Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Era Of Yoga Tablet by Lenovo .

“Janu I want a new Lenovo yoga tablet for my birthday!!! ” was my first reaction when I saw the

advertisement of this smart and sexy gadget on the TV.

Human race has been evolved a lot since the ages passed by and so have their tools and machines. Tablet pc is one among those evolutions which have helped human beings to keep up to the pace of the developing world. Charles Babbage would have never dreamt that his invention of computer would become so concise that one day Mr. Gates would put it on our palm inform of a tablet PC. Tablet has made our day to day life interesting, easy and smooth. Tablets have become the best friend of men. It entertains you when you are bore, it keeps you close to your loved ones, and it keeps you packed with the knowledge of the entire world. It acts a source of communication when you are too far away from your home, easy to carry along and most important thing it has everything for your entertainment. Literally we have a huge influence of tablet Pc in our life, you are late at work and need to e-mail an important presentation to your boss do it on the go with your tablet PC or you need to check the timings of the next show your tablet will do the job for you.
My life with tablet is so awesome that I can’t imagine a day without it.
But sometimes these machines could become a big headache if one doesn’t choose it wisely. That is what happen to me around a year ago. I was travelling to Gangtok with my hubby and off course my
tablet as the only source of entertainment with me and had a long and exhausting journey. It was perfectly ok till I landed at the airport but it started acting weird while I was checking for the number of the hotel we were staying in. It was so damn irritating I couldn’t see a thing on it, its screen was flickering so badly. And Mr. Hubby had to check for the hotels’ number on his phone’s internet and i turned the tablet off thinking that its battery might have drained out and kept it in the bag. The very next morning we had a tour arranged for the mountain and the Tsongmo Lake. I had left my tablet for charging the whole night. It was working well when I checked it in the morning. So finally we started with our tour. The sceneries were really lovely and charming; we got so many pics on the way to the Lake too. When we reached the lake I took my tablet out to get some full view pictures of the lake but it started flickering again but my hubby managed to get few pictures from it anyhow. And we continued with our journey but I was so pissed off on the freaking tablet. When we reached the top of the mountain it felt like heaven the view was so pleasing there and it was so refreshing. But it wasn’t pleasant for so very long hubby left the camera in the car which was on a 10 minutes of walking distance and so asked me for the tablet to click so pictures and I handed it to him. So he started clicking pictures of the mountain and valleys. He might have clicked four to five pics only that the tablet froze and stopped responding. And before I could realize what was happening and what was going to happen my hubby pulled the simcard and the memory card out of the tablet and tossed it down the valley. Oh Gosh I was so stunned and could not gasp what just had happen and then he ran to the car got the camera and was back in a jiffy. I was angry at bit but was more satisfied finally I got rid of that stupid tablet. That very evening he got me a good phone and promised to get me a good tablet whenever I asked for it. But that tablet was really a pain, a pain everywhere.
And now that Lenovo have come up with such a better concept in the field of tablets.

Image Source

Tilt it, Hold it or Stand it use it the way you want. Superb design and stylish look. Seems like made for me only.
Nevertheless it won’t freeze or die in cold weather for sure. Life is good when you have cool gadgets like Yoga around you. Carry it with you anywhere you go and for sure you will get peoples’ attention. Buy it flaunt it. Use it for entertainment, personal and professional things and it will never let you down. It hav got every single important feature one can ask for in a tablet. So it brings the whole world on your palm and on your finger tip.

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  3. Lovely tablet :)

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