Monday 30 June 2014

Romwe Independence Day Sale

Hi dear,
How about your weekend?
As we all know, the Independence Day is coming. Yes, for Americans, the 4th of July is a great time to bust out the fireworks, grill up some hot dogs and celebrate the nations birth. But I think all of us need to celebrate the day because it symbolizes a great step to gain freedom and equality in the world.

Romwe Independence Day Sale
All 20% off
Use pro code: Independence20% at the same time
Date: 7/1/2014-7/4/2014  3 days only
Free shipping worldwide

Happy shopping :)

Firmoo Giveaway

Hello everyone

so here's now a new giveaway for you all lovely readers from  :)

About Firmoo 
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Check out More current promotions and new arrivals can be found at

Prize Details :
5 winners in total. 
Each winner will get a $25 voucher. 
The voucher can be used once and does not cover the shipping cost.

The voucher only applies to these vintage round glasses from this page 

Ends - 7th July
Kindly checkout the delivery range of

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone :)

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Sunday 29 June 2014

Sunday - THIS or THAT 3

Hello Dolls

SUNDAY ... time for THIS or THAT :)
let me know which one do you like the most.
Its Desi saree style today :)

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 26 June 2014

India Online Fashion Week(IOFW) by Jabong.Com

Hello Friends

Wanted to update you about's India Online Fashion Week(IOFW)

This is one of its kind event in India:
  • World’s first online shoppable Fashion Week
  • Nation-wide talent hunt for budding designers, models, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists who will come together solely for the fashion week
  • Designer collection from IOFW to be sold exclusively on Jabong
Check more details on

The submissions phase for the Talent Hunt is now over and voting phase is going on. 

I have voted for my favorite. So what are you waiting for guys go ahead and vote your favorite :)

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Pink Roses Skirt

Hi sweetie,

As we all know, pink ,a special color among roses, is milder than red and sweeter than white. But for such a special kind of rose, what does it signify?

The floral language of the pink rose is : I have a little heartbeat at the first sight of you. If there is a person in this world who can make me change willingly, that is you.

Is there anything else more perfect than rose pink to remind you of the felling of first love?

For me, every rose has its story behind, it may be ordinary but true, romantic but misty, sad but emotional, luxuriant but lonely while the story behind pink rose must be the most splendid and touching.

The first love ,hazy and shy; mysterious and excited, is only for once. It is so pure and unforgettable that we can not blemish it.
When the roses are in bloom seasons, we should cherish people around us. We thought we would meet again finally in the unforeseen future, only to find that every time we say goodbye, every time we turn round, may become the forever farewell.

The pink roses skirt is a gift prepared for those girls who once had or have been in a sweet relationship. It will make the girl in love feel sweeter ; remind the girl experienced love of good memories and encourage the girl who longs for first love.

ROMWE Faux Roses Embellished Pink Skirt will be only $11.99 on June 26th, up to 57%off.
Starts on 1:00 am 26th June GMT, only 24 hours!

What are you waiting for? Just follow your heart and put it into your shopping cart.

Of course, it will ship within 24 hours, and we are offering 60 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the skirt

Monday 23 June 2014

Launch of's new television commercial dedicated to Football announces a Football Jamboree with its brand new TVC!

~Jabong launches its new television commercial dedicated to the glory of the

beautiful game~

New Delhi, June 2014: As  the  world  is  gearing  up  to  brace  the  football  fever,, India’s  leading  fashion  retailer  decides  to  pump  up  the  excitement  to  a  colossal

level  by  launching  a  new  television  commercial  dedicated  to  the  game!  Through  the  new

commercial that is sporty and technologically suave, Jabong depicts a user-friendly tutorial that

instantly navigates the football fanatics to the Football Shop at the website.

Created  by  the  creative  agency  Bang  in  the  Middle,  the  new  TVC  emphasizes  on  the  wide

and  exciting  range  of  football  merchandise  that  brings  to  its  customers.  The

advertisement  is  simple  and  chic  sans  any  cluttering  elements.  It  directly  touches  upon  the

hearts of the fans with a clear cut message to join the football carnival along with Jabong.

Praveen Sinha, Founder & Managing Director, said,  “With  the  new TVC  bang in

the midst of  football  fervor, wants  to connect  to  football  fans in a quintessential

way  by  offering  them  a  plethora  of  football merchandise  to  choose  from.  A  shop  exclusively

dedicated  to  all  the  football  fanatics,  marches  a  step  ahead  in  the  e-commerce

sector. The objective of the TVC is to showcase that for a few, football is not just a game but it

is passion mixed with style and we at Jabong are dedicating a mammoth of a collection solely

for  all  the  football  lovers.  The  ease  of  selecting  from  a  wide  range  of  products  beats  tiring

offline experience of going from hanger to hanger”.

Prathap Suthan, CCO and Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said, “As a brand  that does

all it can to bring the latest gear from the heart of the football world, our intent was to create a

style of communication that gets the passion and love of the game come alive. In the middle of

the current international football frenzy, along with blaring sports brands, Jabong had to come

through with its distinct and genuine voice. We believe the seriousness that Jabong attaches to

sports comes through with this commercial.”

