Thursday 30 April 2015

Printed Saree from G3fashions Product Review.

Hello friends !

Attending a puja function and I needed the Indian saree of course for the traditional look. I knew what I wanted and printed was in my head for sure. I searched for sarees for long and looked at many websites but I couldn’t get my eyes off 

I finally found a printed saree that I desired for my function and it was very valuable, they have so many options to choose from and all are worth buying. I found mine in a sober print in bhagalpuri silk saree and I got it in less than what I imagined… INR 995.00 only. Thanks a tone to g3fashions sarees for their services which made my saree reach me in perfect time and good shape.

Here’s the link if you want to buy this product online

Why buy with G3fashions

 The product image is almost the same as the real product view

 Good details giving description of saree

 Satisfying prices of the saree, worth buying

 Great customer services for instant chat and replies

 Fast 2 days delivery was very reliable

 The website is very easy to strive through

The final product in the hand has the highest markings for a good saree and a good website for sarees. I do recommend my readers to this website for Sarees, do let me know what you think of the saree as well.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
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Friday 24 April 2015

Happiness Is In Air !

Life is a gift a pure and awesome gift from the creator who has created us in his own image. Being the uppermost and the best creation of the generator we have created a beautiful world for ourselves to live in and have accumulated the best resources for our happiness. It has been our general human nature to look for an opportunity to celebrate for our achievements and the goods we do in our life. We have our festivals and other ceremonies that also gives us an opportunity to be happy. But the biggest question of the lot is that do we really need an occasion to celebrate? Surely we do is not the obvious answer to the question? Indeed it is but the truth to the fact is that we should not be bounded in a protocol to celebrate instead we should turn our each and every day into a celebration. We have restricted our will and conscious and have created an hypothetical network around us that has been designed by us and for us to be happy.

We have the gift of the life and we should be the one to make it happy and live happy everyday. The real happiness does not comes from a festival or a party or a reason to celebrate it truly comes from the people you celebrate it with. It has never been anything but our own friends and family which does the miracle.

The togetherness of our family and friend is all it takes to give us a reason to celebrate. We should not wait for any thing or occasion to cheer our hearts up instead we should look forward for little things that imparts happiness to our lives. These little things adds up and becomes a big beautiful moment and thus adds spark to our lives. Life is all beautiful from every aspect you look from all one needs to do is adjust the focus and the angle one is looking from. Life is not about big events or big ceremonies it is about living it beautifully with the small and the slightest happiness we find in.

This wonderful gift of life should not be wasted and we all should learn to find peace and happiness in our life in spite of all the problems and troubles we face in our day to day life. Every darkness is followed by a ray of light and we should keep our hopes high for that ray of light because if we learn to be optimistic in our life we would be able to find out the happiness in the worst state of our lives too. Do not wait for an opportunity open your heart and try to feel the happiness in the air the happiness which is always present but dissolved in the air and once you learn to be happy in everything and anything happiness is what you will find everywhere and every day of the life would be a big celebration. The occasions and ceremonies will have to wait for their own turn and you will remain happy ever after.  

Image source - here

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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Press Release Elle18’s Color BoostTM Lipsticks.

Brighten your summer with Elle 18’s sunny palette of new
Color Boost™ Lipsticks

Mumbai, 22 April, 2015: As you get set to re-haul your wardrobe for the summer ahead, make sure you stock up on some high performing and long lasting makeup too. In a whole new avatar, Elle 18 presents a new range of long lasting Color Boost™ Lipsticks that come in an assortment of exciting shades that are sure to brighten up your summer wardrobe. Whether it is that perfect pink to match your floral dress or a coral touch to go with those green shorts, Elle 18’s new long wear range which offers high color payoff has everything you’ve been looking for!
This range is available in 10 vibrant shades from bright red, sweet pinks, stunning nudes and corals. Enriched with cocoa butter, this new range is sure to provide you with an instant yet intensely long lasting pout.

