapewear worth buying   Yes they are , don worry my love you all are in safe hands .Do give them a try if you want to look and feel confident about your body, they do work, even i am also using them and i love the way it works for my body.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products yet and what was your experience with them or which brand you love to use , in the comments below :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 8 September 2022

Let's Farm Together

 The word Culinary is fun and curious to listen but it's not easy to pursue a career in the Culinary field. I won't say it's impossible but rather I would say it requires hard work and a good level of dedication and patience to gain a good result. Being from the Culinary background I know it's not an easy task to perform and it needs talent to get a good yield. I have also been keen about farming and have worked a bit on my farm. Growing own food specifically fruits and vegetables are so fun and it too requires the same amout of patience and dedication. 

The younger generation has no clue about it. They love everything that's being served to them on the platter ready-made but they have no idea the efforts that has been put into to bring the food to their table. I wanted my kid to know the process and learn about it so that she could learn about the process that is involved in farming. I was surfing the net and there I came across a website https://www.culinaryschools.org/kids-games/ which had a lots of Culinary based games foe kids. I wasn't sure at first what it was but thought of giving it a try and to my surprise they had wonderful games like Food education games including Cooking and Kitchen Work, Recycling and Farming. Serving Eaters games including Grocery Stores, Drinks, Cheese Burgers, Mexican Food, etc.

I personally found the Ideal Farming Business game exiting. I opened the game and firstly played it my self. The game involves planting,  harvesting, fertilizing, upgrading soil etc. The game works fine on the mobile phone runs smooth and has very friendly user interface. I palyed the game with my kiddo and to my surprise she loved it too. The game teaches many aspects of farming. Making the soil ready, planting, fertilizing the field and finally harvesting them in time. My kid now knows that the food that is served on the table takes a lot of effort and process to reach her. You can check out the game here https://www.culinaryschools.org/kids-games/idle-farming-business/ .

We played the game and are still playing it making our farm rich and beautiful together it's fun and educational at the same time. You can also indulge yourself in these games according to your choices and preferences they have a long list of it and I am sure you are going to love it. Give your kid a chance to play and learn.

Do let me know if you loved the games and which one has been your favorite. 


Wednesday 24 August 2022

A Dash of Childhood again

 Childhood has always been fun. Those were some carefree days, when I had nothing to worry about. Eat, Play, Study sleep and repeat was the only routine I followed. Holidays and games were the main ingredients that made these childhood special. With technology not being so vastly updated and indoor and outdoor games were the main timepass and todays generation may not know how fun it was. I would spend lot of time with my parents and siblings playing indoor games. Board games like chess, ludo, snake and ladder were few of my favorite. But long gone are those days.

My holidays were special fun with my family where we used to sit in a circle with a Board game after lunch and we would all play it till the evening. We had tea, snacks and soft drinks by our side always. I have always missed that while growing up and sometimes I wish my child could witness that fun and happiness in her life. I have taught her few board game too.

Last summer vacation I found a very good website http://Calculators.org while Scrolling through my feeds on the internet. The name made me curious and after a bit of exploring I ended up to a section on the site which said game foe kids and people who like many of the games from their childhood. Now my curiosity was on the max level and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. I found out that the website has many games that I had played years ago and all of them were free to play. There were educational games like Quiz games, word games, physics games and etc. Below the Educational gamed was the section of Additional Games where I found classic kids games, board games, card games and etc.

 I quickly moved to board games and there it was my all time favorite Snakes and Ladders game.

I started a game and played it for few minutes and I found my old childhood memories gushing in. 

I shared the game with my hubby and later that afternoon we had a long game of Snakes and Ladders. The fun was same as of my own childhood and I saw my little princess enjoying the game too. 

The site is super easy to use. It runs smooth on IOS devices and Android devices too. If you miss your childhood and want to live it a bit again I recommend you to visit the site and play few games yourself and feel the childhood rushing through your veins again. You can check out my favorite game here https://www.calculators.org/games/snakes-and-ladders/ 
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