Tuesday 29 September 2015

Durga Puja Wishlist - Party Clutches !

Hey Peoples !

Durga Puja is only few weeks away and i am looking for some party clutches for myself to match all my ethnic wear , have a look to a few of my favorites below - 

1 - BUY here
2 - BUY here
3 - BUY here
4 - BUY here

Which one do you like ?

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Tata Sky - isko laga dala toh life jhingalala !

Television sets were a rare and lavish item in late 90s and having a TV set at your home was nothing less than possessing gold. I still remember my guest room turning into a small theater every Saturday and Sunday. People from around the neighboring house were the regular spectators who never missed a show of Sri Krishna and Chitrahar that were telecasted in the Doordarshan channel then. No one had ever thought that the social media and the cable networking would retain such a height in the future.
It was few years later that the television channels telecast started and people started using a dish antenna at their homes to receive channels. These antenna were big in size and were manually operated and today one can find a very specialized version of that a small yet powerful gadget that we find. “TATA SKY” is the face of today’s modern and developed satellite TV cable receiver.

In olden days one had to be punctual if he or she didn’t want to miss their show. A show missed was a show gone forever unless they re relay it. I have been a big lover of some shows like Malgudi Days, Shaltimaan, Alif Laila, Hatim Tai and etc. these shows were telecasted once on their scheduled time with no repeat telecast.  

Tata Sky has taken this industry to a new level, although it has a tough competition in the market but with the offers and services offered by them makes them venerable. They have kept on evolving and are evolving still with new features added to their services every day. Tata Sky has added a new feature to its world of mesmerizing features and believe me this feature is going to blow your mind off. They have the capacity to think it out of the box and they have proved it yet again. Now you can record your show and play it later on any device of your choice and it will run as smooth as butter.

I love watching Man VS Wild, CID, Shin Chan and etc. These are some of the most entertaining show I love. I record these shows and watch them later on my iPad because I generally miss them when they are telecasted. Tata Sky has given me the liberty to lure myself in the lavishness of these shows whenever and where ever I want. Now you are not restricted to sit in front of your TV set to watch your favorite shows. You can record them and watch them later on your TV or put it on your Cell phones or iPad’s and watch it on the go. 
It has been basically designed for guys like us who always miss out their shows or don't have time to sit in front of the television set. It is no more a subject of concern if you miss a cricket match or if you have missed your star batsman's century because you can always look it later on whenever and wherever you want.
Switch to Tata Sky and never bother to miss a show anymore because isko laga dala toh life jhingalala.
Visit http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/ for more info :)
And check out this cool Tata Sky Transfer ad on Youtube .

Monday 28 September 2015

Websites And App In Our Day to Day Life.

We prepare ourselves from the very beginning of our life and move continuously towards our goal. We all set a vivid image of our future right from our school days. We decide and work for our dreams and by the time we are on the verge of finishing our schooling this vivid image is all very clear and we see the target of our life for a good career.
The chase of this dream begins with the search of a good college. We all look for a good college according to our field of interest or our needs but it is too hard to know and find out about each and every good college and thus we sometimes land at wrong place in lack of knowledge.
Here I am with a solution to all your problems. No I am not a guide or a college Wikipedia but I definitely know someone who is. It is a web portal popularly known as collegeduniya.com. At collegeduniya  you can find out each and everything about any and all colleges that offer good institution. collegeduniya has been put up to avoid all the hustle that we face when we are looking for a college or when we are confused and don't know where to go and what to do.
These guys at collegeduniya have a very friendly user interface. All the colleges of different category are separately arranged according to the different fields available like agriculture, commerce, design and etc. They also have a separate tab for best universities. It is too easy to search and locate a college and get information according to their stream at collegeduniya.
Collegedunia has a special category and in this category one can find the medical colleges online too. One can find a huge list of medical colleges that are basically from Rajasthan. Rajasthan adds a great value to the medical institutions and they have a handful of good medical colleges like NIMS University Jaipur, Government Medical College Kota, Jodhpur National University Jodhpur and etc. Collegeduniya offers full details about these colleges and universities. It has all the important information about the college and University at hand like where the colleges are located and what are the courses that they offer and also sometimes they have the estimated expenditure mentioned with the courses being offered along with the duration of the course. It has also arranged the medical colleges of Rajasthan according to their ranking. They have detailed information of the colleges too like the address, phone number, point to contact, Principle, courses with duration and etc. In short now one can find a bunch of good and reputed medical colleges in Rajasthan with all the needed information at a single place and at a single click of mouse.
Talking about medical college suddenly I remembered of an application that more or less belongs from the same field. I am talking here about Practo. Practo is an app designed basically to find out doctors around you. Using this app one can get all the information about the doctors of that place. Just realize that you have shifted to a new place and suddenly you or someone close to you fall sick and you don’t have an idea where to go and what to do. This app helps you locate the doctors of that city or any city you search for. You can get all the required information directly from the app like the working hour of the doctor, his clinic address, phone number and the amount he charges.
Practo helps you to pre book your seat or get a number on the app itself without visiting the doctor thus saves your time and money too. This application is free to download from the play store.