Elle18’s Color Boost™ Lipsticks are formulated to last upto 6 hours nonstop, leaving your lips highly pigmented with a gorgeous creamy finish. The central ingredient of this range is cocoa butter, which helps to hydrate the lips, keeping them soft and supple. The range comes in a dual-core format, with a creamy and soft core that provides the full pigment of a lipstick while delivering the nourishing properties of a lip-balm. Perfect for any occasion or time of day, this new range is a must-have to enhance your looks this summer.
Commenting on the launch Srinandan Sundaram, Vice President, Skincare and Makeup at Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “With the introduction of Elle18’s long wear Color Boost range, we are thrilled to extend our portfolio with lipsticks that are long lasting yet affordable. These come in fresh shades that our young and trendy audience is looking for, which makes them a must-have for every girl this summer.”
The Elle18 Colour Boost™ Lipsticks are available in 10 trendy variants

Miss Pink
Primrose Pink
Nude Beige
Coral Nude
Blonde Pink
Hollywood Pink
Red Passion
Hyper Orange
Superlicious Red
Nude Soft

Priced at 150 INR/-

Monday 20 April 2015

Socioholic Me !

Haan main Socioholic hun after using this beautiful piece of machine thus is what I have realized and here I am with my third and final post boy I love using this phone. The best part of belonging to the feminine gender is that you can talk and gossip with your friends all day long and can use the social media for all the good cause you can. I like to be on social media and they have been the main source of my energy and my nutrients. It is impossible to spend a day without them.

To use these social media at its best one needs a good gadget which can hold the load of these big applications. With the advancement of the technology these apps gets bigger and heavier everyday and to sustain their weight we need to have our gadgets loaded up with heavy configuration and that is what I have found in #MyAsusZenfone. I run almost every known social networking apps and my phone works like a miracle.

It feels that this gadget was completely designed keeping my usage in mind. I run Facebook which is a big app in itself and it runs awesome on my phone. Also I use Whatsapp the latest burning trend that one could find on every phone. There are other apps I mean social apps that I use on my phone are WeChat, Instagram, Pinterest and I do use Google Chrome a lot although it is not a social app but still it is a very helpful browser.

The best thing about the phone is that I can run more than one App at a time and the 2GB Ram supports my stop less uses of the more and more Apps easy.    

 Its is not only that I have my apps working fast and furious but this mobile is so perfect to me in other ways too. The Gorilla glass used in the phone acts like a shield for my phone from my other stuffs when I put it along with my other stuffs in my purse.

Using this Zenfone for few weeks was just awesome. It is nothing but a masterpiece from ASUS and definitely I would be buying this very phone for my own as I am addicted to it now. What are you guys waiting for lets grab this smart phone and live an upgraded life with it.

Top Chinese restaurants in Bangalore

India has a rich history in terms of food and culture. The variety in the Indian food is due to the influence of the countries like Egypt, Greece and Rome due to their trading relations with our country. These places influenced India with a lot of herbs and spices like Fenugreek, Fennel and Saffron. These are the spices and the herbs which we Indians are addicted of using even today in our day to day cooking and thus making India a rich country in terms of food and culture.

It was after the independence that a small group of people moved to Kolkata, India and started living there and thus they brought a new cuisine to India which was popularly known as the Chinese cuisine. It did not take it too long and this new cuisine flourished its roots in the different parts of our country.Although the cuisine was twisted and a bit of Indian Tarka was added to it making it Indian Chinese cuisine. Thus two types of Chinese cuisine came into existance in India “The Indian Chinese Cuisine” and “The authentic Chinese Cuisine”. These cuisines found its way in almost every part of India and especially in the West and the South and we can easily find a lot of restaurants.

Today the Chinese cuisine has become a part of our own cuisine ans we have accepted it whole heartedly. The Chinese cuisine can be found in form of fast food or in authentic tastes or in a mixture of blended Indian and Chinese flavors and to be very proud we have done it far better than China. Like every other place in India Bangalore the Silicon city has also been a hub for this cuisine and people are very well found of the dishes that the cuisine serves and offers them. There are few of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangalore and they have pledged to provide customers with the best quality Chinese Cuisine in Bangalore. Few of these restaurants are Bean Here Restaurant at M.G.Road, The Nawab Restaurant at the palace road, New Kadai Family Restaurant at Jakkur Post, The Himalayan Inn at Indira Nagar, Shandong Authentic Chinese Restaurant at  Geddalahalli, The Oriental Kitchen at Koramangala, Darasuni Restaurant at RMV Second Stage, Oriental Cuisine at Koramangala, Faragrant kitchen at Kalayan Nagar, Munch at JP Nagar and many more restaurants could be easily found in Bangalore.     

