Sunday 29 December 2019

Prom Dresses from Suzhoudress.

Hello Beauties.

2 more days for 2020 .... yay , have you planned yet how are you going to say bye bye to this year yet ? If not then think fast about it, i am all settled with my family to end this year with lots of fun , music and food of-course ;) Don forget to share your plans with me here.
Guys if you are looking for prom dresses then this post is for you, my friend is a very big fan of suzhoudress and she asked me to check out this online shopping platform few days ago, which i did and thanked her, they have wide variety of styles to choose from styles of prom dresses, celebrity dresses, wedding dresses, evening dresses and so on.
We will check out cheap prom dresses collection of theirs, and cheap is only in terms of price not fabric or style or look. We all cant afford such humongous priced prom dresses for ourselves, so its time not to worry and buy from them online and get it delivered to your doorstep easily.
Check out few of my favorites below - 

The very first one is 2 piece prom dress. It has an off shoulder top which is fully crystal beaded, which gives it a perfect party look.

The second one is high low pattern prom dress, this dress gives a sexy look as it has see through lace work all over the upper body and hands.

the last one is mermaid style prom dress, the color is somewhat mustard yellow which is right now my favorite, gives a modern and chic look. 

So friends i have shared 3 products all of different pattern color and style, so that you can get an idea of their collection.
Do let me know which one you liked the most :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 27 December 2019

Prom Dresses Uk.

Hi lovely ladies !

My daughter is around 5 years old , and i wonder what will i do when she will be old enough to go to her own prom night someday ... ah i know i think a lot these days with a lot of prom dresses blog posts going on in my blog, my brain is working always in this and that direction ... phew. 
All right lets put my brain back to this post, and let me introduce you guys to suzhoudress , its an online shopping platform, you all will be surprised to see with a huge range of varieties and massive designs in wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and party dresses. 

Once you check them out i am sure you will surely like something there for yourself or for your near and dear ones especially the prom dresses, they have a collection to die for. Even i also checked out their prom dresses collection and liked a few for my friends, sharing them with you guys, do check below - 
The very first one is Black trumpet prom dress, guys its one of the gorgeous dresses which i cant take my eyes off and my heart says yes this is the dress to buy and add to my wardrobe.

The second one is Off shoulder side slit prom dress, i love its wine red color and the thing is that it gives a princess look to you.

the last one is a sexy evening dress, if you are in for some skin show then this dress is for you, the halter neck and backless pattern is all for a sexy look

You can always visit them for more Prom Dresses UK .
So which one of the above dresses you like the most ? Do comment below friends.

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Cute Dresses !

Hello peeps !

3 more days to go for a very new year. Excited ? Of-course Yes i am excited , although there is going to be no change in our day to day life yet we can try to make some few little changes for a way more better life :) Last weekend me and my friend donated a few of our clothes to some poor and needy people, so its time to shop and add some new collections to our wardrobe .... and i am taking you guys to  luvyle , they have some awesome collections available online. Last time i shared their maxi dresses collections with you guys and it was great. 
Picking up dresses for this chilly winters is too tough, because every-time a sweater dress is too boring to wear, so this time i am looking for some cute dresses  which can go well in this winter season. Well i have added few in my cart check below - 

The very first one is a floral long sleeve maxi dress. I loved its print and color, we can pair it with a shrug during winters, you can also use it during autumn season also.

The second one is White and golden combination short dress, i know its a sweater dress but look at its golden sleeve, the pattern is so different . Love it ! i am looking forward to order this one :)

Girls not only dresses but they have awesome sexy tops for women in varieties of sizes and styles. Meanwhile don forget to comment which one you like the most ?

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 26 December 2019

Plus Size Prom Dresses.

Hi Sweets !

Christmas eve was awesome and well spent with friends and families. How was yours? Do let us know. I baked banana eggless cake this time which turned out to be damn tasty and yummy, i will surely share the recipe next time with you all and some pictures too.
All right coming back to the post , today we will talk about plus size prom dresses . Plus size women/girls always have problem in picking up the gorgeous prom dresses for themselves because you cant find a lot of collection everywhere that are plus size. But these days online platform provides many choices and styles for plus sizes also.

One such online shopping platform is suzhoufashion which provides many options for plus sized peeps like us not only in prom dresses but also in wedding dresses, or special occasion dresses also. I have checked their collection and have liked a few of them, sharing a few with you guys below do check out - 
The very first one is mermaid style sparkling applique gown.
this gown can give you a very chic and modern look,

The very second one is plus size cap sleeved prom dress.
the best thing about this dress is that it can be your that little black dress which can be your closet must haves ;)

The last one is chiffon jeweled a line prom dress.
I love its burgundy color plus the chiffon material is very flowy and it gives you a vintage look.

