Saturday, 25 October 2014

No Fikar Shop Quikr

With the festive season on its climax we love shopping. Sometimes we shop for ourselves and sometimes for our loved once. This Diwali I wanted to buy something good for Mr. Hubby but I was so confused what and where to buy. I mean with the festival season on its peak there are hundreds of websites offering good deal and also products in good range. But I was still confused that if I place an order from any site they may not ship it quickly and may be my courier could get stuck somewhere in this haywire environment as it has happened with me before. Also I wasn’t willing to spend much and yet I wanted to buy something good for him.In all the confusion and dilemma I closed all the sites and switched to my face book account to check up what was new. And suddenly my eyes glittered, in the side advertisement bar I saw an advertisement and it said, “Quikr- Buy/Sell/Rent anything” and there it was. A simple yet the best answer to all my questions. For a moment I realized that it was Lord’s blessing that I opened my Facebook account now and more importantly this advertisement flashed on my side panel now.So within no time I opened and was all set for a good ride. This web address directed me directly to , men I was impressed and overjoyed. And one silly reason for being impressed and overjoyed was that Quikr knew where I stayed. Means I didn’t typed Deoghar yet it landed me directly to the Deoghar website. 

Ok jokes apart now it was time to decide what was I going to buy for him. And the answer was quite obvious that he was a big gadget freak and nothing could have been better than a good mobile phone as a gift for this diwali. So first i registered myself to the website, although registering to is not necessary if you want to buy something yet I like to get updates and news letters from various site so I registered my e-mail id to the site. 

Thus my search began, i went to category clicked on mobile and there it was a list of around 20 to 25 mobiles popped up here -

I went through all the pages and replied to few advertisement as well. The site is so user friendly that you can't even imagine about it. There are no hustle and you can directly brows for the items of your requirements and reply to the seller as well. Or if you are in a jiffy you can directly call the seller and ask him/her about the product they are selling. Coming back to my part of story. I was looking for a big display cell phone within a range of 5K. And spotted a couple of them on the site as well. And the best among them was a 3 months old Mircomax Canvas Doodle3. So I straight forward replied the seller that if the deal was still on i was interested in the phone. so I left a message to the seller and turned my lappy off. Now all i could do was wait.

The very next morning i rechecked the item and it was still there so i contacted the seller again. And to my surprise i received a mail replying that yes he was ready to sell his phone and that also very soon. And then i gave him a call and we fixed a place to meet.

I met the seller at the place we were supposed to. First i saw the phone checked it well, used it to make and receive calls. Then I checked the bill too and tallied the emie numbers with the bill and the box and then saw the warranty card as well. Everything was perfect and was as it was said to me. The phone was around 3 months old and had its box, charge and hands free with it. So things looked good to me. Now came the main part of the deal, bargaining and negotiating on the price. As told before i had a fixed range of 5K, so i bargained a bit and at last Mr. Manoj had to sell it to me for Rs.5000.I paid him the money and we left our ways. 

To be very honest I didn't believe that i just bought a phone for my hubby until i rechecked it in my purse after reaching back home. 
I was exited a lot because I was going to gift my hubby a nice phone and that also within my budget and according to his requirement what could have been a better gift for him this Diwali. So finally gifted him a phone this Diwali.

Talking about the shopping experience from was fabulous and hustles free. I bought what I wanted straight forward from sellers hand. No extra courier charger, shipping charges or handling charges. You can directly get the product in your hands and check it before buying. also helps you if you want to sell something. Like it helped Mr. Manoj who sold me this phone, he bought a new phone and thus this phone was useless for him. I asked him why quikr and he said that he tried selling this phone elsewhere but no one was willing to pay more than Rs 3500 for it. And see he sold it to me for Rs. 5000 and got a nice price for his product.
I would like to thank for the lovely gift and  Blogadda for providing me such an huge opportunity and I really loved it. Someone has truly said that “The best things in this world are free” and Qiukr is one among them.

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy Diwali :)

Hello Friends

Wishing A Very Happy Diwali to each and everyone from ME and my Family - 

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

It's Diwali

India is a land of festivals. We Indians have a huge list of festivals and each of them are celebrated with its own pomp’s and splendors. But if I talk about my favorite festival it is no other that the Dil walon ki Diwali. Yes Diwali a festival of lights and a festival to ensure us that still evils are destroyed by goods is my favorite festival.

