Thursday 16 December 2021

Review : mCaffeine Shampoo & scalp scrub

Hello friends 

How are you all ? Everyone is getting ready for Christmas,  yes only 10 more days to go now. So what are your plans , how are you going to celebrate this year ? Do let me know.  I think in between all the preparations don't forget to pamper yourself and your hairs too. So let's see a way to pamper our hair also this Christmas nicely. 
Few days back I received few products from , and I am excited to share my views for them with you all 😊 

So the very first product is mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo .
This shampoo is enriched with coffee extracts , protein , argan oil and caffeine  and free from harmful sulphates and silicon.

Price : 499 for 250 ml

How to use : Very easy to use , just take a little amount in your palm and apply directly to your wet hair and scalp, massage until the leather forms and then rinse off. 

My experience : Till date i have used it 4 times , and i can see there is a lil bit of changes , it gave smoothness and shine to my hair. And i am happy with it , my hair fall is little less now. everything takes time so i guess i am going to continue to use it. Coffee has many benefits , and it promotes hair growth too.

Rating : 3.5 / 5 

second product is mCaffeine Naked And Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub.
Its enriched with coffee powder , caffeine , natural AHA , rosemary and 

Price : 599 for 250gm

My Experience : This is the first time i have tried a coffee scalp scrub , but let me tell you i liked it and the result was also amazing, as its winters so my dandruff is giving me hard time but this scrub really worked for my dandruff's upto 60 % , and i think if i continue using it then it will surely go to 90%. So you should give it a try guys.

How to use : first wet your hair , then apply it to your scalp like your apply oil and massage it for few minutes . now wash it with water and then shampoo your hair.

Rating : 4/5

look at its texture
loved it

Last one is mcaffeine Natural Loofah
Its made with all natural plant fiber.  Its gentle on skin , removes dead skin and deeply cleanses the skin.
Price : Rs 199

My experience : i loved using it , as i need something with my shower gel or soap to rub my skin , so this worked perfectly for me.
Suitable for all skin types.

Let me know if you have tried these product yet and what was your experience :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Lets play Solitaire :)

 I had been very keen about learning various types of card games since my childhood. A deck of cards has always amazed me. Card games were the backbone of our fun during holidays, family vacation and family gathering. We would form a big circle and play cards whole night. All sweets, snacks and drinks were served right there to us. Those were some golden old days, today life has become so hectic that a large family gathering is near to impossible, someone or other always left out because of work, family or studies.

My life may be so busy but my love for card games has not been changed a bit. My favorite card came has been solitaire. I have played so many solitaire games and never ever have I felt bored about it. I hold the record of least moves solitaire win on my Windows laptop too. Talking about card games I love playing and trying different platform for card games. I try different applications and web sites for the game and it keeps me busy in my free time. I have also had good time and opportunity to try out new type of card games during the Covid lock down. i tried various types of card games in the last year.

I stumbled of this website a couple of months ago. There are so many card games available here on the website. It is pure love for card game lovers. I have come across so many new interesting games here and have learned to play a few although solitaire remains my favorite. The best thing I liked here is that they don't show you useless and stupid advertisements at all. It's so good to have an adware free website where one can play different categories of card games for free.

They have a huge list of card games too. I personally haven't tried all of them but will definitely try them.

My favorite card game solitaire is also available in couple of variants. The first one that I liked the most was  Solitaire pro. It's the solitaire game with a new twist.

The next game that I played and liked was Freecell Solitaire which was also an interesting game to play. 

I have played so many games here and have absolutely loved them. also has other games that one can try if one doesn't finds card games interesting like Logic Puzzle Games, Word Games, Mahjong Games, Hidden Object Games and Match 3 Games. If you are an online game lover and want to play something new and interesting when you are free do visit their website. It's well organised and free to play.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Decorate Home With AOIN

We spend a lot of money trying to look presentable. We do makeover and diver's until we are happy and satisfied.  Well today I am not here to talk about making one self presentable but I am here to talk about making our house presentable and beautiful.  And for this we use home accessories to make our house, rooms living areas look beautiful.  

