Saturday 31 October 2015

#HarPalHappiness Offer by Asus.

India is the land of festival and we celebrate a large number of festivals every year and each of the festivals are celebrated with great joy and happiness. Now that we are on the very edge of October and we have settled a bit after the ten days long excitement of Durga Puja now it is the time to prepare ourselves for yet another festival widely and commonly known as Diwali.
Diwali is the festival of lights. It is the time of the year when we are almost on the verge of starting winter and we all have put our celebration mode on. Diwali is the witness of the win of good over evil and that the truth is pure and divine. 
It is also the time when we meet our loved once and share our love and joy by giving gifts to them. I still remember when I was a child I never liked to gift others and I was always upset with my mom and dad because they always used to gift stuffs to our loved once during the Diwali. It was few years later that I actually understood that it is the way of showing love and appreciation and today I too love gifting stuffs to my loved once and the expression on their faces while opening my gift is just priceless and it something I love the most.

There are usually two reasons behind my gifting habit the first is what I mentioned above that I love to surprise people with my gifts and I love their expressions too and the other is that my gifts are usually something useful to the person I am gifting and thus this Diwali I am going to gift my Hubby a brand new Asus Zenfone. My hubby is a big gadget freak and almost half of the world knows it. His cell phones get old the very next day he buys one so there is nothing better than a phone as a gift for him.  

Asus Zenfone is among the best selling and leading Smartphone handset brand currently ruling the world. They have really understood the segment of the market and have understood it well that what the buyers want to buy and why. They have come up with a wide range of sets at wide range of prices yet affordable and believe me the handsets are just awesome and have very good specifications and functions. It is totally worth buying a Zenfone and thus I am going to gift him one this Diwali.

But that is not it and let me be true to you guys. The Asus phones are really good no doubt and have very good configurations too but that is not only the reason of buying this phone. There is one more and bigger reason of buying a Zenfone for him and the reason is that Asus Zenfone has come up with a very exiting offer popularly known as “ #HarPalHappiness Offer” and according to this offer if you buy an Asus Zenfone you can win a Flipkart voucher worth Rs. 1000 every hour and one lucky customer can win a voucher of Rs. 25000 every day. Does not that sounds exiting? So the deal is that if you’re gifting an Asus Zenfone to someone , you too may be gifted a voucher of Rs.1000 and you too can shop something for yourself and not only that if you are extra lucky you can win the bonanza voucher worth Rs. 25000 too and that means you can buy yourselves a gift or too and if you have that 25000 worth voucher in your hand you can buy a diamond ring or a beautiful pearl pendant too. It all sound so exiting and it can be all true just if you buy an Asus Zenfone this Diwali. It is a great chance of more than 100% cash back by the Asus Zenfone and this “ #HarPalHappiness offer” is not to be missed at all. If you are not that lucky and you just get Rs. 1000 voucher it means that is also a bonus to you and you can shop and gift something to yourself too.

I am really impressed by the “Har Pal Happiness offer” because gifting Asus Zenfone to your loved one means you too stand a chance to gift something to yourself and that is really extraordinary thinking by Asus and I really am counting on this deal because I am going to gift my hubby a Zenfone which basically means I am going to gift myself something too.
Visit the offer here and gift your love to your loved once in for of an Asus Zenfone and stand a chance to win a gift for yourself too because it is “ #HarPalHappiness Offer” by Asus Zenfone.

Friday 30 October 2015

Winter OOTD Inspiration !

Hi Snowballs !

Check out the OOtd below for some Winter Wardrobe Inspiration -

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Thursday 29 October 2015

Home Decorating Tips For Diwali !

India is known for its rich heritage and culture. This richness of our motherland is due to the citizens who live here and although being from different states, place or religion they never forget the mantra of unity and equality.We are also known for our festivals that we celebrate. It really doesn’t matters which cast, state or region of India we belong we love all our festivals and celebrate them together.

I love all the festivals but Diwali is my favorite one and I am literally crazy for this festival. Diwali is commonly known as the festival of light. It is yet again a reminder that it really doesn’t matters how powerful evil is it can’t spread its darkness because at the end it is the good which spreads its light. Diwali too signifies the same. The festival brought home Rama after defeating Ravana who kidnapped Sita rama’s wife who were on a 14 years of exile. He defeated the evil and won back his wife and the day he returned to Ayodhya people lighted lamps and candles in his welcome and thus we too do the same.

Well these were the stories and history but I have my own reason to celebrate this festival. Firstly I love lights and togetherness. The festival is full of lights indeed and it also brings home lots of friends and families who are scattered here and there working in different part of the country. It is also the time when we are on the verge of entering the winters which happens to be my favorite season but the main reason of liking this festival is the pomp and the splendors it is celebrated with.