Today I am going to share the story of my best Diwali which I celebrated with my family as its always #GharwaliDiwali I was 15 year old then and was in my school. Those days were heck of day’s man I wish I could get them back anyways moving ahead with my story. I used to say at my uncles house in Kolkata and my sister was in Visakhapatnam and my brother used to study at Kota. And Diwali used to be the time when my whole family used to be together. So it was 2004 of 2005 most probably I had my exams just before Diwali. We always used to have the same curriculum every year, we used to have our half semester exams before Diwali and the school used to reopen after Diwali. So Dad used to bring us all home just before Diwali.
So this year this was going to be same as I thought that I was going to finish my exams and then dad would take me home to accompany my siblings and my mumma.  But suddenly two days before exam I fell ill and missed out my two important papers. I was worried that I would have to work hard in my final semester to make up my grades and was not worried about it at all. But I was unaware of the problems coming my way. The principle gave a call to my uncle and asked him to meet him the very next day which was supposed to be the last day of the exam. I was still not worried because my uncle and principle were good friends.
The very next day uncle came to the school and I accompanied him to the principal’s office. And the trouble began.
Uncle: - Good afternoon
Principal:- Good afternoon, I asked you to come because you know Prerana has missed her science and English exams and not only that she didn’t write her math’s paper well because she was dozing off during the exams.
U: - hmm that’s a matter of concern and she may be dozing off due to the medicines. So what do you suggest?
P: - A re exam for you because I know she is a talented kid and she gets good grades so I will give her one more chance.
U: - that sounds good.
So that was the end of the happy story. I was doomed, so doomed. 3 more exams means more studies no packing time and no home for Diwali. I gave a call to my dad and he said that uncle did what was best for you dear concentrate on your studies. And so I did unwillingly and unheartedly. I knew I wasn’t going home this Diwali but I had no other options. So I studied and wrote my exams.
And then finally the Diwali day arrived uncle brought me few crackers and a beautiful dress but it was all in vain. And suddenly I saw my dad mom and my siblings on my door. They came all the way to be with me for the Diwali. I was so touched I hugged my dad and tears rolled down my cheeks. But dad was not it. Dad asked me to get in the car with my stuffs I had no clue where were we going. I got in the car I was so excited. And dad drove off. I fell asleep on the way and when i woke up it was evening already and we were nearby Digha beach.
And we finally stopped at the beach and dad said “its home anywhere till we were together so we will celebrate Diwali here.” We all jumped in excitement, I hugged my dad and said him that he was the best dad in the world. We had a great time I loved it. I was going trough internet and found this touching video  and remembered my story.  

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home.

"He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything"
                                  An Arabic proverb.
Health is the biggest wealth in the world. We study play and work just to have a healthy life forourselves and our family. But it's not our own health which concerns us the most, its our child's health which comes first on the priority list. Its very well said "A healthy child makes a happy home." And if the child falls sick it makes the whole house doomed. And believe me when i say doomed means doomed and i can say this with the bitter experience that the life has given me or you may say it was a tough lesson taught by life and i am going to share this experience here today.
It was the starting of the summer and the school vacation was on the verge. I was in 6th standard and was really exited for my holidays to begin. And in this excitement i mistakenly forgot to have my milk and chawanpras in the morning and left for the school without my lunchbox too. Mom was too busy in the kitchen and she knew that i never compromised with my dite but it was the eagerness of the vacation which blinded me.
So i left for my school and heard dad saying that we were going to a hill station this vacation while leaving. At the school periods passed by and i still didn't realize that something important was missing.
It was the lunch break bell which brought me back to my senses and i looked for my lunch box and found it to be missing but the excitement of the hill station trip suppressed my hunger and i didn't realize that i didn't eat or drink anything during the lunch. Well i had never been to a hill station before so i was literally day dreaming. All i wanted was that this day at shool should end up quickly. And finally the last period arrived and it was a drill or games period.
We took our school bags and ran to the school ground for the games. We were asked to play khokho in two teams and i was in one of the team. I played like a mad child and why shouldn't have i, after all it was the final period.
Everything was going on fine until suddenly everything went black and i don't remember a thing what happened. The next thing i remember was myself laying on my bed and my parents surrounding me and looking at me. The doctor told that i went through a dehydration stroke and i need to be given sline solution to maintain my body fluid and i was been injected sline solution.
I could see a lot of happy faces turn pale. Mom and Dad were so concerned and they didn't leave me for even a single second. The doctor said that although it wasn't anything serious but yet i was in need of a few days rest. Damn i felt so devastated and furious, all i wanted was a vacation at a hill station and look where i endedup. But i heard dad had already canceled the trip. Dad said that children were the main wealth and if we were not well no happiness on the earth counts.
I was sad, i was happy, i was sad and happy. Sad because i ruined my and my family vacation and happy to see my parents care and sacrifice for me. I was on my feet within a week and to my surprise dad replaned the vacation.
So from that day i never missed my meals and specially my milk and chawanpras. chawanpras keeps you fit and strong from within. Check full details from this link .
That was the day i learned that if a child is happy he keeps the whole house happy and if he falls sick its not just the child who is sick but the entire family. Stay healty, Stay Happy.