Thursday, 24 July 2014

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Monday, 21 July 2014

To Bangkok with Skyscanner

“Aadmi Musafir hai aata hai jaata hai, aate jaate in raston mai yaaden chor jata hai.”

All work and no play make Jim a dull boy. Quite a debatable topic, isn’t it? Well I actually believe in this phrase completely. It’s a common human behavior to get restless and bored if they keep doing the same thing day to day and everyday in their life. And thus they really need to find some free time to chillax and keep their mind fresh and away of all the burden and worries they carry on their shoulders. And in my opinion a vacation is all they need to be relaxed and calm.

I was going through the same trauma since last few months. Things were getting complicated out of nothing and the devil inside me was knocking the door to be unlashed every now and then. So finally asked Mr. Hubby, “How soon can we take a vacation?” “May be in September sweetheart”, He replied. I was devastated and said him that it was a too long wait. But he convinced me saying that we were about to take this vacation after a long time and thus we need time to plan it and make it work for us perfectly. And also he said that though he has few more work at the office to windup before we could actually leave for a vacation, the whole planning thing was on my shoulders. And that was not it, he also said that the budget for this vacation should not exceed more than a lakh.      

So with all these butterflies just making my head go round all around I opened my laptop with a firm determination of planning and preparing an itinerary for the trip. So the very first thing I did was selected a location I wanted to visit and it appeared to me that Bangkok was calling me. Thus I started looking for flights and hotels. But nothing was there in my budget. I had to finish everything under 70K because the rest of the money was supposed to be used for my own shopping.

After a long search of an hour I finally gave and was going to shut down my lappy. But on a second thought opened my face book account to have a quick gaze on my profile. And before I was about to close the browser I saw an advertisement saying ‘searching for cheapest flight from India, we are eager to help.’ So I clicked on the advertisement and it landed me to a web site . And it felt like angels were sent straight from the heaven to help me.

Firstly I started looking for a cheap and best flight from Kolkata to Bangkok. And there it was. This website started working its charm on me. I found a list of flights of my desired date with various price ranges. And while I was about to select the flight I got a window asking me to create a price alert for the flight and the date I wanted to book the flight.

So now I was at par with my flights

 so started looking for hotels. And to my had a wide range of hotels available for selection. I didn’t go for a cheaper hotel but a mediocre one as I am very choosy with the place I want to spend my nights and all 

 And there it was flight and hotels done and the only thing left was a means of transportation for to and fro to the airport and for local site seeing. Although I wasn’t supposed to book a car as it wasn’t under my to do list. But the mouth watering deals at Skyscanner tempted me to book a car. And thus I took the liberty of booking a car too without asking my hubby. 

Finally I did the entire math and found that I spent:-
1.       Flight return trip for two Rs.26760
2.       Hotel for two days and three nights for Rs.38667
3.       Rental car for pickup and drop as well as site seeing Rs.4570
4.       Miscellaneous expanses Rs. 10000
This summing up for a total of Rs.79997and saving rest of the money for my shopping.
Skyscanner had a very tempting package and the rates were so attractive so I got my every corner worked out and the price was unbeatable. Skyscsnner worked like a companion to me and helped me trough out the whole process of booking flight, hotel and every thin I needed.   

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Its Black and I Love it

I will Stop Wearing Black when Scientists invent a darker Color. Black has always been an elegant color, it is the most complete color in the world and is made up of all the colors in the palette. Yes I love the color Black and in my believe this is the color which can turn every women and girl beautiful. I have always wanted to have a set of things which were just black a short of wish list if you may say that has been haunting my mind since a long time ago. So on this given opportunity here I would like to point out the five most desirable black things I want.

A Black Diamond
Yeah you heard me right. Like couples are made up somewhere in the heaven every girl has been gifted with a desire of a diamond from the heaven. White diamonds are something which is easy to find but black diamonds are really rare and expensive. I wish to have a full set of jewelries of black diamond comprising of necklace, earrings, bracelet and a beautiful black diamond studded bindi. I know I didn’t ask for more and I would be happy and satisfied to posses them.
Image Source - HERE

A Black Saree
No jewelry is complete until and unless you have a fantabulous dress to go with it. And I desire of a black fully worked saree from the best designer Mr. Manish Malhotra. I just love his wardrobe collection. So just a single black saree from his collection will add an extra ting to my black diamond jewelries.
Image Source - HERE

A Black Gucci Purse
You are a woman and you are all dressed up in black saree with black diamond set but you don’t have a black purse to accompany your looks, it ain’t gonna work in any case. So a black Gucci purse is what you need to escalate your vibrant looks. Thus a black Gucci purse is what I would like to posses next to complete my looks.
Image Source - HERE

A perfect Black furnished room
I know it sound completely out of the league but yes a perfect black furnished room stands next in my black list. A room with black furniture in it. Starting from the bed, wardrobe, study table, stands and dressing table everything should be black in color. It feels so royal and elegant to have such a room. The windowpane should be black too and the room should be painted in white with a black border to complement my black furnished room.
Image Source - HERE

A Black Ferrari
Don’t be surprised again, I know I sound insane but yes the last but not the least on the list of five black things Ferrari stand on the fifth place. In clear words a Black convertible Ferrari is what I wish for. All my sarre, jewelry and Gucci purse would be in vane if I don’t have a nice ride to show off my choice of other black items. And a long ride in that Ferrari with Mr. Hubby would pay a tribute to all other black items I have possessed.
Image Source - HERE

The list has not been a neat and tidy one but it’s the list of Black items I wish to possess for myself and I really would dream of having these items with me someday. If you are not sure which is the color you are looking for hear your heart and it would say “Give me BLACK”.
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Zest Experiences of my Life !!

