Tuesday 28 January 2014

Looking After Your Little Black Dress.

Party season may well be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean your trusty little black dress should be consigned to the back of the wardrobe. As Giveaway Dose have explained recently, a good LBD is ultra-versatile, and can be an essential part of your winter wardrobe – simply couple with a patterned tweed jacket for a look that’s cute, sexy, and warm, all at the same time! However, if you’re planning on wearing your LBD on a regular basis, you need to know how to keep it looking its very best. Luckily, when laundry day rolls around, there are a few little tips and tricks you can employ to ensure your little black dress stays vibrant and beautiful, keeping you feeling great all day long.

Keep the Color Looking Bold

If you’re prone to causing stains on your clothing, black garments are ideal as they hide all manner of smudges and marks. However, black can, and will, fade in the washing machine if you wash without care. When it comes to keeping your LBD looking black, rather than a faded gray color, here’s what you need to do:

Salt Soak

There are varying degrees of success with salt soaks, but many women report that they do work – and by utilizing only natural ingredients, you can be sure that the solution won’t ruin your dress in any way. Fill a basin with cold water, and add around a cup full of salt - regular table salt will do, there’s no need to use sea or kosher salt. Soak your dress for around 30 minutes. It’s said that the sodium essentially helps to seal the color into the fabric, reducing the risk of fading. 

Wash Inside Out

By simply turning your LBD inside out before popping in the wash, you can really help reduce the amount of color that runs from the material. When you wash clothing inside out, the water in the drum doesn’t directly hit the dyed fabric on the exterior, so it remains looking vibrant for much longer.

Keep the Temperature Down

Even if your LBD is heavily stained, never use hot water in the washing machine, as the heat can encourage color fading - it can actually melt the dye! For little black dresses, a cold wash is always recommended. However, if you’re concerned about dirt or germs, you can opt for a warm wash – no more than 30 degrees Celsius. 

Don’t Bleach

If your little black dress is badly stained, don’t be tempted to use bleach. While this will remove the stain, it will also remove the color, leaving you with an unsightly white mark on your dress. Instead, apply a small amount of liquid detergent and leave it for 15 minutes to allow the product to break down the particles of the stain. Massage the detergent in (or gently scrub it with an old toothbrush) before washing as normal. 

Take Care of Netting or Lace Sections

While some little black dresses are very simple and stylish, others include intricate detailing which really adds a wow factor. Netting, mesh, and lace sections are relatively common, and should be washed with care. The main issue with delicate fabrics is that the washing machine can weaken the material, causing rips and tears. Many women opt to hand wash these delicate fabrics, but it’s really not necessary. Instead, use your washing machine’s gentle cycle, which spins slowly, helping to protect the garment. You may also want to consider purchasing a wash bag from your local store. These inexpensive mesh bags protect your lace dresses from the internal workings of the washing machine, while still allowing water to penetrate the garment, getting it fresh and clean. 

No woman can live without that trusty LBD in her wardrobe. Great for party season, winter style, and summer sun, the little black dress really is a true essential. However, it’s so important to look after your LBD to ensure it stays looking smart all year round. It’s easy to do – just follow the tips above and you’ll find your LBD really does stand the test of time!

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