I hope you liked my picks, and do visit them for more plus size collections.
Meanwhile do let me know which one you liked the most :)
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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Monday 23 December 2019

Prom Dresses.

Hello fashionista !

Choosing the perfect prom dress is not that easy as it seems to be coz none of us wants to say anything like " What was i thinking while buying it ? " after actually buying it. Ya i know this is the worst feeling , dressing up is the best part of our day to day life and prom which is one of the most important event of a girl's life must be perfect and good in every aspect.
So if you or your friends are about to go for prom night then guys do checkout suzhoufashion , they have got huge collection of wedding dresses, dresses for special occasions , plus size dresses and so on. I am sure if you check their collection you will like few of them according to your taste and budget also. So girls the time is ticking place your prom dresses orders now and get it delivered on time :) Well i have few in my mind, have a look below -

The very first one is the Off shoulder tulle princess prom dress,
look at its beautiful blue color i just love it.

The second one is Mermaid style floor length prom dress.
the flower and bead work all over this dress makes it more attractive.

And the last one is Asymmetrical princess a line prom dress.
the fall in this dress gives a very elegant look.

Girls not only this they have huge cheap prom dresses collection, so do check them out.
Meanwhile don forget to comment below which one of the above you liked the most ?

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 22 December 2019


Hello everybody !

3 more days only now to go for Christmas ..... Yay ...
How are you guys keeping up in this winter ? Let me tell you guys right now its 8 degree here at my city with chilly winds. I am enjoying this winter season very much :)
My cousin is going to get married the very next month that is in the month of January and she is looking for wedding shoes for herself. I know wedding shoes must be comfortable as the bride needs to wear it for a very long time and at the same time it must be very stylish and gorgeous also as everyone's attention is on the bride only. She asked me to help her out with her wedding shoes and now i am very excited for this. Last night i went through many online shoes collection and my search took me to fsjshoes , yes its a perfect online shoes platform for all your shoes worries.
I liked many of their collection, from which i am sharing here few of my favorites - 

The very first one is Vintage one, its a vintage wedding shoe with spool heel.
If you are not looking for peep-toe heel or flats then this spool heel is perfect for you, plus the satin bow makes it look cute and very lovely.

The second one is a butterfly style bridal heels,
the whole butterfly in this sandal is fully rhinestone, the whole feet will be covered up by it.  

The very last one is a Wedding wedge strappy heels,
this one is the best for a comfortable and relaxed feel plus the rhinestone decoration is very eye-catchy also.

So girls which one do you like the most ? Do lemme know in the comments below.
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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 27 November 2019


Hello friends !

Time for a new post , have you guys heard about this onlne shopping corner Callabuy , recently i came across this one , and i liked its collection totally. As you all know i keep sharing about such amazing online websites with you all everytime, so that each one of us should have all the information about these sites .

We can shop from any where as they deliver all over the world, their collection of  cheap long dresses is very nice and these dresses are not only beautiful but also elegant and are must have for everyones wardrobe :) Well i already have a few in my wishlist as they are within my budget and something which i am thinking to add to my closet from a very long time. Have a look below - 

So if you are looking for cheap clothes for women then hop on into their website and buy something that fits your size and taste :)
And guys which one do you like the most ? Do lemme know in the comments below.
for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 21 November 2019


Hello friends

Winter is here now , ahh i just love winters. Though we don have snowfall here at my home-place but still we experience a very good temperature fall here. All the winter stuffs are out from cupboard now and its time to wear loads of clothes without thinking much ;) I just love winter cute clothing as in all the winter accessories  such as scarf, gloves, socks adds a very cute and lovely look to all of us.
This year i am planning to add a few winter outerwear for myself  , like a coat and a blazer which can be worn to a dinner date with friends or just for family sunday brunch. We all need to have a nice outerwear in our collection so that we can step outside during winters also in style and it keeps you warm also instead of freezing in cold winters.
Well women's outerwear are now available in tons and tons of varieties and design everywhere , you can get yourself either branded ones or ones which are designer but not branded, online they are available in every material and sizes.
Few of them which i want to buy are below , have a look - 
This red one is a long coat but it can work as a dress also giving a classy and chic look.

the second one is faux fur cape style coat ,this is best for parties as it can give a stylish look to a perfect evening gown.

the last one is a very simple one hooded hoodie, perfect for winter office days or just a winter normal day, warm and cozy.

