Thursday, 26 November 2015

Prom Dresses !

Hello Friends !

Prom is one of the important social event of a women's life, and we all deserve to celebrate it very beautifully in a stylish dressed way. The prom dress selected by you must turn heads and gather you a loads of complements from your friends and dear ones. Prom night is a night to remember and you must make it worth remembering, and for that you need a perfect prom dress for yourself. Check out Prom dresses on . They have got a huge collection for all types of prom dresses like cheap, short, long, vintage, colorful, sexy and so on, you just think about that dress for yourself and they have it.
Well check out their Prom Dresses Under £50 , they have got lovely collection.
Check out few of my favorites - 

 The very first one  A-line Scoop Capped Floor-length Blue Chiffon Prom Dress
The color and the style is fantastic, made up of chiffon fabric, flowy look at the end of the dress and the lace work on top is superb.
 The very second one A-line Scoop Sleeveless Floor-length Light Sky Blue Chiffon Prom Dress
This dress made up of delicate lace and chiffon, with a very sexy back. In-spite of being cheap it will give you a very expensive look.

The third one Cheap A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Gold Tulle Prom/Cocktail Dress
The style of this dress is very cute , plus this golden color will go with every complexion type.

The last one Cheap Ball Gown Sweetheart Floor-length Colorful Organza Prom Dress
If you are looking for a dress which can give you a whole new different look, then this one is perfect to go for. You will feel like a princess after wearing it.

Which one do you Like ?

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Coats for this winter.

Heya !

Checkout lovely coats in trend for this winter -


Which one do you Like ?

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tshirts In My Wishlist.

1 Buy HERE
2 Buy HERE
3 Buy HERE

Which one do you Like ?

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My Dad #madeofgreat .

We humans are social beings and love to socialize be it the neighbor next door or a friend we make on the social networking site or someone from our own family. We love to meet new people in our lives. We interact and share our view with the and when we do so we sometimes influence a lot people and sometimes we get influenced too.  We sometimes admire some people we meet and know in our lives and try to understand the way they live their lives and we also try to follow their foot prints. They leave a deep impact on our lives and we follow them as our ideal.
I too have people in my life who have influenced me more or less but there is this special person who is my hero and I really admire his abilities and in my eyes he is all #madeofgreat and that person is none other than my Daddy. Daddy I love you and I owe my life to him, well that's ironical because I literally owe my life to him well keeping the jokes apart all I want to say is that my Dad has been a great influence in my life.

I always try to live by the rules and the method that has been taught by him. If I fall in to a situation I can’t handle I just imagine him to be in that situation and try to think what he would do to overcome the situation. The main rule that he follows and has taught me that Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication and the truth is always powerful then the lie and it really doesn’t matter how bitter of hard the truth maybe but it is always lighter than the bundle of lies we tell to cover up a simple lie. I always try to follow his mantras and life really seems to be a lot easier to me. There are few more ethics like self believe, being trustworthy, being reliable and perfection that I admire in my father and that is why I proudly say that my father is all #madeofgreat.  

Tata Motors a name which has a very good fame and popularity in the Indian market has also tries to move its level of Excellency a bit further and has become more reliable, trustworthy and perfect. Lionel Messi other well known and famous figure has become the new brand ambassador of the Tata Motors and Messi himself is a very huge icon who has everything good in him be it perfection, stability, stagnancy or trustworthy. So two well known brands have come together and have delivered a new level of   commitment to provide the best to the consumers. They are definitely #madeofgreat and will be the best in the market.  

I can completely relate this to my Dad who has always been good and has taught me to be good too. It is not the name which makes a thing or a man great instead it is the quality and the nature which decides it and that is what Tata motor’s has done associating with Messi.

Do share your opinion in the comments that what do you think of Tata Motor’s association with Lionel Messi?
The best comment will be awarded an Amazon voutcher worth 750.

To know more about it just visit the website  Hope to see your comments very soon.                            
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