Customers, now, have the luxury of sitting in the comfort of their homes and rummage through

the  huge  assortment  of  football  products  on  while  enjoying  their  favorite

team’s  play.  Quick  home  delivery  with  the  option  of  paying  at  your  doorstep  makes  the

entire  process a  breeze.  Cheering  the  team you love in  their  home jersey makes  the  football

experience more real and that is exactly why Jabong plans to bring the Brazil experience to your


Shopping for merchandise befitting the football jamboree no longer needs you to tread through

a million  shops;  it’s  now  just  a  click  away.  The  idea  behind  the  ad  campaign  is  to make  one

realize the ease of shopping for football jerseys, shorts and merchandises of your favorite team

on across a variety of brands, product specifications and range. It also encourages

customers to explore the option of owning multiple pairs, thanks to the rich variety of brands

like Nike , Puma, FIFA, Reebok etc. offered on

About  is  India’s  favourite  fashion  destination  and  caters  to  the  fashion  aspirations  of

modern  India.  With  more  than  1000  on-trend  international  high-street  brands,  sports  labels

to Indian ethnic and  designer  labels,  there  is everything and more  for a  consumer  to  choose

from.  The  choice  is  huge.  Read,  over  125,000  styles.  Besides  collaborations  with  designers,

international  labels,  also  associates  itself  with  major  Bollywood  blockbuster  and

brings  in  the  new  wave  in  fashion  trends.  offers  innovative  services  like  express

delivery, 30-day return policy, open box delivery for prompt delivery and efficient service.

For more information onto

Friday 13 June 2014

Loot Is On with

"A shopping mall is not a shopper's friend. When possible purchase things online." - Lauren Reyes- Grange.

With the advancement of our modern technologies we have also developed new ideas and ways of shopping. We don't shop only for our needs any more but shopping has tended its way more towards pleasure. We shop for fun and for pleasure. And one among these new ways of shopping "online shopping" has concurred its place at the top of the table. Online shopping saves time, money and helps the shoppers to shop in a hassle free environment. Also online shopping has been popular recently because of the deals and discounts it offers to the customers. But again it's not easy to be aware of all the deals and discount coupons available. So to help the customers to cut off this hassle zoutons has come up with a web site I.e where you can find the best deals and discount coupons of various stores all at one platform.

About zoutons has been developed with the idea to help shoppers to shop with the best deal and discount coupons that they can avail. It deals with more then 350 online Indian stores and this number is increasing rapidly. It aims to update the customers with all the different deals and discount coupons all at same place. It deals with different categories like men's wear, women's wear, electronic, aerospace, hotels, airlines and etc.

Why zoutons.

People at zoutons work hard to categories all the coupons and deals separately. You can avail the discount coupons and deals according to the categories you are looking for. Also you can avail it by stores you want to buy the product with. Along with that it has some other categories like most popular stores where one can find coupons according to the popular stores, popular coupon which features the hottest deals in the market, latest coupon where you can find a list of latest compiled deals and discounts and featured coupons which has been specially compiled by the zoutons team to help the buyers with deals and discount coupons of the latest season ans trend. They have also introduced a new feature where you can submit a coupon all by your self which help the site to remain up to date.

So next time when you are in a mood of buying something online go and avail the best deals and discount offered so as to save money and shop more.

Sunday 8 June 2014

Shop and Save with

“Happiness is not in Money But in Shopping.”
                                             Marilyn Monroe.
Shopping has become an art recently and people don’t shop only for their needs no more but also as an act of happiness and pleasure. And online shopping among all form of shopping has penetrated its root deep in the mind of shoppers. Online Shopping is convenient, time saving and privileged form of shopping to the customers. But many people shop online only to save their money, with the rapidly increasing cost of living there had to be a way out to enjoy your dreams. Thus a new concept arrived in the market of creating a web site where you can find coupons to cut off great deals on your desired product and at desired destination.
Well Today I am her to introduce you to such a site where you can find coupons for various sites and this website I am talking about is .

About 27coupons:-
27coupons a part of Diffion Consulting, Bhubaneswar, India came into existence on July 1, 2011 and is a platform where you can find discount coupons and other deals. It brings all the deals, discount and offers from all over the Indian ecommerce website on a single platform. They provide deals and coupons of around 800 stores in Indian and this number is increasing day to day. They have segregated the deals in different categories like Apparel, Electronics, Kid Stores, Computers, Travel, Restaurants, Personal and Health Care, Fashion and Luxury, Home Appliances, Jewelry, etc.

Why such a website:-
The number of ecommerce portal in India has been developing rapidly thus these guys understood that there has to be a portal or a platform where they can brig discount coupons and deals on a simple yet well developed platform, free of cost helping the customers in shaving their money and the ecommerce portal to maximize their sales. The website aims to ensure faster decision making of online purchases and high savings of users in the coming future.

Why do I prefer 27coupons:-
·          It’s a free service.

·          Helps you cut a great deals on product you want to buy.

·          Have everything very well categorized so it’s convenient to find the deals and discount you have been looking for.