So guys which one do you like the most ? Do lemme know in the comments below.
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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Feelingirls shapewears.

Hi friends

In our day to day life some of us don get time to treat our bodies with right amount of time needed, we neglect ourselves a lot, i don get time to do yoga and all and i feel guilty about writing this also, i totally avoid my need to exercise due to which after having a baby ,i.e who is also now 4 years old, my tummy is not flat anymore ;p so i started using high waist shaping shorts which helps me to feel good about my body and helps me to rock any outfit i want, hiding my lil tummy. Friends there are loads of postpartum belts or shape-wears which can help you in many ways , so if are unaware of it then you can ask your doctor also about it.
These stuff are now easily available online also for everyone, i have checked Feelingirl , they have got many options for all types of our body size and needs. I am so thankful to them for such women products. Well you can buy yourself many day to day leggings or panties or shape-wears from there.

I think all of you should also check out their slimming tank tops also , these all helps in shaping and slimming our body figure , you can wear them easily under your tshirts or dress, and flaunt your good figure in day to day life
Have a look at the products which are presently in my cart -
you can buy it here , this product is for your thighs and tummy mainly.

This is reversible body shaper one side blue one side is green.
you can buy it here 

So i hope this post is useful for all of you. 
Do lemme know in the comment section below weather you use such shape-wear or not.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 13 September 2019

Wedding and Tiara

Hello peeps !

How is September treating you? Well for me its all about exam time of my kiddo. Coming to the post if are you going to be a bride or you know a bride to be who is need of help then this post is surely for you. Have you heard about AW Bridal® ?? it is an online wedding solution shop for a bride to be. They not only have provide beautiful bridal dresses collection but also they have all types of accessories for your wedding dresses and they also provide all kind of wedding decoration stuff. Perfect solution for a wedding planner.
Tiaras are the most beautiful accessories for a bride to be isnt it? It completed the princess feeling of that special day of our lives. Go to AW Bridal Tiaras   and check them out , i already have picked my favorite from their collection - 

the very first one is luxury crystal tiara, it completely covers your head and can give you a very royal look.

The second one is evie bold crystal bridal tiara, the crystal which is present in between the tiara falls at the middle of your forehead and gives glow to your happy and beautiful face . 

Guys have you guys heard about ETSY personal made  i have seen such awesome designs of tiaras there, if you are searching one then you must visit them, you can find there royal tiara's replica pieces also :) Wedding tiaras can add magic to your whole wedding dress, so you must wear one on your special day.
You can also head to Davids Bridal® USA  for more collection, i hope i am able to guide you to buy yourself a beautiful tiara, if you find yourself something beautiful then do lemme know.
Oh and if you have any doubt about their product or service then do check out aw Bridal Review to have full satisfaction.

Saturday 31 August 2019

Tops and Maxi Dresses.

Hi friends

Its the end of month now its too damn hot here, hush during summers i like to wear very light and airy clothes as in comfortable materials and in which you can breathe in easily, tight or fitting clothes are a complete no no for me. So i love to wear maxi dresses outside or pajama tops at home. Thinking to add a few more of them to my wardrobe now, for that lets jump on to Luvyle , they have great options to choose from. Have you heard about them before ? If not then you must visit them :)
All right now lets check out few of my favorites from their sexy tops for women collection ... ah they have got collection upto 5xl .... good for me coz i wear 2xl

The very first one is the turned down collar floral printed blouse and this color yellow is perfect for summer, this is also available in many other colors also if you want.

The second one is round neck cat print t shirt. the best thing about this is that its a basic tee, you can style it in any way you want , just normally at home or with a denim jacket or shrug with friends.

They have got some nice cheap maxi dresses which are to die for, check out below 2 of them which are in my wishlist's right now :)
first one is plain maxi dress made up of cotton and linen material ... ah best for summers.

I have few more of them in my cart right now and already planned to buy atleast 2 of them tonight :)
Meanwhile don forget to comment which one you like the most ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 8 August 2019

Evening dresses

Hello Divas !

Evening dresses are normally for parties , basically its all about glamour, so it had to be stunning and stylish. Well i am looking for a perfect evening dress for myself this time as there is an event coming around next month in my family. So my search lead me to Suzhoudress Uk , there i discovered head turning designs and varieties of women party or evening dresses which suits my taste and preference.
Take a look at few of my picks from there - 

the very first one is  a sexy side cut evening dress. if you are looking for a sexy dress then this is the one to go for.