”When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.”
    - Anonymous.

Life has no meaning if it’s dull and monotonous. And we all dream of having an exciting and colorful life. It’s all a different story how far we go to make it so and how far we succeed. But have we ever given it a thought what is that which adds Zest to our life? Or what were the situations that just passed by and were so very zestful? It could be anything a person, place, thing or a situation which makes our life zestful. So here I am sharing few of my life zestful moments and hope you people will enjoy it.

A trip to Puri :-
As far as I can go down my memory lane I was in standard 7 and it was my summer vacation, One evening Dad finally decided that we have been a boring family (like dad working hard for our bread and butter, mumma too busy guiding and looking after the family and we kids busy for nothing but too much under our studies pressure) and we were in serious need of a family vacation to zest up our mind. We kids were so exited but selecting the destination was a heck of a job. And finally next morning we got the exiting news that we are taking the very next train to Puri as Dad has arranged for tickets in Tatkal. Oh Man I still remember that trip; it was all fun and exotic to witness the Sun, Sand and Sea all at one place. Cold breeze by the sea, the sound of the waves, the beautiful sunset and sunrise, the fantastic sea food, sun bath and a glass of a fantastic pinacolada on the beach. We enjoyed this trip with a great enthusiasm and we were all zest up finally.

My First plane ride:-
Yes it may sound a bit silly but yes the first plane ride was so zestful for me. While I was in the collage I hardly had any time to visit my parents with all projects and assignments I had to tackle. It was Puja holidays (Durga Puja) and mom wanted me to be at home with the family to celebrate it but the problem was that I had only a week off so it was hard to take a round trip within such short interval of time. But to my surprise dad sent a round trip kingfisher’s ticket for me and I was so eager to go home. I still remember that feeling when you feel that someone is closing your ears and you can barely listen anything. It was so zestful to see the clouds beneath you, the light of the city which looked more like a spider’s web and the little ice crystal on the outer window pane of the plane. It was just awesome and zestful.

Don’t be surprised with the name I am not talking about the song ‘Jimmy jimmy jimmy…Aajaa aajaa aaaja’. Interestingly this is my pet dog’s name and believe me she is so happy with the name we have given her. I always wanted a cute pet and luckily my friend’s female dog gave birth to four cute, sweet and adorable puppies. And that was my ticket to get a pet puppy at home. Although I had to beg and pled my mumma to bring her home and also I had to make some promises like I would be the one to feed her and take care of her things (which I didn’t do). And finally her heart melted and I had a pet of my own. And this pup made my life zestful with its innocent behavior and looks. I still have her and we really share a great bond together.

Yes! I missed that train:-
No I am not crazy that I am happy to tell you that I missed a train back to my home and was so happy about it. Well it didn’t start on a happy note when I missed it but yes the situation followed was so zestful. I was expected home for Depawali, and had to board a train at 1300 hr sharp. But guess what? With all the parties and late night gossips with bff’s I don’t remember when I shut my eyes but yes I remember that I opened it at 1130 hr next morning. And within five minutes (that I took to get back into my senses) I realized that I have a train to catch and I am late. Well I missed my train and was so scared and was going to burst in tears at any time. I sat on the platform thinking with a heavy shrunken heart that what was next? And suddenly I saw my so called bhaiya with few of his friends leaving the platform, well I was confused but had no other option but to poke him. And to my surprise he was so happy to have me. But the best part was that his friends’ three guys and two girls were the member of the famous local band at my town. And I never thought that I would get to be in their company by any chance. Well they were travelling home by road and had a seat for me too. I had a zestful moment all the way back home listening them sing, compose and enjoy every bit of that journey. And so did I.

Daddy’s Gift:-
Gifts are wonderful and especially when it’s from your mom or your dad. My parents have always gifted me for my birthdays. And to my surprise I have loved them all. But the gift I got for my 19th birthday was simply splendid. The very morning of my 19th birthday my dad asked me to fetch some samoshas for the breakfast. I thought it was just a trick to send me out so that they can unleash my birthday present with a big shout of “surprise”. I obeyed him and took a hundred rupee note and fled away from the building. I was about to reach the main door and saw that there stood a splendid, elegant and shining a red scooty on the gate. And before I could wonder who was the owner I saw a note saying ‘meri beti ab itni bari ho gai hai ki mujhe market drop ker sake’ I was in all tears. I laughed, I cried I did both and ran back home and gave my father a huge hug and a kiss. It was a very special moment of my life and I couldn’t forget it till date.
I learnt that life could be very zestful if you have people whom you love and care for and in return they love you with the same or more intensity. Materialist products are just an aid to it. Yes I have been and i am very lucky to have my friends and family with me always and forever to make each and every second of my life zestful.  

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