We Indians are fond of food and Chinese food has been a part of it since long. We eat and eat and eat all it matters is the taste the food provides and nevertheless Chinese food has a great capability of binding the Indian taste buds and it is the main reason that the Chinese cuisine and the Chinese food has been a favorite part of our life and we can find good Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore and the other parts of India.  

Press Release - Lakmé Enrich Satin gets a glamorous makeover

Lakmé Enrich Satin gets a glamorous makeover 
With 10 gorgeous lipstick shades in an all new packaging, these lipsticks will win your hearts yet again!
Mumbai, April 10th 2015: The classic Lakmé Enrich Satin lipsticks in its simplistic maroon packaging has been a favorite among women across all age groups. Synonymous to the brand, Enrich Satin lipsticks have ruled beauty charts for over 15 years in India and are now, all set to steal the thunder once again with the all new avatar as Lakmé begins revamp* of its packaging and adds 10 exciting new shades to the range.
With its new uber chic packaging, these lipsticks will come in a transparent container so you can pick your favorite shade instantly while the silveraluminum sleeve will keep the color bullet protected within.
While the packaging is new, the lipsticks continue to have the star properties of sunscreens, vitamins and the goodness of olives to give your lips that flawless look. True to its name, the Enrich Satin range of lipsticks just glide on your lips while delivering a strong color payoff. So you can go gloss by leaving it all natural or blot it with a tissue and go completely matte.
From bright fuchsia to candy floss, there’s a wide spectrum of pinks for everyone to try. So, re-discover your favorite shade today to complement your own style and wardrobe.
The Lakmé Enrich Satin Lipsticks are priced at Rs. 260/- at available across all beauty advisory counters across India.

* The new packaging is available for new shades only. Repackaging of the entire range will take place in the coming months.

About Lakmé:
Contemporary Indian beauty expert Lakmé continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance and world class color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unilever’s worldwide expertise, Lakmé also partners with the leading cosmetic house Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience through its products and services at the Lakmé Salons and Studios.

For further information log on to

Media Contacts:
Manali Parmar | +91 01679 94492

Tanisha Bhasin | +91 99209 86386

Saturday 18 April 2015

Sneakers - wear it your way

There has been an old saying that a man is known by his shoes and to some limits this metaphor can be taken into consideration but giving a deep thought on it may lead us to different conclusions. Shoes have been the tags of status symbol for the human race and it still works in the same or a bit different manner because a man with a torn or dirty shoes could be easily considered to be poor or careless where as a person with a perfect pair of shining shoe is considered to be rich or punctual but the world has changed now and to be honest it has changed for good. It is not always that a dirty shoe means an unpunctual or careless person, maybe the person has his or her own reason for it but in today’s world we have categories the needs and demands of the shoes according the place we use it for. The groups of people who work in office wear oxford shoes, the dancing group wears the belly shoes and so on and so forth but today we are here to talk about an old yet a new type of shoes the Canvas or the Sneaker Shoes.

These names must have ringed a bell in the brains and Canvas and Sneakers would have occupied your mind by now because most of us are pretty aware of what I am talking about. These shoes fall under the casual category of the shoes division and are becoming the new favorite of the people. Although the Canvas or the sneakers falls under casual category yet this shoe is being used and can be used anywhere and everywhere one feels like wearing to. It is the latest party crasher or the rough and tough all rounder in matter of shoes. One can find people wearing these shoes anywhere and for any purpose.
The main reasons behind the popularity of these shoes are the unique designs and pattern they are available in and the prices at which they are offered for. The buyer has a wide range of product to choose from and it also comes in different materials and in minimal price like I mentioned before. The canvas and the sneakers are the rocking sensation for the buyers and it also appears that these shoes have their usage anywhere like parties, dancing, casual wear and etc.

The main factor making these shoes effective is the comfort it provides to the person wearing it. We have often heard people saying that, “The wearer knows how the nail pinches” and it is so true. The comfort or the discomfort of a shoe can only be witnessed by the person who is wearing a particular shoe. It is time to excel oneself and try out these new trends if one has already not tried it. There are a lots of Canvas and Sneakers available in the shops and on online stores too so the next time if you feel like buying a new pair of shoes don’t forget to check out the beautiful, smart and elegant Canvas and Sneakers available. It is worth a try.

