Wednesday 27 November 2019


Hello friends !

Time for a new post , have you guys heard about this onlne shopping corner Callabuy , recently i came across this one , and i liked its collection totally. As you all know i keep sharing about such amazing online websites with you all everytime, so that each one of us should have all the information about these sites .

We can shop from any where as they deliver all over the world, their collection of  cheap long dresses is very nice and these dresses are not only beautiful but also elegant and are must have for everyones wardrobe :) Well i already have a few in my wishlist as they are within my budget and something which i am thinking to add to my closet from a very long time. Have a look below - 

So if you are looking for cheap clothes for women then hop on into their website and buy something that fits your size and taste :)
And guys which one do you like the most ? Do lemme know in the comments below.
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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 21 November 2019


Hello friends

Winter is here now , ahh i just love winters. Though we don have snowfall here at my home-place but still we experience a very good temperature fall here. All the winter stuffs are out from cupboard now and its time to wear loads of clothes without thinking much ;) I just love winter cute clothing as in all the winter accessories  such as scarf, gloves, socks adds a very cute and lovely look to all of us.
This year i am planning to add a few winter outerwear for myself  , like a coat and a blazer which can be worn to a dinner date with friends or just for family sunday brunch. We all need to have a nice outerwear in our collection so that we can step outside during winters also in style and it keeps you warm also instead of freezing in cold winters.
Well women's outerwear are now available in tons and tons of varieties and design everywhere , you can get yourself either branded ones or ones which are designer but not branded, online they are available in every material and sizes.
Few of them which i want to buy are below , have a look - 
This red one is a long coat but it can work as a dress also giving a classy and chic look.

the second one is faux fur cape style coat ,this is best for parties as it can give a stylish look to a perfect evening gown.

the last one is a very simple one hooded hoodie, perfect for winter office days or just a winter normal day, warm and cozy.

So guys which one do you like the most ? Do lemme know in the comments below.
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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Feelingirls shapewears.

Hi friends

In our day to day life some of us don get time to treat our bodies with right amount of time needed, we neglect ourselves a lot, i don get time to do yoga and all and i feel guilty about writing this also, i totally avoid my need to exercise due to which after having a baby ,i.e who is also now 4 years old, my tummy is not flat anymore ;p so i started using high waist shaping shorts which helps me to feel good about my body and helps me to rock any outfit i want, hiding my lil tummy. Friends there are loads of postpartum belts or shape-wears which can help you in many ways , so if are unaware of it then you can ask your doctor also about it.
These stuff are now easily available online also for everyone, i have checked Feelingirl , they have got many options for all types of our body size and needs. I am so thankful to them for such women products. Well you can buy yourself many day to day leggings or panties or shape-wears from there.

I think all of you should also check out their slimming tank tops also , these all helps in shaping and slimming our body figure , you can wear them easily under your tshirts or dress, and flaunt your good figure in day to day life
Have a look at the products which are presently in my cart -
you can buy it here , this product is for your thighs and tummy mainly.

This is reversible body shaper one side blue one side is green.
you can buy it here 

So i hope this post is useful for all of you. 
Do lemme know in the comment section below weather you use such shape-wear or not.

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~
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