Friday 12 June 2015

Natural Beauty Tips !

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?”

We have always been so conscious about our skin, fairness and looks, eventually every girl is. We try each and everything we possibly can to have a mesmerizing and elegant look on our face.  The modern world demands us to be smart, good looking and attractive. There are so many things which can be helpful to us to get our desired looks and skin care. Some among them are artificial like surgical procedures, face lift ups, anti aging creams or implants and etc whereas some are natural and are cost efficient.

The Artificial ones are costly and it is not possible for every one of us to go through them and they also have a large scale chance to fail and I am telling this because of the live examples we have and we see in our day to day life. The natural ones are not costly and can be used by any one desired. If you are a girl you should know what I am talking about. Let us have a look on the few of the cost efficient ways and the most important the natural ways of taking care of our skin and making it glow and attractive.
We all know that papaya is very good for our health unless you are pregnant because it is a big no for the pregnant women’s to have papaya. Papaya can also be used for our skin care and many of us know it and use it too in our day to day lives. The ripen papaya or in other words the most ripen papaya can be mashed and can be applied directly to the skin usually on the face, neck and hands. We leave the applied papaya on for 45 minutes to an hour and then we wash our skin with cold water.

Curd & Besan:-

A paste is prepared by mixing almost equal proportion of curd and besan or the mixture can be simply prepared by mixing besan in curd until it gets a bit thicker. This semi solid stuff is than applied to the skin and is left to be dried and then it is washed out by water. The mixture imparts a glowing effect to the skin and makes it soft and smooth. It also can help in getting rid of the unwanted hairs from our skin.

Aloe Vera:-

A very common name to which we all have been familiar and we use it too at our homes. Aloe Vera is one among the oldest known plant that has been continuously used for medical and beauty treatment purposes. It is a succulent plant and its leaf contains a gel textured fluid which can be easily abstracted and is applied on the skin. The leaves of the Aloe Vera plant has become one of the best thing for the skin care and it is completely natural and is cost efficient.
Talking about the natural skin care items bring out a product to my mind which all of us are aware of, “VICCO Turmeric cream”. This cream is a true blessing of the nature as its made up of turmeric, sandal and few more natural elements. The cream is completely natural although it has been manufacture. It is a real gift of ayurved and has a good effect on our skin. To know more about the cream visit It has all the information that you require and also you can watch this beautiful video to know about the cream here Turmeric Cream Video .

So guys these were few natural way of taking care of the skin and they are pretty easy to obtain or make. Don’t forget to use the above natural items and especially the “VICCO Turmeric Cream”. Stay safe and stay beautiful.  


  1. It really sounds good and I would love to try it! :)

  2. great tips and info. makeup and skin care are the basic of a fresh helathy look!


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