Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sneakers - wear it your way

There has been an old saying that a man is known by his shoes and to some limits this metaphor can be taken into consideration but giving a deep thought on it may lead us to different conclusions. Shoes have been the tags of status symbol for the human race and it still works in the same or a bit different manner because a man with a torn or dirty shoes could be easily considered to be poor or careless where as a person with a perfect pair of shining shoe is considered to be rich or punctual but the world has changed now and to be honest it has changed for good. It is not always that a dirty shoe means an unpunctual or careless person, maybe the person has his or her own reason for it but in today’s world we have categories the needs and demands of the shoes according the place we use it for. The groups of people who work in office wear oxford shoes, the dancing group wears the belly shoes and so on and so forth but today we are here to talk about an old yet a new type of shoes the Canvas or the Sneaker Shoes.

These names must have ringed a bell in the brains and Canvas and Sneakers would have occupied your mind by now because most of us are pretty aware of what I am talking about. These shoes fall under the casual category of the shoes division and are becoming the new favorite of the people. Although the Canvas or the sneakers falls under casual category yet this shoe is being used and can be used anywhere and everywhere one feels like wearing to. It is the latest party crasher or the rough and tough all rounder in matter of shoes. One can find people wearing these shoes anywhere and for any purpose.
The main reasons behind the popularity of these shoes are the unique designs and pattern they are available in and the prices at which they are offered for. The buyer has a wide range of product to choose from and it also comes in different materials and in minimal price like I mentioned before. The canvas and the sneakers are the rocking sensation for the buyers and it also appears that these shoes have their usage anywhere like parties, dancing, casual wear and etc.

The main factor making these shoes effective is the comfort it provides to the person wearing it. We have often heard people saying that, “The wearer knows how the nail pinches” and it is so true. The comfort or the discomfort of a shoe can only be witnessed by the person who is wearing a particular shoe. It is time to excel oneself and try out these new trends if one has already not tried it. There are a lots of Canvas and Sneakers available in the shops and on online stores too so the next time if you feel like buying a new pair of shoes don’t forget to check out the beautiful, smart and elegant Canvas and Sneakers available. It is worth a try.

Friday, 17 April 2015

I won't give it back.

Hello Peeps !

This is the second post among my three posts on Asus Zenfone 5 and I say it Loud and clear #Iwon'tgiveitback is the feeling which keeps prevailing me since last few day since I have got my hands on this miracle device. The old days have gone long ago when books were the best friends for human beings. Mobile phones are the latest in the tradition. Yes you got it right a smart phone is all you need to give you company when you are alone. And so is the case with me. I rely on my phone a lot for entertainment and time pass but it really takes me by my nerves if the phone hangs or the battery dies in middle of something.

I am lucky to have this super cool phone Asus Zenfone 5 which has a wide screen and hence I can watch movies and play games in my leisure times.

I am so addicted to the long running battery span that dying of phone battery seems like history to me and I can go that extra hour enjoying my games, videos movies and other entertainment stuffs non stop for hours and hours without any message flashing on my screen that I have only 10% of battery left and I need to connect my charger. The 2110mAh battery does it all for me. Frankly speaking I only charge my Zenfone once a day even if I play big games like Plant Vs Zombies 2 or Jewel Star. No matter how much or how long I watch or play the battery doesn't dies soon like other phones.

#MyAsusZenfone has become my latest favorite and my best companion lately. And every time I use it for anything it only whispers #Won't give it back. It is a beautiful, lovely and extraordinarily performing gadget for me. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

ASUS the latest star in the world of phones !

It is not so far that India would lead the world in the field of technology especially in the fields of Smartphone and other such devices. We have been touching new heights every hour. We started our journey from a black and white cell phone which has polyphonic ringtones and a snake game in it and today one can see the whole world and communicate to it through just a phone. The world we have left behind was the pillar of what we have today and we are proud of it. We have come a far way ahead today and there is no looking back now we have been developing and we will keep developing every second, every minute of every day and the foundation of this development is being led by few of the world known mobile brands and ASUS is one among them.
Asus is a new revolution in the evolution of the cell phone. It has literally changed the mobile phone market for good. ASUS is going to launch the latest sensational trend in the market of smart phones the Zenfone 2. These guys at Asus have pledged to change your mobile using experience and they are going to succeed too. The phone has been designed with a fantastic Agronomic arc design and is very slim way to fit your pocket and you would never know it is there with you.
This Zenfone is going to completely change the experience of the smart phone users and to be very frank I am on that list too. To point out the best five things which would be the key factor in changing the user experience would be a very tough call yet if it is mandatory let me point out the five most unique things about the phone.
1.  The luxurious ultra thin design
The phone like I said is designed with luxurious looks and it adds an extra edge to your personality. Eyes are going to be glued to your hand when you are going to pull out this pretty phone out of your pocket or your purse. The arc dimension or the parabola design makes it look invincible.
2.  Lovely display
The phone has a large 5.5 inch display which makes your life easier. One can enjoy videos and song in Full HD and in crystal with 1920x1080 display and the phone has 72% screen to body ratio.

3.  64 bit Quad core Intel Atom processor
The phone is packed with a high speed processor for lightening speed performance.

4.  4GB Ram and 16/32 GB internal space
Now one can install any number of applications and one will never fall short of space and the phone will not hand or lag behind. The internal space of the phone is high and thus one can store lots of songs and videos too. The manufacturer has provided the buyers with a wide range to choose from 16 or 32 or even 64 GB internal space. This is the only phone that has been provided with 4GB RAM on this planet.

5.  Pixel Master Camera
The phone has a 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel back camera. The camera has a special technology of Pixel Master for excellent camera quality and this camera has the capability to bring your pictures to life.
In short this must have gadget and I would rate it 8 out of 10 for its design, specification and performance. What are you waiting for book your very own ASUS Zenfone 2 get your hands on it today.
To know more about the phone visit  today and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying it.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Size doesn't matter for a bride-to-be .

Hello Friends !

Its too tough for a girl who is going to be a bride to find that perfect wedding dress for herself and if you are a plus size bride then the problem looks much bigger to you. Am i right ? 
If yes then this post is perfect guide for a plus size bride to be. Weddingshe an online shopping website has come up with a load of plus size wedding dresses to solve all the problems of a plus size bride to be. Well they have all types of plus size wedding dresses as needed by the customers such as princess style, a line, ball gown and all in various styles of elegant, luxurious, vintage, classic, modern and chic. You can buy plus size wedding dress according to your needs and moods such as if your wedding is beach themed then you can buy a beach plus size wedding dress and likewise.
Checkout few of my picks - 

My first pick Fantastic Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Draped Plus Size Wedding Dress
its a very dramatic glamorous floor length plus size wedding dress with ruffles in the lower side and beaded work.

The second one which i like is Gorgeous A-line One-shoulder Floor-length Lace Plus Size Wedding Dresses
Lace wedding dress stands out the classic beauty which will dazzle all the people on your wedding. The one-shoulder design adds modern beauty to the dress. This  dress will be a good choice for you!

last but not the least Concise A-Line Sweetheart Court Train Pick-ups Plus Size Wedding Dress
A very lovely floor length wedding dress with a very noble and elegant look. Its beading embellishment work is so much beautiful, and it is shining.

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