Sunday 14 April 2013

My 1st Nail Stamping and how i did it :)

First of all let me tell you guys its my 1st Blog Anniversary after 4 days ,i.e, 19th April ^-^
Really i cnt believe that i am going to complete 1 year in the blog world
i am very much excited :D

Let us come back to the blog post - 
last month i tried nail stamping the very first time
i know i am posting this very lately but i hope you all will like it

Base coat Elle 18 color bomb nail polish
(check its review here : )

The way i did the stamping is shown in the following pictures - 

And this is the final result

i just loved the beautiful butterflies  <3
but so sad i forgot to click more pics :'( *sob sob*
hope to try out few more of them soon.

Let me know some cool tips if you have any regarding nail stamping coz i found it quiet time consuming.

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~


  1. wow !1st of all congr8sss in advance :) ll again wish u on 19th :p
    very nycly & neatly u done it <3 lovely <3

  2. nicely done prerana :)
    i hate using nail art stamps..they take ages plus they never come off neatly :(

  3. I've just started getting into nail stamping, it's a lot harder than it looks! You've done great for your first time, mine are so messy and sometimes I scrape too much or not enough and it's frustrating. Thanks for visiting my blog, followed you back! xx


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