Friday, 9 October 2015

Baggout an awesome app!

The universe is turning hi tech and we have spread our roots deep enough in almost every area. We have developed in each and every field according to our requirements. The sector which has developed the most and has emerged out as an result of it is the service sector. We always try to be at our best and try to offer the best service in terms of quality and guest satisfaction. We have oriented our service to be guest friendly and to give them the best. The very best example to it is the stores that offers services of online purchase and return. We have a huge number of online stores up and running today all designed to provide with the best quality of service to the guest. This online shopping experience was yet to get better and it did when these stores released their own Apps for the cellphone devices which was a new level in the arena of online shopping.

I came across such an app recently popularly know as baggout. It is fashion related app and has been designed fantastically. The app has been categorised well in different segments. This app has been designed to create a hustle free buying environment for the customers. 

There are few main categories like men, women, kids and home decor. So it is easy for a customer to brows and find what he or she is looking for. 

There are also sub categories under each category like if you are browsing the women section you can find sub categories like accessories, bags, beauty, clothing, ethnic wear, accessories and etc. So if you are a female and you want to buy a handbag for yourself  all you need to do is go to women section and click on bags and you are done. Isn't it simple? 
It also has a category labeled as deals and believe me specially all the ladies out there this is the section that is going to interest you the most. Here you can find the best deals that the app is offering and they have pretty awesome deals available on the app.
It is an awesome app and you guys got to try it once at least. Get all the latest and trendy stuffs at s very reasonable rate here at baggout app.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Durga Puja Wishlist - Party Clutches !

Hey Peoples !

Durga Puja is only few weeks away and i am looking for some party clutches for myself to match all my ethnic wear , have a look to a few of my favorites below - 

1 - BUY here
2 - BUY here
3 - BUY here
4 - BUY here

Which one do you like ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tata Sky - isko laga dala toh life jhingalala !

Television sets were a rare and lavish item in late 90s and having a TV set at your home was nothing less than possessing gold. I still remember my guest room turning into a small theater every Saturday and Sunday. People from around the neighboring house were the regular spectators who never missed a show of Sri Krishna and Chitrahar that were telecasted in the Doordarshan channel then. No one had ever thought that the social media and the cable networking would retain such a height in the future.
It was few years later that the television channels telecast started and people started using a dish antenna at their homes to receive channels. These antenna were big in size and were manually operated and today one can find a very specialized version of that a small yet powerful gadget that we find. “TATA SKY” is the face of today’s modern and developed satellite TV cable receiver.

In olden days one had to be punctual if he or she didn’t want to miss their show. A show missed was a show gone forever unless they re relay it. I have been a big lover of some shows like Malgudi Days, Shaltimaan, Alif Laila, Hatim Tai and etc. these shows were telecasted once on their scheduled time with no repeat telecast.  

Tata Sky has taken this industry to a new level, although it has a tough competition in the market but with the offers and services offered by them makes them venerable. They have kept on evolving and are evolving still with new features added to their services every day. Tata Sky has added a new feature to its world of mesmerizing features and believe me this feature is going to blow your mind off. They have the capacity to think it out of the box and they have proved it yet again. Now you can record your show and play it later on any device of your choice and it will run as smooth as butter.

I love watching Man VS Wild, CID, Shin Chan and etc. These are some of the most entertaining show I love. I record these shows and watch them later on my iPad because I generally miss them when they are telecasted. Tata Sky has given me the liberty to lure myself in the lavishness of these shows whenever and where ever I want. Now you are not restricted to sit in front of your TV set to watch your favorite shows. You can record them and watch them later on your TV or put it on your Cell phones or iPad’s and watch it on the go. 
It has been basically designed for guys like us who always miss out their shows or don't have time to sit in front of the television set. It is no more a subject of concern if you miss a cricket match or if you have missed your star batsman's century because you can always look it later on whenever and wherever you want.
Switch to Tata Sky and never bother to miss a show anymore because isko laga dala toh life jhingalala.
Visit for more info :)
And check out this cool Tata Sky Transfer ad on Youtube .
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