Men has not only reached to Mars or the Moon but he has found a safer and an easier way for his work to be done in a well organized manner consuming less time and saving some money. Websites like collegeduniya.com and applications like Practo are the live example of it. If you are looking for a medical college now you know where to begin your search from and if you need a doctor just use the app and you are done.  

Friday 25 September 2015

Personalize the Bachelorette Pad with Lively Home Décor

Hey All !

It doesn’t take time for friends to become a family and for a bachelorette pad to become a home. And when you start building a sense of belongingness with this place, you would always want to add a personality to this home, a personality which is a mixture of the personalities of you and your friends. And to do this, there is nothing better than a few home decorative items.  While planning the decoration of your girly home, you need to make sure that it is funky, lively and expresses the spirit of youth. We give you a few tips that will help you personalize your bachelorette pad in the most beautiful way:

 When it comes to giving your bachelorette pad a funky personalization, there is nothing better than abstract shaped bean bags. They give a very young aura to the place and make it look sprightlier.

 To make your bedrooms look feel more comforting, you can place scented candles of aromas that all you girls like. You can place them on beautiful candle holders which make a nice decoration for the bedroom.

 Don’t miss out on photo frames. They are the best when it comes to decorating and personalizing your bachelorette home. You can put happy pictures of your family and friends in these and make your bachelorette pad your own.

 Invest in designer cushion covers. They are great when it comes to the beautification of your bachelorette home.You don’t need to go to an expensive interior décor showroom to get the best of these decoration, just log on to e-store and get a variety of the most beautiful embellishments for your bachelorette home.

Thursday 24 September 2015

NOTD + NAil RIng.

Hey Everyone !

Sharing NOTD after a long time.

Buy Nair Ring  

Buy Nair Ring  HERE

Buy Nair Ring  HERE

Buy Nail Art Brush Set HERE similar 

Hope you guys liked it.

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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Wedding Dresses From Landybridal.

Hi All.

We girls have a lots of dreams related with our perfect wedding, starting from invitation card to honeymoon we are excited for almost every thing in our wedding. But the main concern of a bride to be is her Wedding Dress. Wedding dresses should be selected carefully according to your wedding theme and wedding destination , coz this is that dress which you have imagined since childhood in your dream :)

Landybridal one of the online shopping site has got some amazing collection of wedding dresses. They have almost every type of dresses you can think about.
Well let me tell you something about them their Lace Wedding dresses collection is very beautiful. Also you can customize your wedding dress also with them.
Check out my picks from their wedding dresses 2016 collection - 

The very first one Impressive Sweetheart Natural Floor Length Organza Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Wanna feel like a real princess then this dress is the perfect one to go for.

The second one Hot Sale Illusion Dropped Floor Length Satin Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress
If you are looking for something sensuous wedding gown them try this one, the back detail swith beaded work is making it too hot too handle. 

The last one Sweet Strapless Natural Floor Length Satin Pink Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Want to look the cutest at the same time in trend also then this bowknot detailed dress in the front is the best for you.

Hope you guys liked this post.

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Saturday 19 September 2015

Loafer And Monochrome Look.

Hey Gals ! 

