Sunday 19 October 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home.

"He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything"
                                  An Arabic proverb.
Health is the biggest wealth in the world. We study play and work just to have a healthy life forourselves and our family. But it's not our own health which concerns us the most, its our child's health which comes first on the priority list. Its very well said "A healthy child makes a happy home." And if the child falls sick it makes the whole house doomed. And believe me when i say doomed means doomed and i can say this with the bitter experience that the life has given me or you may say it was a tough lesson taught by life and i am going to share this experience here today.
It was the starting of the summer and the school vacation was on the verge. I was in 6th standard and was really exited for my holidays to begin. And in this excitement i mistakenly forgot to have my milk and chawanpras in the morning and left for the school without my lunchbox too. Mom was too busy in the kitchen and she knew that i never compromised with my dite but it was the eagerness of the vacation which blinded me.
So i left for my school and heard dad saying that we were going to a hill station this vacation while leaving. At the school periods passed by and i still didn't realize that something important was missing.
It was the lunch break bell which brought me back to my senses and i looked for my lunch box and found it to be missing but the excitement of the hill station trip suppressed my hunger and i didn't realize that i didn't eat or drink anything during the lunch. Well i had never been to a hill station before so i was literally day dreaming. All i wanted was that this day at shool should end up quickly. And finally the last period arrived and it was a drill or games period.
We took our school bags and ran to the school ground for the games. We were asked to play khokho in two teams and i was in one of the team. I played like a mad child and why shouldn't have i, after all it was the final period.
Everything was going on fine until suddenly everything went black and i don't remember a thing what happened. The next thing i remember was myself laying on my bed and my parents surrounding me and looking at me. The doctor told that i went through a dehydration stroke and i need to be given sline solution to maintain my body fluid and i was been injected sline solution.
I could see a lot of happy faces turn pale. Mom and Dad were so concerned and they didn't leave me for even a single second. The doctor said that although it wasn't anything serious but yet i was in need of a few days rest. Damn i felt so devastated and furious, all i wanted was a vacation at a hill station and look where i endedup. But i heard dad had already canceled the trip. Dad said that children were the main wealth and if we were not well no happiness on the earth counts.
I was sad, i was happy, i was sad and happy. Sad because i ruined my and my family vacation and happy to see my parents care and sacrifice for me. I was on my feet within a week and to my surprise dad replaned the vacation.
So from that day i never missed my meals and specially my milk and chawanpras. chawanpras keeps you fit and strong from within. Check full details from this link .
That was the day i learned that if a child is happy he keeps the whole house happy and if he falls sick its not just the child who is sick but the entire family. Stay healty, Stay Happy.


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