Sunday 14 October 2012

My new Ballerinas ... ♥ ♥ !! :)

Hellllo pretty ladies

Hope you all are doing good ^-^
We all know its festive time Durga puja nd Diwali , on its way :)
full masti time ;p

U guys remember i said in one of my post that Mr Hubby got a job in Tanzania,Africa ?? Actually now its cancel and he is not going there :):) I am so so happy ( i wanted him to go nd i didn wanted him to go , aagghh... confused :l ) .

Coming back to the post again , 
recently bought a new Ballerina from " MOCHI " , ( i have not seen this brand selling their stuff online but they got their showrooms in every city ) very nice collection and to the top very nice leather quality .

This is what i bought -

love them , very much comfortable ....
You guys aware of this brand ??
do lemme know

~ Prerana ~


  1. love it..pretty ballerinas...

  2. Yes, I like Mochi. Got these cute kitten heel sandals from there once.

  3. Wow...they look lovely... :)

    I have an award for u on my blog...

  4. Cute and simple flats you can walk around :)



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