Saturday 23 November 2013

“The Blackberry Crush” flavour Breezer the BEST .

“Drinks are on the house” sound like a perfect phrase while party. But what would you prefer if you are

expected a bit early at the home or you have you parents or spouse waiting for you. Aanhaa it couldn’t

be non other then Bacardi Breezer. A light alcoholic flavorful beverage cool to hangout with. Although

Bacardi Breezer comes in so many flavors but the best flavor that Bacardi Breezer has produced is

Blackberry Crush. I like the Blackberry crush flavor the most. BUT WHY??? Why??? Why???

Ok just let me take a sip of the “Blackberry crush Breezer” and I will tell you why!

Umm..!! Delicious,

smooth, tasty … ohhh sorry, ok what??? Yes I was saying why is Blackberry flavor the best among all the

flavors of Breezer. Well first off all it just tastes perfect. It has a perfect blend of alcohol, blackberry and

sugar in it. The blackberry gives it perfect sweet and tangy taste; yes I can feel it right here on my taste

buds. It provides a tingling sensation on the taste buds nothing you have experienced before. Well I

love it He loves it problem soled J . On a personal opinion other breezer flavors are good too but lemon

flavor is a bit harsh on the pallet so it doesn’t go well for a girl, orange is tasty but too predictable,

cranberry naah too sweet, Jamaican Rum too manly and island pineapple is not on ma chart so the

winner of the taste battle is one and only “Blackberry crush”. Also a stupid reason to like Blackberry

flavor is that it’s his favorite flavor too but Mum shouldn’t know :P .

To know more about Bacardi Breezer and to play colorful games you can always log on to

This blog post has been written for ‘Catch The Flavour’ contest, organized by IndiBlogger and BreezerIndia. The topic is - Blog About Your Chosen Flavour, And Why It's The Best.


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting drink. Keep in touch

  2. I have never had blackberry crush flavour in breezer , will try next tim
    Keep in touch,


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