Friday, 24 April 2015

Happiness Is In Air !

Life is a gift a pure and awesome gift from the creator who has created us in his own image. Being the uppermost and the best creation of the generator we have created a beautiful world for ourselves to live in and have accumulated the best resources for our happiness. It has been our general human nature to look for an opportunity to celebrate for our achievements and the goods we do in our life. We have our festivals and other ceremonies that also gives us an opportunity to be happy. But the biggest question of the lot is that do we really need an occasion to celebrate? Surely we do is not the obvious answer to the question? Indeed it is but the truth to the fact is that we should not be bounded in a protocol to celebrate instead we should turn our each and every day into a celebration. We have restricted our will and conscious and have created an hypothetical network around us that has been designed by us and for us to be happy.

We have the gift of the life and we should be the one to make it happy and live happy everyday. The real happiness does not comes from a festival or a party or a reason to celebrate it truly comes from the people you celebrate it with. It has never been anything but our own friends and family which does the miracle.

The togetherness of our family and friend is all it takes to give us a reason to celebrate. We should not wait for any thing or occasion to cheer our hearts up instead we should look forward for little things that imparts happiness to our lives. These little things adds up and becomes a big beautiful moment and thus adds spark to our lives. Life is all beautiful from every aspect you look from all one needs to do is adjust the focus and the angle one is looking from. Life is not about big events or big ceremonies it is about living it beautifully with the small and the slightest happiness we find in.

This wonderful gift of life should not be wasted and we all should learn to find peace and happiness in our life in spite of all the problems and troubles we face in our day to day life. Every darkness is followed by a ray of light and we should keep our hopes high for that ray of light because if we learn to be optimistic in our life we would be able to find out the happiness in the worst state of our lives too. Do not wait for an opportunity open your heart and try to feel the happiness in the air the happiness which is always present but dissolved in the air and once you learn to be happy in everything and anything happiness is what you will find everywhere and every day of the life would be a big celebration. The occasions and ceremonies will have to wait for their own turn and you will remain happy ever after.  

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Press Release Elle18’s Color BoostTM Lipsticks.

Brighten your summer with Elle 18’s sunny palette of new
Color Boost™ Lipsticks

Mumbai, 22 April, 2015: As you get set to re-haul your wardrobe for the summer ahead, make sure you stock up on some high performing and long lasting makeup too. In a whole new avatar, Elle 18 presents a new range of long lasting Color Boost™ Lipsticks that come in an assortment of exciting shades that are sure to brighten up your summer wardrobe. Whether it is that perfect pink to match your floral dress or a coral touch to go with those green shorts, Elle 18’s new long wear range which offers high color payoff has everything you’ve been looking for!
This range is available in 10 vibrant shades from bright red, sweet pinks, stunning nudes and corals. Enriched with cocoa butter, this new range is sure to provide you with an instant yet intensely long lasting pout.

Elle18’s Color Boost™ Lipsticks are formulated to last upto 6 hours nonstop, leaving your lips highly pigmented with a gorgeous creamy finish. The central ingredient of this range is cocoa butter, which helps to hydrate the lips, keeping them soft and supple. The range comes in a dual-core format, with a creamy and soft core that provides the full pigment of a lipstick while delivering the nourishing properties of a lip-balm. Perfect for any occasion or time of day, this new range is a must-have to enhance your looks this summer.
Commenting on the launch Srinandan Sundaram, Vice President, Skincare and Makeup at Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “With the introduction of Elle18’s long wear Color Boost range, we are thrilled to extend our portfolio with lipsticks that are long lasting yet affordable. These come in fresh shades that our young and trendy audience is looking for, which makes them a must-have for every girl this summer.”
The Elle18 Colour Boost™ Lipsticks are available in 10 trendy variants

Miss Pink
Primrose Pink
Nude Beige
Coral Nude
Blonde Pink
Hollywood Pink
Red Passion
Hyper Orange
Superlicious Red
Nude Soft

Priced at 150 INR/-

Monday, 20 April 2015

Socioholic Me !