We all have our own taste and preferences when it Comes to decorate our house. 
There are so many things to choose from and it is quite interesting to decorate your own house and there are various shops and brands offering home accessories and dΓ©cor. You can find such shops both online and offline. 

I came across a very beautiful website while browsing home accessories for my house, the website is I prefer shopping online more than going out these days due to the ongoing pandemic. And believe me I was just startled by the products Aoin offers for home dΓ©cor. They have a huge range of house accessories to chose from. 

There are few items that I have picked and I want to share these with you today. 
The first item on my cart is "Moon Star Sun metal outdoor hanging lights". The beautiful piece of art adds a wow factor to the garden sitting area the low lightning with the metallic finish gives an vivid enigma and brings you at peace after a long tiring day at work. A cup of coffee with your loved one in this light can make you forget any worries. 

                                                          Source - Aoin
you can buy it from here.

The second item on my list is "Shell Wind Chimes". I personally always has been a fan of wind chimes. I have always had one hanging by my window and the melody it produces is so soothing and calming.  The shell chime is so beautiful and gives an elegant look to the room and my daughter loves plying with it. you can buy it here.

                                                      Source- Aion

The third and final item on my list is "Artificial Rose Flower Garland" this beauty is mesmerizing and the best part is that you vacancy put it any where in your house and it brings stardom to the place. I am going to use it to decorate my empty walls and make it look awesome. You can buy it here.

                                                       Source- Aion

Aoin has many more such dΓ©cor items for your house and these are available at very affordable rate and are of extraordinarily good quality. Do tell me which one of these items you liked the most.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

FeelinGirl - Waist and Tummy shaper.

 Hello friends 

Hope you all are safe and sound, I am also good and trying my best to keep my family in a good shape. This Covid has made us realize the value of life and friends and family. 
With everything going on, its very much necessary for we females to keep ourselves also in good health and shape. And to keep us in shape a Waist Trainer For Women is very much important for day to day life. Keeping our waist in good shape is a big trouble for us, that is why a waist trainer is best, we can wear it indoors and outdoors also beneath our dresses this will help us to look our best too.

Shapewears provide instant visible results to our looks, Even i will share here few Best Plus Size Shapewear too, have a look below - 

The very first one is a plus size waist trainer and body shaper. It helps sculpting and loosing few inches, but the best it helps to support your posture while heavy lifting.

The second one is a shapewear for tummy and waist underwear. It has detachable straps, easy to take off. Its designed to give a perfect tummy control.

The third shapewear is like a bodysuit , its unpadded. Its super elastic so its very comfortable and can fit any size. its ruched is heart shaped to enhance your butt.

I know its a tough decision to make as in which one to pick , which will sui your body, which is good quality, which will be comfortable and so on there are many doubts which we face while making a purchase for a shapewear. So for this you can check out Waist Trainer Before And After , where you can have a glance at the pics of shapewears used before and after pics, a very good comparison has been shown with real customer/blogger pics. For accurate results , a perfect body shaper should be picked. So what are you waiting for , go ahead compare and then buy the best which suits you.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 23 May 2021

Games Now And Then.

Let's go down the memory lane. Let's be a child again. That carefree life, no restrictions no tension and above all love and love everywhere you go. Those were some good old days. I was a pampered kid had lots of love and lots of games and toys to play. 

I have always missed those days and wanted to re live them again. So this Pandemic when the whole world was halted, people staying inside of homes and nature healing itself, I got a chance a second chance to re live my childhood. Everything was shut down and we had nothing to do so to keep us busy and to keep our minds healthy we played new games, cooked together, watched web series and passed our time.

