Tuesday 1 January 2013

A very Happy New Year !!

Hello Sweetie pies ^-^ 
Wish you all a very Happy New Year .
New Year , New Journey and New Memories :) 
I am so much excited :) :D
And this is ma 1st post of 2013 ... YAY

Hope you all had a loads of fun today , like me :D
Me and my family welcomed the new year with a small family celebration like cake cutting nd all at night 12am (wid loads of chocolates too) . And today me and my Hubby went for lunch and then a small ice cream treat :)

It always feels good to have ice cream in winter season <3

yummy na ... actually mouth watering :)
And oh how can i forget 
to share my new year nail-art with you all guys
(a bit funny one) :D

actually i was thinking about my New Year Resolution while doing this nail-art , "Be happy , and make others also happy" , and so i landed to this funny one :D

hope you all liked it :)
Do comment guys, will be back soon with a new post . 
Till then take-care <3

Congratulations girl , plz inbox me your contact details in my FB page within 24 hrs :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~


your comments make my day :):)

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