Few days back i received a lovely Loafer from Cndirect.com and since then i am looking for a moment to wear it and have some fun. Yesterday i got a chance to wear it, so i paired it with jeans, striped tee and a handbag. While i was trying to keep my look simple i ended up having a monochrome look. I liked it :)
Its too comfortable and very soft from inside, mainly the sole is soft, plus the leopard print on its side makes it look different with a cute bow on the top of it :)

I am Wearing - 
Colorful Sunglasses - Cndirect.com ( buy HERE similar )
Leopard Flats - Cndirect.com ( buy HERE similar )
Use coupon code CNirect to get 10% discount in your order.
Jeans - Offline shopping
Top - Romwe
Handbag - Dresslink

A very candy click :D

Leopard Flats - Cndirect.com ( buy HERE similar )

Leopard Flats - Cndirect.com ( buy HERE similar )

Leopard Flats - Cndirect.com ( buy HERE similar )

Do lemme know your thoughts in the comments section :)

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~ Prerana ~

Friday 18 September 2015

Women Wigs From WigsBuy.

Hola Peeps !

Wigs have become a lot popular these days, Women wigs are with us since a very long time but previously we were quiet shy to show it to everyone and now days everyone has accepted it with open arms weather its for fashion or to hide baldness. 
Now a days all kinds of wigs are available human hair wigs and synthetic wigs for all generation and races like for kids, women, and men too. These days Women can have celebrity style wigs and have a hairstyle just like their favorite celebrity and you can just look like them :)
Wigsbuy is one of the online shopping site , they specialize in providing quality wigs and hair extensions at the lowest price to their customers. Their certified experts guide consumers through questions and style options to make shopping easy for them.

Look sexy like Beyonce with Custom made Beyonce Style 100% Human Hair-Sexy Long Wave Brown 20 Inches Lace Wig

Or look as fierce as Rihanna with Rihanna's Bob Hairstyle Short Straight Black Wig 100% Human Hair 8 Inches

or get simple and elegant look like Kim with Kim Kardashian Middle Parting Long Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs 24 Inches  

So you see you just think about it and they have the Women wigs for you as you like it. Just order the one according to your needs or just custom order with them and enjoy a new look by flaunting your wig to your friends :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Destination Wedding Dresses From Cocomelody

Hi All !

These days we all want a nice destination wedding. Both the bride and groom wants to have a destination wedding, so that they all can, friends and families, can enjoy the scenic beauty of their destination wedding. In a destination wedding venue beach wedding is very much popular. Coz we all wanna have some fun with all the wedding rituals going on and all.

To have a destination wedding we need Destination wedding dresses also . Cocomelody has got some amazing collection of Beach Wedding dresses for all the brides to be :) They have large variety of beach wedding dresses waiting to get purchased from you guys, the dresses at cocomelody are of high quality available at pocket friendly prices.
Have a look at my top picks - 

The very first one Dreamy Ball Gown Strapless Tea Length Tulle Wedding Dress 
A Lace design beach wedding gown, this dress will give you a very dreamy look in your wedding day, in between all the guests you will feel like on top of the world.

The second one Casual A-Line Square Half Sleeve Knee Length Tulle Wedding Dress
A knee length dress with black applique work gives this dress a different look from all the beach wedding dresses. 

The last one Dreamy Sheath-Column Bateau Natural Train Chiffon Ivory Sleeveless Zipper with Buttons Wedding Dress 
A perfect fairy-tale beach wedding dress, the dress will make you look as elegant as you want plus the work at its waist and neckline is very much beautiful.

Well there is a reason to be happy as they are having SALE right now - 

Hope you liked my picks :)
Happy Shopping !

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Evening Dresses Must Have In Your Closet.

Hello friends !!

Awesome and eye-catchy evening dresses are the dreams of every women that too it would be great if they are available at cheap or pocket friendly prices. Evening dresses are must have for your closet of every type. At present i am trying to add Vintage evening dresses and Mermaid evening dresses to my closet.  
Mermaid evening dresses as the name suggests is like a mermaid, this type of dresses are fit in the upper part of the body and is totally flared in the lower part. It gives you full chance to flaunt your curves nicely. And while looking for them i came across Wishesbridal , they have amazing collection of Vintage evening dresses and Mermaid evening dresses.
Have a look to my top picks - 

The very first one Criss Cross Back Long Royal Blue Scoop Trumpet Mermaid Prom Dress 
A sexy red color mermaid style evening dress, its back criss cross design will make feel sexy plus the front full sleeves will give you a formal look too. Will work for both formal evening parties and cocktail parties. 