I like the lighting that we put up at our house and especially the earthen pots that are burnt with oil are my favorite. I am not too much into fire crackers because it causes noise and air pollution but instead I like a peaceful Diwali. I don’t light crackers at all. I like to decorate with my house with colorful lights like a Multi colored magic candle or multi colored rice bulbs that we get from the market.
Decor : Lighting by Deepaakula Design

The festival always falls on a no moon night thus there are no natural star or moon lights available thus lightings like Pretty shadow are fabulous items for decoration. The shadow formedby the candle inside the candle holder brings out a beautiful wavy pattern shadows all around it and that is really cool.

Round Crystal Tealight Holder/ 

Holiday Gifts : Homewares by M4design

It is really all about lights for me and I decorate my whole house, my terrace, my outer walls, my courtyard and my room too and I prefer Mood Lighting to hang from my ceiling which casts a beautiful light that looks like a constellation.

kitchen : Modern kitchen by ajinkyainteriors

For more decorating tips visit Homify

Diwali brings lots of light to my life and I eagerly wait for this festival. The love we get from our elders and the gifts too are simply awesome. We get to eat good dishes and sweets after the puja. Diwali is also the day we worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi and also in some part of India this very day is celebrated as the Kali Puja especially in the West Bengal region.  

In short Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and is celebrated all around. If you don’t believe me just look at the satellite image of India on the eve of Diwali and you will certainly know what I actually mean. May this Diwali bring lots of happiness and light to your life, have a light full and safe Diwali.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Keep Your Babies skin soft.

It is world's most beautiful experience to be a mom. That child of your is the sweet result of the pain and suffer you have been through. I mean how could you forget those morning blues, those sleepless nights, that heavy tummy and the extra carvs that you put on? But we do forget them yes you heard me right. That little living creature which was the part of your body once makes you forget each and everything when she/he comes to life and you can see and feel it. Everything that a mother has been through is well paid off.  
Being a mom to a new born changes your life a lot and in many ways. I have been a mom recently and I have a beautiful Princess just 8 months old and believe you me she is more than enough to make me sweat. That little child has no medium of communication and can't tell you his or her problems. It is the mother who have to figure out everything for the baby.  
Babies skin care is one of the biggest concern for a mom. Baby being in the womb are cared, nourished and protected by amniotic fluids and thus have very tender skin and problems rashes, dry skin, sour skin and etc always trouble them. So being a new mom here are few tips that may help you keep your baby skin soft and glowing - 

1)Babies basically depend on liquid diet be it mother's milk, cow milk or other nourishment powders like amulya and lactogin. This diet leads to lots and lots of pee and thus they keep wetting their pants or diapers. This leads to rashes and other skin concerns which are not good for the baby and this becomes the most essential skin care for baby. We need to give them something that may keep them dry all day and all night and luckily we have products like Pamper which ensures 100% dryness to the baby and thus they don't have any rashes and they always keep a good mood.

2)Babies hands and feets are so soft and thus they need extra care too. The skin is not so addicted to the atmosphere and thus needs to be taken care of too. Other body parts always remains covered but the hands and feets are the one which are always exposed thus we need to take care of their hand and feet skins also. So make them wear socks and gloves.

3)Babies skin is soft and thus needs to be moisturized well so that it doesn't go dry and trouble them. They need and take time to adjust to the environment and until then the skin needs extra care by the mother. So the mother needs to apply cream, moisturizer or any good lubricant to keep the skin hydrated.

4)To maintain the proper hygiene of the babies skin we need to give them proper bath everyday if possible or at least at some interval of time. Uses of lukewarm water is advisable instead of cold water because the babies skin being too soft may also be sensitive and thus may not adapt well to the cold water. Special babies soap, shampoo or bathing gell should only be used because their skin can't stand the harshness of the soap or other skin care products. Babies products should be specifically used.

5)The skin needs to be messaged well with special baby oils to provide the strength and nourishment to the skin. The skin should be oiled and oiled regularly three to four times a day. They should be given light and airy clothes according to the atmosphere so that the cloths do not hamper the skin. 

Babies don't have the power to speak yet but it is the mother who share a deep bond with them and they can understand the likes and dislikes of their babies well. They can understand what is ok and what is wrong for the baby and it is a special gift to the mother from the almighty and it should be used well. Babies are special and they need special care and love from the mother. 

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Friday 23 October 2015

Outfit i Am dreaming right now.

Hi Snowballs !

Check out the OOtd below i am dreaming about -

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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Statement Neck-pieces in my wishlist .

Hello Snowballs !

Check out awesome Statement Neckpieces in my wishlist :)
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Which one do you like guys ?