We explored a lots of games like ludo, carrom, chess and some card games too. We played everything we knew and everything we could given within the given limitations. We also explored some online websites for new games and healthy time pass.

There are lots of websites where one can play lots of games. Some of these website needs registration and charge you some money to play but on the other hand some websites are free where you don't need to register or sign up all you need is to go to the web address and explore their game section and play any game you like for free.

I came across a good website

The website doesn't needs any sign up like I said and it has a variety of games to play from. Like they say every good thing is always free so are the games on this site. Although there are uncountable such websites available yet I liked this site because the site has some games which has been my favorite since childhood. So I definitely got a good shot of my childhood back while playing games at I Still remember one of my favorite game from my childhood and I am sure many of you must have played it too. I had a small video game it was black in color and had a small black and white screen. 

Source:- Google

There we so many game in this small gadget like brick games, snake, racing and my favorite game on this video game was Tetris hope many of you are relating to what I am talking about. So after a couple of decades I got to play this game again on this website. It was a sheer pleasure living that moment and playing that game again. If you are still missing out what I am talking about here is a pic of the game I am talking about.

So while browsing the different games I came across the game again and I was so happy to play it again. 

the game was all the same with colorful tiles and a bit of graphics and it felt that the game has also grown up a bit with me but nothing has changed in the concept.

I played the games for hours until my battery ran out and lived my childhood days again, now me and my hubby are competing each other making new records and breaking them.

There are so many these types of games and the website gets updated frequently with new games. Well my favorite was Super Tetris do visit the site and find what is or what was your favorite game. I am simply loving it so will you.  

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~


Thursday 13 May 2021

Must Have Summer Dresses from Styched.

 Hello lovely fellas !

Hope you all are safe and sound. Please try to stay at home as much as possible and dont forget to get yourself Vaccinated. My family members and I got our first jab last week. 
It was Mother's day yesterday and let me tell you all I treated myself to a wonderful Dress which of course I bought online, as we all know there is a lockdown and no way that we can go out and shop. We have seen that there has been a  huge hike in online shopping due to lockdown, from grocery items to apparels to basic personal care products.
So today I am going to introduce you all to a new fashion destination - Styched . Its a new online site for all your fashion desires including male and female both.
Yes we all are at home and need comfortable Dresses right now, and Styched
 have some awesome collection for you which are comfortable, trendy, casual and ofcourse totally within your budget. The price range for their dresses online ranges from 299 to 999 ... Wohoo isnt it exciting? Have a look at a few of my favourites - 

The very first one is a pretty black dress with a halter neck. You can style it with casual shoes and a turban headband which are very much in trend these days. Oh, and it's available just for Rs 499.

The second one is a pretty gathered dress , perfect for a busy day at work , the dress is quiet flowy and perfect for your summer look.

And the third one is a half sleeved gathered dress, this one has gathered sleeves. The design and color of this dress gives me a summer vibe and i will love to add it to my wardrobe :) This Solid dress is just perfect for the summers.

I love their dress collection, you can check them out for crop tops, combo sets, workout collections also.
Which one of the above dresses did you like the most ? Do check them out before  you buy dress online, I am sure you will surely find something of your taste and budget . 
There are many of these types of dresses available at affordable prices so just go for it friends.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 7 May 2021

Review Deyga Aloevera Gel

 Heya fellows

This post is a long due post, I received this Aloevera Gel from Deyga long time back , and already used half of the tub as will see in the below pics. This product is handmade which makes it more closer to my heart ❤ 

Price - Rs 350 

How to use - Its very easy to use , you can leave it overnight by evenly spreading over your skin or just wash it after 30 minutes. Well Aloevera gel has many uses and benefits .

My Experience -

Well I am using aloevera since I was 10 years old , my mom planted them in one corner of our garden and it keeps growing there easily. So I can say this Aloevera gel from Deyga is a good one. I have applied it to my hairs also and it works good. Do try it out. It makes my skin look brighter and sometimes I feel softness also.