Haan main Socioholic hun after using this beautiful piece of machine thus is what I have realized and here I am with my third and final post boy I love using this phone. The best part of belonging to the feminine gender is that you can talk and gossip with your friends all day long and can use the social media for all the good cause you can. I like to be on social media and they have been the main source of my energy and my nutrients. It is impossible to spend a day without them.

To use these social media at its best one needs a good gadget which can hold the load of these big applications. With the advancement of the technology these apps gets bigger and heavier everyday and to sustain their weight we need to have our gadgets loaded up with heavy configuration and that is what I have found in #MyAsusZenfone. I run almost every known social networking apps and my phone works like a miracle.

It feels that this gadget was completely designed keeping my usage in mind. I run Facebook which is a big app in itself and it runs awesome on my phone. Also I use Whatsapp the latest burning trend that one could find on every phone. There are other apps I mean social apps that I use on my phone are WeChat, Instagram, Pinterest and I do use Google Chrome a lot although it is not a social app but still it is a very helpful browser.

The best thing about the phone is that I can run more than one App at a time and the 2GB Ram supports my stop less uses of the more and more Apps easy.    

 Its is not only that I have my apps working fast and furious but this mobile is so perfect to me in other ways too. The Gorilla glass used in the phone acts like a shield for my phone from my other stuffs when I put it along with my other stuffs in my purse.

Using this Zenfone for few weeks was just awesome. It is nothing but a masterpiece from ASUS and definitely I would be buying this very phone for my own as I am addicted to it now. What are you guys waiting for lets grab this smart phone and live an upgraded life with it.

Top Chinese restaurants in Bangalore

India has a rich history in terms of food and culture. The variety in the Indian food is due to the influence of the countries like Egypt, Greece and Rome due to their trading relations with our country. These places influenced India with a lot of herbs and spices like Fenugreek, Fennel and Saffron. These are the spices and the herbs which we Indians are addicted of using even today in our day to day cooking and thus making India a rich country in terms of food and culture.

It was after the independence that a small group of people moved to Kolkata, India and started living there and thus they brought a new cuisine to India which was popularly known as the Chinese cuisine. It did not take it too long and this new cuisine flourished its roots in the different parts of our country.Although the cuisine was twisted and a bit of Indian Tarka was added to it making it Indian Chinese cuisine. Thus two types of Chinese cuisine came into existance in India “The Indian Chinese Cuisine” and “The authentic Chinese Cuisine”. These cuisines found its way in almost every part of India and especially in the West and the South and we can easily find a lot of restaurants.

Today the Chinese cuisine has become a part of our own cuisine ans we have accepted it whole heartedly. The Chinese cuisine can be found in form of fast food or in authentic tastes or in a mixture of blended Indian and Chinese flavors and to be very proud we have done it far better than China. Like every other place in India Bangalore the Silicon city has also been a hub for this cuisine and people are very well found of the dishes that the cuisine serves and offers them. There are few of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangalore and they have pledged to provide customers with the best quality Chinese Cuisine in Bangalore. Few of these restaurants are Bean Here Restaurant at M.G.Road, The Nawab Restaurant at the palace road, New Kadai Family Restaurant at Jakkur Post, The Himalayan Inn at Indira Nagar, Shandong Authentic Chinese Restaurant at  Geddalahalli, The Oriental Kitchen at Koramangala, Darasuni Restaurant at RMV Second Stage, Oriental Cuisine at Koramangala, Faragrant kitchen at Kalayan Nagar, Munch at JP Nagar and many more restaurants could be easily found in Bangalore.     

We Indians are fond of food and Chinese food has been a part of it since long. We eat and eat and eat all it matters is the taste the food provides and nevertheless Chinese food has a great capability of binding the Indian taste buds and it is the main reason that the Chinese cuisine and the Chinese food has been a favorite part of our life and we can find good Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore and the other parts of India.