The second one is a line elegant off shoulder evening dress, its a long dress , i loved its crystal lace details all over the gown.

The third one is blue straps long evening gown, i love this gown style, the fitting dress inside the fall of the gown is very stunning. i personally like this one a lot.

The last but not the least is sweetheart sleeveless evening dress, this dress is like a princess gown, i love how this dress is like a flared gown from the waistline.

SO if you are looking for evening dress then Guys do check out for more cheap evening dresses uk , lovely collection !
Meanwhile don forget to comment which one you like the most ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Saturday 20 July 2019

Beach wedding dresses !

Hi beauties !

Destination wedding has became a trend in this century. Couples find it interesting coz there are many kind of options to go for in a destination wedding such as beach wedding, or a palace wedding and many more. Personally asked then i would suggest for a beach destination wedding as i find this whole idea of saying YES to the one you love in a beach where you can hear the sound of the waves behind you with all your friends and family.... wow . Well for a beach destination wedding you can go to suzhoudress uk and buy yourself a wedding dress.
Have a look at few of my favorites -

The very first one is v neck summer wedding dress with open back. the lace work is looking so beautiful and i loved the bow detail at the back of the dress.

The second one is off shoulder bohemian style wedding dress. its made up of chiffon material with some lace work at the top of the gown.

The very last one is tulle beach wedding dress. this dress is like a cute ball gown, the beaded work at the top portion is a beauty.
So if you are really planning to get married on a beach then Friends do check out more beach wedding dresses and i am sure you will love their wedding gown designs.
Meanwhile don forget to comment which one you like the most ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 14 July 2019

Plus size swimwear

Heya peeps !

Summer and beach what a perfect time for a vaccay ... yay i always get excited with holiday plans especially when its beach time, i love that smell of  sands and the rhythm of sea waves..... ah someone please take me there :) All right coming to essential for a beach holiday swim-wears are always on top of the list of-course with sunscreen. When you are plus size it becomes tough to buy a perfect swimwear for yourself , coz there a very low variety available in the market for plus size girls/women. But don you worry girls, i have a good news for you all ..... go to and check out their jaw drop collection of swimwear . Take a look at few of my favorite from their collection - 

The very first one is one piece pattern cut out swimsuit, i love its zig zag print and its pattern also. You can see it looks two piece from the front but actually its one piece swimsuit. you can enjoy both look in this one. If you are looking for a sassy beach look then buy this one ladies.

The second one floral bikini set, you can go for it if you are comfortable in flaunting your curves with your friends.

The third one is o neck sleeveless tank tops , which is my most preferred one coz i am a bit shy person and not comfortable in two piece bikini sets, so this is best for me.

Girls if you wanna buy one for yourself or for your friend or family then do shop with them plus size swimwear uk , they have beautiful collection.
Meanwhile don forget to comment which one you like the most ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Uk Prom Dresses

Heya friends

Who is going to be the prom queen this year ? every one of you girls might be thinking about this now and then weather it will be you or one of your friend or your bff .  Trust me it does not matter if its you or not what matters the most is your Prom dress , and how you feel or look wearing it -  of course on top of the world :) All right girls do check out Suzhoudress uk , they have got very lovely prom dresses collection. Lets check out few of my favorites from their collection -

The very first one is wine red summer backless trendy prom dress , the color wine never goes out of fashion, even after your prom you can rock this dress at any party you want.

The second one is beautiful off shoulder flower applique dress, 
it will give you a complete princess vibe . this dress is made up from net fabric, very soft.

The third one is strapless front split floor length dress, now coming to this dress it gives both a chic and event ready look. i love this one personally.

So friends if you wanna buy uk online prom dresses then do visit them, and don forget to have a look at their more varieties of dresses collection, i am sure you will find yourself one you are looking for :)
So which one you like the most ?
Let me know in the comments below.
for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 19 May 2019

Looks of Priyanka Chopra from Cannes

Hi folks !

So many bollywood stars are at Cannes this year and all of them are rocking their looks to the top, i love following hashtag #cannes2019 or you can say i am obsessed with it right now, almost every half an hour i am checking my feeds for something new happening at cannes :D
Alright this year i am eyeing at Priyanka Chopra , for some reason i am following her at insta , no idea why but i am a regular visitor to her insta stories :) 
Sharing all her looks at my blog - 

PC made Canned Red Carpet debut in old hollywood style 

love those shoes 

look at this pic its everywhere over internet mentioned just out of a fairy-tale ..... so true

Ahh that fresh look ....

Love all around !

I dont have any right over these images, they belong to different sources
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