Friday 17 April 2015

I won't give it back.

Hello Peeps !

This is the second post among my three posts on Asus Zenfone 5 and I say it Loud and clear #Iwon'tgiveitback is the feeling which keeps prevailing me since last few day since I have got my hands on this miracle device. The old days have gone long ago when books were the best friends for human beings. Mobile phones are the latest in the tradition. Yes you got it right a smart phone is all you need to give you company when you are alone. And so is the case with me. I rely on my phone a lot for entertainment and time pass but it really takes me by my nerves if the phone hangs or the battery dies in middle of something.

I am lucky to have this super cool phone Asus Zenfone 5 which has a wide screen and hence I can watch movies and play games in my leisure times.

I am so addicted to the long running battery span that dying of phone battery seems like history to me and I can go that extra hour enjoying my games, videos movies and other entertainment stuffs non stop for hours and hours without any message flashing on my screen that I have only 10% of battery left and I need to connect my charger. The 2110mAh battery does it all for me. Frankly speaking I only charge my Zenfone once a day even if I play big games like Plant Vs Zombies 2 or Jewel Star. No matter how much or how long I watch or play the battery doesn't dies soon like other phones.

#MyAsusZenfone has become my latest favorite and my best companion lately. And every time I use it for anything it only whispers #Won't give it back. It is a beautiful, lovely and extraordinarily performing gadget for me. 

Tuesday 14 April 2015

ASUS the latest star in the world of phones !

It is not so far that India would lead the world in the field of technology especially in the fields of Smartphone and other such devices. We have been touching new heights every hour. We started our journey from a black and white cell phone which has polyphonic ringtones and a snake game in it and today one can see the whole world and communicate to it through just a phone. The world we have left behind was the pillar of what we have today and we are proud of it. We have come a far way ahead today and there is no looking back now we have been developing and we will keep developing every second, every minute of every day and the foundation of this development is being led by few of the world known mobile brands and ASUS is one among them.
Asus is a new revolution in the evolution of the cell phone. It has literally changed the mobile phone market for good. ASUS is going to launch the latest sensational trend in the market of smart phones the Zenfone 2. These guys at Asus have pledged to change your mobile using experience and they are going to succeed too. The phone has been designed with a fantastic Agronomic arc design and is very slim way to fit your pocket and you would never know it is there with you.
This Zenfone is going to completely change the experience of the smart phone users and to be very frank I am on that list too. To point out the best five things which would be the key factor in changing the user experience would be a very tough call yet if it is mandatory let me point out the five most unique things about the phone.
1.  The luxurious ultra thin design
The phone like I said is designed with luxurious looks and it adds an extra edge to your personality. Eyes are going to be glued to your hand when you are going to pull out this pretty phone out of your pocket or your purse. The arc dimension or the parabola design makes it look invincible.
2.  Lovely display
The phone has a large 5.5 inch display which makes your life easier. One can enjoy videos and song in Full HD and in crystal with 1920x1080 display and the phone has 72% screen to body ratio.

3.  64 bit Quad core Intel Atom processor
The phone is packed with a high speed processor for lightening speed performance.

4.  4GB Ram and 16/32 GB internal space
Now one can install any number of applications and one will never fall short of space and the phone will not hand or lag behind. The internal space of the phone is high and thus one can store lots of songs and videos too. The manufacturer has provided the buyers with a wide range to choose from 16 or 32 or even 64 GB internal space. This is the only phone that has been provided with 4GB RAM on this planet.

5.  Pixel Master Camera
The phone has a 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel back camera. The camera has a special technology of Pixel Master for excellent camera quality and this camera has the capability to bring your pictures to life.
In short this must have gadget and I would rate it 8 out of 10 for its design, specification and performance. What are you waiting for book your very own ASUS Zenfone 2 get your hands on it today.
To know more about the phone visit  today and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying it.

Monday 13 April 2015

Size doesn't matter for a bride-to-be .

Hello Friends !