The second one Backless Long Black Scoop Trumpet Mermaid Prom Dress 
The lace work on the dress makes this mermaid evening dress more elegant and the whole design makes the look fantastic plus not to forget the backless portion ;)  I would like to recommend this dress to everyone.

The third one Fantastic A Line Tulle Sleeveless Dress 
The shine and sparkle in this mermaid evening dress makes it look beautiful. The full-length ball gown skirt floats down in layers of soft tulle for an incredible look that is perfect for prom. Buy it now and make your princess dream come true :)

Hope you liked my picks :)
Go o wishesbridal for more collection.

Happy Shopping !

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Coupons And Online Shopping.

Did you ever get into a situation where it wasn't your fault yet you were the victim? Well it happens to me quite often and I really don't don't have a clue why. I fall in trouble without any cause and I have to always pull myself out of it. I faced the same scenario few days ago on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan a day every sister waits eagerly for and same goes for me as well. I have always made the Rakhi a special day for my brother and he does the same for me. Now since I have been married and I live far away from him we still exchange gifts and I always send him a Rakhi and Chocolate along with the gift.
I usually courier him the Rakhi and the gift from my end few days before Rakhi and it reaches him just a couple of day before the Rakhi. Things looks and sounds so uncomplicated doesn't it? The complications started this year when I got a call from my brother asking whether I have forgotten that I have a younger brother living somewhere in Pune. I was puzzled and clueless what the hell was he talking about. I for an instant thought that maybe he didn't like the gift I have sent. I said him directly that if he didn't like my gift he can tell it loud and clear to me instead of throwing riddles at me. He laughed and said that he was not taking about any gift because he did not receive my parcel and rakhi was the very next day. I was shocked again. This was new and I never came across such a problem before. I was helpless because it was impossible to send him a Rakhi and gift now.
I thought and thought and suddenly the idea bulb brighten my face. I turned my lappy on and went to Flipkart straight forward. I browsed for a Rakhi combo and there it was. I said say day delivery for just a nominal cost. I was happy. I added it to my cart and then I started looking for a gift for him. I found a good pair of jeans and a T-shirt too. I added them to cart too and was going to check out and suddenly remembered that my hubby was telling one of his friend that if anyone wants to buy something online he or she should visit 27coupons.com first because they have good discount coupons and deals for every renowned online store and thus can help the buyer to save the cost too. I opened www.27coupons.com on my browser and started browsing.
It was easier than I thought it would be. These guys at 27 coupons have designed the website so beautifully. They have segregated the deals and coupons according to categories and stores. It is easy to spot what you are looking for. I clicked on Flipkart icon and all the deals and coupons available opened on the screen. I was like a magic. I scrolled and found a deal of my use and used it up.

I ordered a Rakhi combo comprising of two Rakhis, a card, roli, chandan and a dairy milk.  I also ordered a jeans and a printed T-shirt for him. I got a discount of 35% by the help of 27coupons. com too. I selected the same day delivery option and checked the gift wrapping option before paying. I was so relieved but yet the product was still to be delivered. I was surprised that the Rakhi combo and the gift reached him in two hours and I knew this because my brother called and said that he just received two parcels from Flipkart so I should not worry about it. I was really happy now every thing was at its place.

All thanks to 27coupons. com and flipkart.com they were the real hero's and saved the big day for me. I shared this experience with my friends too that how these two sites helped me. I got a pretty dress from my bro too. He too shopped it from flipkart. I told him about 27coupons.com as well and told him the whole story. It was nothing less then a magic.
I always prefer flipkart over all other stores because they have huge collection of products and 27 coupons always helped me to get good deals and offers from them.
Witness this magic yourself just visit 27coupons.com before opening any online store and you will be happy to save and will be pampered by their deals.   

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Cheap Cocktail Dresses From Dresswe !

Hello All !