Ratings - 4/5

You can buy this product HERE

Let me know if you have tried this product yet :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Thursday 22 April 2021

Kurti & Pants / Fabric from Fabcurate.

 Hello Peeps 

Hope you all are safe . Friends please stay at home , step out only if its urgent or necessary,  and don't step out without your mask on and a hand sanitizer. Take measures for yourself and your family. We all are in this together, this too will pass. Q

Coming back to the post, last month Fabcurate approached with an interesting collaboration. Its an online site where you can find different patterns of fabrics from plain to printed in different crafts sich as ikat , ajrakh , Indigo and many more πŸ˜€.  So I received my selected fabrics within 4 days, and my tailor bhaiya stitched it perfectly within a week as I instructed him πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„. So yes i love wearing stitched Indian wears too coz we can get them customized in any design we want according to our taste. Have a look below how the fabrics are looking wonderful after getting stitched - 

The Kurta's neck is Chinese collar with V neck and have bell 3 quarter sleeves, which is complete in trend right now. The fabric which I selected for my kurti is Pure Maheshwari silk fabric and for my pants is Handblock cotton  fabric. Its so very comfortable and perfect for this summer. You can even wear it to a family lunch or to a kids outing or even to a movie date. I styled it with my yellow glass bangles which are very easily available in the market and I have a huge collection πŸ˜€  And of course MASK ON 😷 please don't take off your mask even to click photos too.

Do check them out friends and 1 more thing you can make anything from the fabrics available it can be from home decor curtains to table runner , even you can make twinning clothes for your family, or anything which comes in your mind, be creative 😊😊

You can use my code PRERANA10 to get discounts.

 for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses

~ Prerana ~

Monday 12 April 2021

Wigs & Hair Extensions.

 Hello friends 

Summer is here with full swing , days are getting hotter and hotter , don forget to keep yourself hydrated but try to drink normal water and avoid chilled water because we all are facing covid by some or other ways. Even kids new session online classes also started and keeping them busy with homework's and all.
Coming back to the post today I am going to talk about wigs and hair extensions today, let me ask me something first have you ever checked or just casually browsed any online wig store ?? Wigs and Hair extensions are not a new word in todays era, we all have come across this many times in our life. The wigs are so much in demand now a days, if you have any hair fall problem or you just want to make your hair look voluptuous or just want your hair to look gorgeous then you can opt for wigs and feel happy and contend. Check out few women's wig collection which are good and something different - 
The very first one is Mira Short bob blonde wig and the shade is warm honey , it allows you to sweep the hair in any direction or position you want. It will give a very sophisticated look.

The second one is Perfection Brunette Balayage women's wig  . you can get this in chocolate brown color . This is perfect for everyday wear and it never goes out of fashion.

All right girls have you played with your hair or love experimenting with it ? well I personally don't like to color my hair as i feel it may harm my hair quality so I feel hair extensions are a perfect solution to me. I am thinking to try red hair extensions , I wonder how will I look :) I have seen few of them online check the out below - 

Well these are Colored clip in synthetic hair extensions. We can curl or straighten them as per our wish and explore more with hairstyles without damaging our hair.

So next time you face any such problem with your hair then don't just sit and cry over it, instead buy the one wig which fits your style and guys before experimenting with real colors to your hair, do try hair extensions, they are a perfect and better ones to explore more hairstyle diversity :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses

~ Prerana ~

Saturday 3 April 2021

Birthday OOTD Kurti

 Hello peeps !

Its April , I celebrated my birthday yesterday on 1st on April πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yes its April fools day and my birthday too . And it was my 2nd covid birthday , there was no outing or dinner party. It was a very simple one  with home-cooked meal and family, and a very very normal day. My kiddo made me a card which kinda made my day 😊😊

Last year one of my relative gifted me a Rayon kurti material (it was not even semi stitched) , I got it stitched from a local tailor here at my home town. Its a very colorfull printed material, i got it stitched in a very simple way for summers with a U shaped neck and button pattern. Do have a look below - 

I wore this kurti with a matching maroon colored legging and accessorized my look with a beaded neckpiece, knotted hairband , long red earrings and watch.
Hope you all liked it. Do let me know your views in the comment section below.