Its too tough for a girl who is going to be a bride to find that perfect wedding dress for herself and if you are a plus size bride then the problem looks much bigger to you. Am i right ? 
If yes then this post is perfect guide for a plus size bride to be. Weddingshe an online shopping website has come up with a load of plus size wedding dresses to solve all the problems of a plus size bride to be. Well they have all types of plus size wedding dresses as needed by the customers such as princess style, a line, ball gown and all in various styles of elegant, luxurious, vintage, classic, modern and chic. You can buy plus size wedding dress according to your needs and moods such as if your wedding is beach themed then you can buy a beach plus size wedding dress and likewise.
Checkout few of my picks - 

My first pick Fantastic Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Draped Plus Size Wedding Dress
its a very dramatic glamorous floor length plus size wedding dress with ruffles in the lower side and beaded work.

The second one which i like is Gorgeous A-line One-shoulder Floor-length Lace Plus Size Wedding Dresses
Lace wedding dress stands out the classic beauty which will dazzle all the people on your wedding. The one-shoulder design adds modern beauty to the dress. This  dress will be a good choice for you!

last but not the least Concise A-Line Sweetheart Court Train Pick-ups Plus Size Wedding Dress
A very lovely floor length wedding dress with a very noble and elegant look. Its beading embellishment work is so much beautiful, and it is shining.

For more do visit them.
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Smile costs more than money !

Human beings are said to be social animals and the only possible reason behind it is that we humans like socializing and this socializing has many elements in it. We love others and we love to be loved and this love is clearly visible in our actions and by action I mean the things we do for others and the extra mile we are ready to walk for others that extra mile which has nothing for us but we still take the pain to go though it because we are in love and it love that we want. We care for that person and are always their when he or she needs us. It is all related to love and everything it fare in it.   
We are always ready to give in love because love means sacrifice and that giving is also so enjoyable because it brings smile and happiness to your loved ones. We go way out of our reach and follow our heart to make someone happy and that someone’s happiness makes us happy in return. Here today I am to share a story where I followed my heart and made someone happy and this someone is very special person he is my hubby.

It was the last winter that passed by my hubby was out for his work and was supposed to get home late because being an event planner his work ends late at night. I was expecting a call around 5 in the morning because that was the usual time he used to call me after leaving the work place and I was in a habit of it, but that day I did not receive any calls from him I was worried and tensed. He came back home at 7 in the morning and I was awake by then and the very first thing he said was like a 440 volt current to my body and it took me few seconds to come back into my normal senses. Mr. Hubby lost his band new I phone and was clueless where he lost it. We tried every possible thing but did not find it back. My hubby is a big gadget freak and his gadgets are the second best thing in his life after his friends and family.

I could clearly sense the pain he was going through but he was helpless because buying other such phone was way out of his budget and you are thinking it right it was all on me. I had a fixed deposit for my future plans but my hubby’s happiness was far more important than those plans. I got it all sorted out ordered a new I phone from snap deal and handed it to him. He was so happy and I could tell it from his smile. It was tough for me to spare that money but I went out of my way to see that smile on is face. “Sayad yehi hai pyaar”  

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

Happiness lies in making others happy !

Hello Peeps !

We have been created differently and so differently from all other creatures on this earth. The only thing which makes us different from other living creatures is our wisdom. We human being has been blessed with a brain we have been given the power to think and act and being human we are pledged to help others and make others happy. We follow our heart and sometimes go way out of our reach to help others and make them happy and in return than it make us happy too. It really doesn’t matters that what circumstances you fall in that you are compelled to do so but yes you doing so and make the other person happy.
The real happiness lies in sharing gifting others and we follow this rule everywhere. Is not it a common habit to gift our loved ones on a good occasion? Yes indeed it is but why? Why do we do so? When we look for an answer only possible reason that I can thing and put forward is that we share our love and respect in form of gifts to our loved and dear ones and thus we have fallen it habit of doing so and today it is one of the common phenomenon of our life.
Like I said we gift and make happy to our loved ones but not someone that we don’t know but today here I am going to share a piece of my own life where I helped a person whom I did not know and there was no possibility that I would have known him. It was a winter and a very harsh winter to be very precise and I was on a tour to Gangtok with my hubby. It was out first time at Gangtok and we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the place.

The scenery was mesmerizing and the place was just out of the world. We were at the M.G.Road market and were too busy shopping that I almost stepped on a child who was sitting by the stairs. He wasn’t poor for sure because he was wearing some nice clothes although his clothes were pale and dirty. At the first thought I was mad at him because that was seriously not a place to sit because anyone could have stepped on him but I kept my cool and asked the kid to get up. He was not from that place around and his appearance made that very clear. I asked him that what was he doing there all alone and why wasn’t he wearing any winter cloths but he kept mum. My hubby told me to ask him the same thing in Bengali because he looked like a Bengali child and fortunately that worked.

