Friday, 30 January 2015

The Story Of My AND

A recent study shows that female brain uses both its hemisphere to think and analyze for anything. Where as men do not bother too much and use only half of the brain and end up making wrong decisions many a times. If you are smart you should be understanding where is this going. In fact God has created men and women differently but he has neither put an "Or" for females and nor did he put an "And" for males but it has been a complete misunderstanding that women brain  is not eligible to process and act as quick as men brain. And there comes the limitations which people put on female gender. And these limitations are nothing more than a superstition that we are in habit of living with.

We may have reached to the moon or the mars but there has been no growth in our wisdom. We still live the old way where females are forced to live by an or and not by an and. They are not given the equal rights to live freely doing whatever they want whenever they want. But why should we listen to anyone and do what they say instead of doing something what we want to do. It is time to put an end to all the or's we have been listening to and bring forward our ands.

I have fought for my and and today here I am to share my story of a journey from or to an and. I was in the middle of my high school and was doing good in my studies. High school is the time when a student is at the verge of choosing his/her life and career ahead. And so was I. I was always fascinated by the glamour world and wanted to be a part of it. No I never wished to be on the TV but wanted to do something associated with it. But there was a problem and this problem had a name and it was Mr. Pathak. My arts professor. He was a brilliant guy a gild medalist in economics and had his peculiar ways of teaching. I always respected him as a teacher and as a person but I was wrong. He was a good teacher but not a good man. And the reason I say this is that he had a problem with my career choice.

It was the end of my college and I was pretty unsure what to study next. I was interested in fashion and glamorous world like I told but Pathak sir wanted me to peruse my career in arts. I told him clearly that I was more interested in fashion than arts and I may make a career in the fashion world. But he wasn't happy with my decision at all and he did council me many a times to concentrate on only economics. And the reason he always had ready was that being a girl I can't manage my career and my passion both at the same time. He asked me to chose one from economics and my passion for the fashion world. It was the moment when I decided to live for an and instead of an or. I told Pathak sir that I will surely pursue a career in Economics but I will also live my dream. Just because I was a girl I won't take an Or in my life but instead I will go for an And. And to my teacher's surprise I completed my Honers in Economics and I am a successful fashion Blogger too. 

I was determined to fulfill my passion along with my career and I did it at the end. Mr. Pathak was proud and understood that in this modern era girls are not ready to be tied up with the label of Or. They can be anything they want and do anything they like because they have left living by or and started to live by And.
I tried and succeeded to live by my and . And this is what all of us need to do. Stand and fight for your And.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Life is too short to wait for the second chance

We live, we eat, we love, we dream, we laugh, we cry and at the end we die. Doesn’t the life have a pattern of its own? Everything has its timing and falls into places when the right time arrives? Maybe it does. But there is something which more or less follows the pattern we design for them. Sometimes these pattern work and sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t work for us we put those work on a waiting list, waiting for the right opportunity to strike our door so that we can grab it with our both hands and fulfils our dreams. In simpler words we wait for the life to give us a second chance to live and fulfill our dreams. But the biggest question is that what if the life is not in mood of providing us with a second chance to live that particular moment that we wanted to live, that we have dreamt of? It is just a matter of fact that life does not always present us with a second chance, so why to put our dreams aside and wait for the second chance to live them? Why not now? Why later? Why to wait for the future which is unknown.  Maybe you don’t get a second chance at all.
The story goes same for me as well. I have a lot of dreams that I want to live but because of some reasons or others those dreams have been put aside and I am too waiting for the life to present me with a second chance.  But given an opportunity there are few things on the waiting list that I would love to do now, right now without waiting for the second chance. And some of those things are scribbled down here which I want to do.
The first thing which comes to my mind is a trip to Vail Mountains, Colorado, USA, with my Family. This family trip has been on my mind since a long long time. The trip has been planned and canceled so many times that I have even forgotten the exact count. Vail being a cold place and a job spot of my hubby is the most desirable place of visit for the family but lack of long holidays has always put this on the waiting list.

Diamonds, Diamonds and diamonds. The second thing on my list. It is always a good tuning between a diamond and a woman. No one knows these stones well than a woman. They share an eternal bond between them and this bond is hard to understand. I too share the same passion and bond for the stone but I have always wanted to have a full caret diamond set in my wardrobe. This has been on my list since I was 16. But there are a lot of things that stands between us and this dream of mine shatters itself always.   

Image source - here

The list is a bit long but I would like to put forward one last thing from it and that would be a meet the Big B. Yes you got it is Mr. Amitab Bachchan. I am a die had fan of Mr. Bachchan, have grown up watching his hits and always had a dream of meeting this legend. I know this dream is way too big and has no guarantee to be fulfilled but yet if I get an opportunity I would love to meet Mr. Bachchan and shake hand with him saying that I am his die hard fan and always will be.    
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Well these were some among the things that I have been waiting for the life to give a second chance for but have not done yet because of some reasons but would love to do them without waiting for that chance. You never know this could be the last breath of your life.
  “Life is too short for waiting for a second chance why not live it all at once and forever?”  