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We may have landed on moon and we have found out that Mars has a Gautam Budh statue on it but we never realize that we have been missing out something very important from our lives. That one thing that binds us and keeps us happy has been missing and I call it Togetherness. In my opinion togetherness is being with your family, friends and the loved once. Do we really do that anymore? Do we still share jokes with our siblings or ask mumma for a bed time story? No, I seriously don’t remember when was the last time I slept in my mummas lap or fought for the last piece of cake with my brother. How did we go wrong, and where?

Can we blame it on the rapidly evolving world?? The world which is getting techno savvy day by day has deprived us of our families, friends and loved ones be it our neighbors or society. We have indulged us in technology so much that our cell phones, laptops and tabs have become our social life. We have really forgot the real meaning of socializing which in olden days meant spending time with your friends, families and neighbors doing something or anything which involved lots of games both outdoor and indoor. Picnics and long trips were the best thing that used to happen. These were all in the past and today our social life starts on facebook, twitter and whatsapp and finishes there itself.

We need to act and act now. It is the high time now to understand what social life means. Someone has to come forward and take an initiative to change it and someone already has taken it. I am talking about none other than Kissan which has started an initiative known as kissanpur. According to kissan the real happiness lies in togetherness and thus they have started distributing tomato seeds to those who are interested in it and is also hosting a quest for the same. The person or a group of persons or a society which grows the most good quality and quantity of tomatoes will be rewarded. Check out their website for more information.

The real happiness actually lies in togetherness and we know that. We should restrict the technology to its place and should socialize and celebrate the togetherness. Life is not to be enjoyed alone or o be wasted on your phone. We should together understand and segment our time for our loved once. That is what makes us human.

If asked for me togetherness has its own meaning. I am a family guy and like to be with my family. I like to be on a trip with them say a picnic, or a wild safari or just go fishing, all I need is a place where I and my family is almost away from gadgets and we try to keep the used to a minimum level. Togetherness is definitely the best thing that can happen to anyone. I would love to be with my loved ones and celebrate the togetherness without indulging myself into any technical stuff.

I came across this beautiful video by Kissan which says welcome to kissanpur where an old man brings back the togetherness in a society member and brings them together planting tomatoes in the society. Please do watch it once at least. 

Sunday 18 October 2015

Little Poser In Pink Boots !

Heya !

Look who is posing for my blog today , its my lil munchkin Eva :)
She is wearing those Pink boots from (buy HERE similar)

Pink boots from (buy HERE similar)

Pink boots from (buy HERE similar)

Well i am all set to welcome my baby's first winter. What about you Mommy ?

Do lemme know your thoughts in the comments section :)

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Friday 16 October 2015

Keeping It Cool and Comfy.

Hello All !

Today's look is all about trying to keep my look very cool and comfy. New Polka dot in my wardrobe ;)

I am wearing - 
Polka Dot Asymmetric Blouse - ( buy HERE similar)
Flower Headband - ( buy HERE similar )
Animal Earcuff - ( buy HERE similar )
Colorful Sunglasses - buy HERE similar
Leopard Flats - buy HERE similar

Polka Dot Asymmetric Blouse - (buy HERE similar)

Animal Earcuff - ( buy HERE similar )

Flower Headband - ( buy HERE similar )

Do lemme know your thoughts in the comments section :)

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Friday 9 October 2015

Baggout an awesome app!

The universe is turning hi tech and we have spread our roots deep enough in almost every area. We have developed in each and every field according to our requirements. The sector which has developed the most and has emerged out as an result of it is the service sector. We always try to be at our best and try to offer the best service in terms of quality and guest satisfaction. We have oriented our service to be guest friendly and to give them the best. The very best example to it is the stores that offers services of online purchase and return. We have a huge number of online stores up and running today all designed to provide with the best quality of service to the guest. This online shopping experience was yet to get better and it did when these stores released their own Apps for the cellphone devices which was a new level in the arena of online shopping.

I came across such an app recently popularly know as baggout. It is fashion related app and has been designed fantastically. The app has been categorised well in different segments. This app has been designed to create a hustle free buying environment for the customers. 

There are few main categories like men, women, kids and home decor. So it is easy for a customer to brows and find what he or she is looking for. 

There are also sub categories under each category like if you are browsing the women section you can find sub categories like accessories, bags, beauty, clothing, ethnic wear, accessories and etc. So if you are a female and you want to buy a handbag for yourself  all you need to do is go to women section and click on bags and you are done. Isn't it simple? 
It also has a category labeled as deals and believe me specially all the ladies out there this is the section that is going to interest you the most. Here you can find the best deals that the app is offering and they have pretty awesome deals available on the app.
It is an awesome app and you guys got to try it once at least. Get all the latest and trendy stuffs at s very reasonable rate here at baggout app.

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