The guy was almost in tears and told me that he was separated from his folks an hour ago and now he was clueless that what he should do and thus he was sitting there and waiting for his parents. The first thing I did was so unlikely me I pulled him up and hugged him and took him to the nearest winter cloth shop and bought him some clothes and next bought some tea and dinner for him. The child was better now but the work was only half done we still needed to look for his parents and after visiting the local police authority we found that his parents had just left after lodging a missing complaint of his son and they did leave their contact number there. The authorities made the call and after a few verification's they handed them their kid.
That really felt nice deep within. It was nice experience. We did miss our shopping because we had our flight the very next morning but that was not the main concern because what we did was far more important and peaceful than shopping.

I remember that trip always and it is one of the best I ever had. It feels good in giving others sometimes something that is precious to us and that is what makes us human.
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Saturday 11 April 2015

My Zenfone My Way !

Hello friends 

Everything has a parameter for its measurement and when that parameter is fulfilled or reached it makes us proud. Being a blogger we too have our parameters and God knows they are not too easy to achieve. 4 years ago when I married this guy I knew it somewhere or other that I was going to spend rest of my life as a homemaker but I didn't know that destiny had some other planes for me. I got an opportunity 3 years ago and I grabbed it with both of my hands and after a lots of dedication, determination, devotion and obviously with lots of his help I finally reached to a benchmark. I would not say that I have climbed the heights but yes I have covered and covered a lot of that way. And the parameter that I reached and had no idea of flashed in front of me in form of an email sent by the Asus Zenfone Guys to use The Asus Zenfone 5 and blog about it. I didn't believe my eyes for two good minutes and then a pat on my shoulders by my hubby brought me back into my senses. Yes they were sending me Asus Zenfone to use and write about it and no doubt I was on cloud nine and after a long wait finally the Phone #MyAsusZenfone arrived.

The phone is an epic piece of beauty and has a big display and pretty good configuration. Well I am not going into that as that is not my area of expertise. I will leave that to Mr. Hubby. As for me I look for a good camera in a Phone an camera is the first priority for me and lucky me phone has pretty good camera. The light, autofocus and the pixel are all perfect match for me. It has got the smart pixel master camera.

I love clicking pictures sorry not clicking but getting clicked and after this phone arrived I asked my hubby to click some shots so as I can put them in a blog post.

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Thursday 9 April 2015

Product Review - Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm.

Hola Friends !

Doing a product review today.

Name - Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm
oriflame, tender care, review

Price - Rs 249 for 15ml
My Experience - Its somewhat yellow colored lip balm, very soft textured. As mentioned its a multipurpose balm, i use it in many different ways such as if i had a small burn while working in the kitchen then tender care can be applied instantly which helps in giving you from burn relief and even to reduce those burn marks also. Some other uses are - to cure dead skin cells, rough knuckles, chapped lips, any area of your rough skin. This is the best balm i know till date.

Okey now lets see its Pro's and con's


  • Cute packaging
  • Pocket friendly
  • Small container
  • Easy to carry in your purse
  • Smooth textured
  • Can be used in Summer and Winters
  • Hydrates dry and rough skin easily
  • Not harmful in any way

  • Gets finished quickly, need to re purchase in every 40 days.

Rating - 4.5/5

Repurchase - Yes i am already buying it again and again :D

 Let me know if you have tried this product :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 3 April 2015

Coupons And Online Shopping

Today fashion has new address and destination. With the rapidly changing world and our ways and 
technologies gaining a new height everyday we have advanced in each and every field of our life and so has the fashion and clothing sense has uplifted itself to an entire new level. And this hike in fashion and clothing has brought many portals in action. These portals promises innumerable trending fashionable clothing's and accessories and I am not talking about any common portal here it is I am talking about. has brought a very big revolution in the field of trending fashion. The clothing they offer in both the Men's and women's section is unbelievable. Although it is very tough to keep up with the changing fashion sense of the customer these guys at have channeled their resources pretty well to fulfil the demand and the desires of the different section of customers. They have show the best flexibility in the terms of products and services too. This flexibility is not only in the field of trending fashion but they are the expertise of accessories and other fashion products. They offer a complete package in terms of the trending fashion and accessories.