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Fight Pimples With Garnier

Mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi. That is what pimples keep singing to me. While I was young Mumma used to say that these pimples are the sign that I was saying bye to ma childhood and was entering the adulthood. But Gosh I was unaware that this sign of adulthood was going to cost me a lot. I would have never grownup if I had known that these pimples were waiting for me. Mai toh kisi ko muh dikhane k kabil hin nai rehgai. These pimples are the biggest enemy that a girl can have. A small round bump on the smooth face is all it takes to destroy your happiness. And guess what these pimples have so perfect timing that they occur just a day before some good occasion or ceremony that you need to attend. I don't know about others but this is what I face every time. Men I am tired of it.

The biggest problems with the pimples is that there is not much one can do for it. As for me I tried everything right from the multani mitti to branded face packs. But at the end of the day non of them made a big difference. I had to bunk classes, miss parties, say no to movies and always was left out due to pimples. It wasn't that my friends had a problem with it but I didn't had the strength to show my face which was all covered up with pimples.

Although winters were good time but summer was the biggest enemy. More I sweat more my skin became oily and more i had to face the pimple problem. Have covered my face with hairs, wore scarf in summers, used umbrella pointlessly and wrap my face with clothes when needed to over come pimple. And then one day something happened to me. And it was end of all my worries and problems. And this something was Garnier Active Pure Neem Face Wash. Yup you heard me right.

And I know few of us may thing really that Garnier product which has been within the system so long could be a Bramhastra for the pimples and we didn't know. Yes it surely is and i am sharing this with my own experience. It was last November when I had to attend my cousin's wedding and I was doomed again with a few pimples on my cheek and nose. I had almost made my mind to avoid the ceremony but then my sister in law advised me to use the Garnier Pure active neem face wash. And I did use it that night before sleeping and the next morning I was bouncing against the walls because all my pimples were almost dead and I used it twice continuously for next few days and tadda all the pimples had to say tata bye bye to me.
I did attend the wedding and got complimented for my stunning looks. Hell ya that was a hell of a night and ever since I am worry free about pimples. I still use it, a drop twice daily and no more pimples. It may sound like a fairy tale but believe me all it takes is a tube of Garnier pure active neem face wash and you are good to go.

So say Hasta la Vista to the pimples and join the Garnier team today and Take Care.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Life is easy with ASUS

What if we enter the dark ages all at once again? And by dark ages I mean a world without electricity, cars, phones and all other electronic gadgets. Our life would completely turn into haywire and chaos. We are so very used to electronic equipment's that have occupied a permanent place in our lives. We can’t dream a day without them. Just imagine a life without your phone or your hair straightener or the hot blower. Well I will be doomed for sure I know. I can’t live without them for sure. And there is one more thing without which the life would be impossible and this gadget is simply known as Computer or Laptops.
Computers play a vital role in our day to day life. We depend completely for defense, entertainment and our professional works on the computers. Mr. Charles Babbage must also have not been so sure that someday his invention would be the best thing that a human could have gifted to the world. And today his gift has be modified and re modified and has been presented to the latest generation in a very portable way.
Among the producers of these portable machines ASUS is the one which is leading the market with its new era equipment's. And among equipment's are the two of the latest launches by ASUS which will blow your mind completely. The first one is the ASUS EeeBook X205TA and the other one is ASUS All in One PC ET2040. These two are the best one in the market.
ASUS EeeBook X205TA
This note book is has 11.6 inch display which is fully capable of playing high definition Videos. The Ultra Slim gadget is so portable and can be carried anywhere. It weighs even less than a Kg and can fit anywhere. The gadget has an Intel Bay Trail T Quad core Z3735 1.33 GHz processor. It has 2 GB RAM and a memory of 32 GB which can be extended further by SD card. The device has built in Bluetooth and WiFi facility. It has also a built-in speaker and microphone and can run up to 12 hours continuously.
ASUS All in One PC ET2040
This is a All in one Gadget. A PC which has everything in it. No extra Central Processing Unit or Ups or speakers. The device has everything built in itself. This PC has 19.5 inch HD Led display. I comes with Windows 8.1 Operating system and is embedded chip set with Intel Pentium J2900 Processor. The device is available in 2 and 4 GB RAM and has a 500 GB hard disk for storage. It has built in WiFi and LAN port for the internet. It comes with built in speaker and microphone too and weighs around 3.4 Kg. Also it has a built in battery which can last up to three to four hours. It is must have gadget for home.
Asking of my preference I would love to own the Ultra slim Note book ASUS EeeBook X205TA which I can carry anywhere with me and is handy to use too. But I would definitely love to gift my hubby An ASUS All In One PC ET2040 and I know he will be more than happy to own and use one. But for me the Note book is the best and I would love to go for it. The long lasting battery backup and the HD screen can be helpful for skype and movies for me. Also being a fashion blogger i can be in touch with my friends and other bloggers with this ultra slim note book so this is definitely my preference. What are you gonna chose?