·          Covers around 350 Indian stores and still counting.

·          Bring deals from all the website portals on a single platform.

This website has helped me in shaving a lot of money by cutting a great deal when I planned to buy an I phone from Flipkart. Well getting a mobile case and a screen guard for free is not something you find everyday after getting a discount on the phone itself. So my dear friend next time if you are eying on buying something or anything don’t forget to pay a visit to the 27coupons . You never know how lucky you could get and what does 27coupons have for you in their bags. I loved it and I am certain you will love them too.

Check out Flipkart deals -

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday - THIS or THAT 2

Hello Dolls

SUNDAY ... time for THIS or THAT :)
let me know which one do you like the most.

for any querries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 6 June 2014

Its Time To TRANSFORM with Asus T100

Hello Friends

It seems almost stupid today to even think on debating on the topic “Technology” a boon or a curse. With the rapid developing world if you lack on technology you would fall behind so far behind that you can’t even imagine competing or walking with the world. Thus we can say that the 21st century is the Technological Era. And so we need to keep connected to the technology very often even when we are on the move.

Well I love technology on the move for both Personal as well as professional purposes. I am a big techno savy myself and technological gadgets are my best pals when I am on the move. I like to play games, watch movies, check my mails and reply to them even when I am travelling. But it’s not possible to do all the things on a mobile phone and you can’t carry a laptop everywhere you go or even if you can carry it’s not convenient to open and use a laptop everywhere. I don’t know about the others but yes I don’t feel comfortable sitting with my lappy everywhere. So what is the solution to this problem?

Now that’s a big question. And to answer this question ASUS has launched a new exotic, sensational and sensual ASUS transformer Book T100 which gives you the chance to create your own two in one mobile laptop dynamic interface. Means in a simple language you can use it as a tab or a laptop as per your wish and requirement. This T100 is just other miracle of ASUS ( Well what more could one can expect in that power house.

T100 allows you to play games as it has windows 8 operating system with intel atom quad core processor and a battery backup of unbelievable 11 hours, which means you are completely hooked up with it on the move. It has a 10 inch display which allows you to watch videos and movies very easily while you are travelling, its head turning design and the ability to snick inside your bag easily allows you to carry it without an extra burden. You can use high speed internet with the help of Data cards which will help you to be in touch with your friends.

T100 has amazing features and can keep you hooked to the technology very well when you are on the move. Well it does keep me hooked up so it can be of a great use for you too. The best thing about it is that it’s affordable and can fit very well in your budget without burning a large hole in your pocket. So T100 could be your best companion too while you are travelling and will keep you up to date with the world and friends, entertained and make look smart.  

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Bharti's hypothetical experience of Shopping through Baggout

Once a great man said,“It really doesn’t matter whether you are an actress, beautician, doctor or a politician, If you are female You got to love shopping. And if in any scenario you don’t then kuch toh Chemical Locha hai Boss.  Shoping has not just been a routine any more it has become lives necessity for the feminine gender.

Some accidents are really wonderful, met the best standup comedian cum entertainer cum anchor Miss Bharti accidently this weekend. Well I am a great fan and a great observer of her work and I really appreciate the talent she has been blessed with to bring smiles on others faces. Fortunately she is a good friend of mine and thus when we meet we have a lot to share with each other. So here I am blogging about the shopping experience of Bharti with which she shared with me when we met last weekend.

Pic Source

It all started with a simple question, “Woow Bharti nice Kurti and hand bag where you bought them?” So that was all she needed to explain me or give me a virtual tour of a new site in and out in a glimpse.  Bharti said that she was looking to buy few sexy dresses for herself and was flipping through various sites and then she came to a site and her search ended then and there.

She says that this site is wonderful because of many reasons; firstly it brings stores from different platform together on a single place so it was too convenient for her to search, compare and buy the best she was looking for. Secondly the transactions were so smooth and hassle free. And thirdly this website has a fixed payback point that she received instantly when she shopped from the site. And the best that this points can be used again fro purchasing from the site or could be used as cash too.
So she was looking for some ethnic Indian wear and all she did was clicked on an item and wallah she got a cool and sexy set of items that can go well with the dress she wanted to buy, so she says that this saves a lot of time in searching and matching the products that you can buy with the product you have choose.  So she selected a kurti to buy and there it was a beautiful hand bag showing on the same page which went well with the dress and she couldn’t stop herself from buying them.
She also said that baggout not only deals in clots and accessories but many more things like cell phones, books hotels booking flight booking hence forth. So she bought a cool pair of glasses from the same site, a flip-flop and also a new phone for her friends’ birthday gift.

It seemed that she was pretty happy and satisfied shopping from baggout and also advised me to go though the site once if I was In a mood of shopping for nay thing. We finally had an ice cream which she said that she just bought from the cash back the web site provided her. And the best thing she liked about the site was that it had a good collection of clothes of her size, or our size.
So this was a zest of the shopping experience of Bharti with baggout and she seemed pretty happy to me and she did motivate me to pay the site a visit when I next shop.

“A happy customer is a satisfied customer you retain.”
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