These new fashion trends have been viral and has caught the attention of the buyers. Online portals such as yepme has changed the perspective and mind frame of the buyers and it is not just the buyers who are happy about it but the websites have been booming with huge sales and orders. It has been a great boom boom situation for the websites too. The fashion trend is directly related to the booming of the website. The more fashionable and trendier products the site offers the more sales they receive and the more sales they receive the more profit they bag.

Although these sites makes good deals but the buyers are the main gainers. These e-portals are the hub of the fashion products and attracts a lot of customers but to keep the business going and to gain maximum customers these sites offers deals and discounts to the buyers. The buyers are independent of time, value and place when they buy online. The online stores provides a wide range of products and services. The shopping is safe and is not bounded to time or day. 

These online stores also provides deals, offers and discounts to attract customers. And here comes other sites in play like who are always eager to help. This site accumulates deals, offers and discounts from various sites and present them altogether at a single platform. These offers straightforward takes the users to the respective websites. Thus the hassle to find out about deals and offers comes to an end here. The coupons provided are all tested and verified for their genuineness and then are made available on the site. is a genuine and verified coupon provider. So what are you waiting for check out the happycheckout today and get fashionable and trendy.

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Thursday 2 April 2015

Cheesy Satisfaction With Pizzas in Kolkata

What did you do the last time when you were damn hungry and you had nothing to eat at home due to some reasons or the other and you were not willing to step out of your house again in the polluted environment 10 years ago living in Calcutta? Taking a flash back in the past all one could have done is drink one or two glass full of water to satisfy their hunger if they did not want to step out.

Today the world has changed and it has changed rapidly in this modern era everything has been quick and they lie on the tip of our fingers and so has the service industry involved too along with the other industries to fulfill our needs and desires whenever, whatever or wherever we want them.  By service industry I mean the food, beverage and accommodation industry or the Hospitality Industry to be very precise. A lot has changed in the hospitality industry lately and it has grown more service oriented and it mainly aims in the customer’s satisfaction and they are always there to help and satisfy their consumers. The industry brought more and more customer oriented services and this was also due to some of the international brands which were trying to flourish their business in India.

With the modernization and the development in the hospitality industry also came few of the facilities like ordering the food online and free or chargeable home delivery system. It does not matter that you dwell in what so ever corner of Kolkata, you can enjoy home delivery in kolkata all you needs to do is drop at the website and order a meal for yourself and the food would be delivered to your door step hot and sizzling without any delay. And the most chosen food to be delivered and delivered quickly is a pizza. Yes you heard me right and don’t worry we are not in Mexico instead Pizza has become one of the favorite food of the Indian youth. It is stomach filling has lots of veggies/meat and has cheeses on it. Doesn’t it sound like a complete meal? Oh yeah it does.
We have a hell lot of food outlets that takes online orders and are so good at delivering the food at your door step within the given time frame. Taking about pizza outlets in Kolkata Dominos and Pizza hut’s are the two of the biggest monsters that has consumed the whole city. One can find a pizza selling outlet of Dominos and Pizza hut at almost each and every corner of Kolkata. Some of the renowned places are Dominos at Salt Lake, Esplaned, Park Street, Phool Bagan, Raja Bagicha, Shakespeare sarini road, South city mall, Money Square and so on and so forth. Places of Pizza hut outlets are City Centre 1, City Centre 2, Electronic Complex, Camac Street, Elgin Road and many more. There are few more pizza outlets such as Pizza Place at Dunlop, Pizza Corner Salt Lake, Pizza World Dum Dum Road, Pizza for friends at Prince Anwar Sah road and etc.

These are the places that are ready to take orders online and deliver the pizza at you home. Some outlets like Dominos and Pizza Hut have very specialized service where your pizza reaches you in 30 mins max or the Pizza is free. Order pizza online in kolkata and feel the cheesy temptation that will stisfy your chessy greed all the way. After all as the guys at Dominos say “Ye Cheesy Happy Feeling hai”. A mouse click is all it takes to mesmerize you with the cheesy SatIisfaction of the cheese dripping cheese burst pizza.
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