We all need perfect dresses for all special occasions. Likewise for a cocktail party we need cocktail dresses too. Cocktail party is a friends informal party in the evening of 16 to 18. Cocktail Dresses are to be selected very carefully looking at the cost and fabric and all as these dresses are must have for a women. While searching for some cocktail dresses online i saw that www.dresswe.com has got some amazing collection of cocktail dresses. They have all types of cocktail dresses such as cheap cocktail dresses , plus size cocktail dresses and many types as you want. You can select from their big collection of cocktail dresses the one you want according to your need.
Check out their total collection of cocktail dresses http://www.dresswe.com/cocktail-dresses-4352/
Checkout which cocktail dresses i am eyeing at - 

The very first one i like Lovely Lace Zipper-Up Short A-Line Cocktail Dress
A short dress with lace and applique work, made up of high quality and the cost is also not high, will perfectly to all body shape and sizes.

The second one Fashion Printing A-Line Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress
An A-line sleeveless dress with ribbon detail in the waist gives you a very chic and modern look.

The last one Fashion Strapless Printing A-Line Zipper-Up Cocktail Dress
A colorful cocktail dress with a modern day look and style. If you tired of all the simple colors of your dress and looking for something different, then you must buy it.

They have lovely prom dresses also you can see here http://www.dresswe.com/prom-dresses-4354/

Happy Shopping !

for any queries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 6 September 2015

Happy Rakhi !

Blessed are those who have a sibling to play with, to share their deepest secret, to have a partner in crime and to have a shoulder to cry on when needed. Harassing and torturing your sibling is the world’s biggest happiness. One can understand what I am talking about if one has a sibling and if he or she is younger to them or even if they share a marginal age difference. I am blessed to have a younger brother and he is the cutest and the best brother one can have and yet he faces the torture that I put him through.
There are so many beautiful moments that we have shared. The love and bonding kept on growing and it even keeps refreshing today. I would like to share such a moment from my life where I literally pissed of my brother but later made it up for that.
It was the monsoon season the best one I like. Monsoon brings back life with it. It blows life to everything it touches and the best part Raksha Bandhan falls in that month too. I used to wait for it eagerly and why should not I have? I mean who doesn't gets tempted with all those sweets, chocolates and gifts? So on one such Raksha Bandhad I thought of tricking my brother and made a plan for it.
My brother used to buy bunch of gifts and chocolates for the day of rakhi and by bunch I mean around dozens. He used to gift half of them to me as I was his only sister and rest was for cousins and friends. I always knew where he used to hide his stuffs and he lived with a false believe that no one knew about it. So that rakhi I pretend as usual that I had no Idea where his stuffs were. That night after he was asleep I sneaked in to his room and took all his stuffs. There were so many chocolates and gifts I was happy that he loved me so much that he cared to buy things for me and at the same time I did feel bad for a moment for what I was doing. I kept all the thoughts aside and moved ahead with my plan and moved away all his stuffs.
The very next morning that was the Rakhi day I was all dressed up and ready to tie the rakhi on his hand and I completely pretended that nothing has happened. I put on the tilak, did aarti and tied the rakhi on his hand and then the last but not the least spread my hand for my gift. My brother knew what he was supposed to do and thus he ran to his room to fetch the gift. It was more than 15 minutes that he went to bring out my gift but he was not back yet. I waited for 5 more minutes and then went after him just to find out what he was doing although I knew what was going on. I stood there at his door with a notorious smile on my lips watching him turning his room upside down for his stuffs. In next 45 minutes his room was a mess and yet he kept looking for the gifts at the same places again and again in a loop but at last he gave up. He came to me and asked sorry. I suddenly realized that he was sad and unhappy by now and thus I rushed to my room and brought back his stuffs. I looked at him and asked him whether he was looking for these things?

My brother stood there with a mixed expression of happiness and anger but he did not say anything and took the bags from my hands. I told him that I found then in the car and he might have left them their while coming home. He was relaxed and calm now. The very next moment he pulled out a box from his bag and handed over to me and to my surprise it was a brand new rolex watch shinning like a star on a cloudy sky. I took out the watch and hugged him and said him sorry. He hugged me back and gave me few temptation boxes and left.

It was an amazing rakhi, not only we enjoyed it but we remember it still and will keep it close to us for the rest of our life. He has been a great brother and a great friend. I wait for rakhi still today and love to cherish it with my brother all I want to say is “Bhai mere Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”.
My #selfiewithsibling

/buy gifts for your bro here - 

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