Do you like to wear readymade kurtis or tailored/customized ones ?

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses

~ Prerana ~

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Review/Swatch Pure Colour Intense by Oriflame

Hello ladies

So I am reviewing a lipstick today which I just love using, this is not sponsored, i bought this shade for the second time now and thought of sharing it with you guys.

Product Name - PURE Colour Intense Lipstick by Oriflame
Shade - Warm Fuschia
Code - 33232
Price - Rs 229 for 2.5g

My Experience - 
The texture is quiet creamy. It glides very easily , gives a good shade in a single glide you can layer it more for a darker shade,  keeps my lips moisturized , it does not make my lips feel heavy, very good for daily use, only one thing it is gets transfer very easily while eating or drinking.
Yes I would like to buy it again and again.

Rating - 4/5

So what do you think about this lipstick girls ?
Do lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below.
P.s this is not a sponsored post.
for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Sunday 14 February 2021

OOTD - Sharara Suit

 Hi peeps !

Happy Valentines Day to all of you. Wish you all celebrate it with your near and dear ones and have lots of fun. Well i am wearing a stitched garara/sharara set today :) Yes i love wearing ethnic wear, i feel very comfortable and confident especially in Indian wear. I was not planning to click an outfit post today, but my better half said that i should do it and he clicked few pics , so sharing them with you guys. Have a look - 

This was a simple suit piece, i got it stitched as a sharara suit from my tailer here at my town. I accessiorised my look with a beaded neckpiece, bangles and watch.
Hope you all liked it. Do let me know your views in the comment section below.

Thursday 11 February 2021

Tiny shopping haul from January Republic day sale.

Hello fellas !

How are you all ? Valentine's day is only 2 days away and I have not decided my plans yet. What are you guys planning this year ? I think mine will be something at home only no outings this time ..... let's see what happens on that particular day. All righty friends coming back to the post this is my last months little online and offline shopping haul which I bought from Republic day sale . Yes I love shopping during sale coz I feel prices are amazingly low during sale peroid😁😁

Tiny shopping haul

Woolen leggins - sale price Rs 100
Beanie - sale price Rs 65

These 3 stuff i bought for my kiddo
Jacket - sale price Rs 350
shoes - sale price Rs 250
socks - sale price Rs 30

Rubber bands full pack - Rs 50
Knot hair band - Rs 30
Lipstick from Mistral - Rs 300

So what do you think about the price guys ? Do you love to see such shopping hauls , i will try to do this type of posts every month :) Tell me have you seen the price differences while end of season sale or any such sale days and normal price days ? Do lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Friday 5 February 2021

DIY Gullak / kids activity 2

Hi Mommies!
Hope you all are doing good. Well I am trying my best to keep my lil one busy , though exams are approaching near, but still kids need to have some activities to enlighten themselves. In the last year or I should say quarantine year I came across many online kids activity worksheets or kits which was not possible for every mommy to buy for their kids. I wanted my kiddo to do some activity which doesn' involve investment. So lately we are doing a lot of home diy stuff. That's why I call it no investment kids activity πŸ˜…
Check it out - 
All you need is water color's , glitter, and an earthen Gullak. That's it and we are ready to start :) Her dadimaa gifted this gullak to her to teach her to save money and it was her idea to make it beautiful.

Little artist at work :)

And Tada this is the final result :) A happy kid what more a mother wants.
Well these days there are so many piggy banks available in the market of various designs and pattern, but this earthen gullak is the Mother of all Gullak's . Would you like to give ita try with your kids ? Yes or No.. Do lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

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