Monday 14 December 2015

Share A Hug.

"Yarron dosti badi hin hassin hai ye jo na ho to phir kaha ye zindagi hai".
Isn't that a beautiful song, damn yes it is. Go into a flash back of the very first day of your School. Wasn't it pathetic to leave your parents and loved ones behind to go to some silly place where they would ask you to tell story and poems. It was a doomsday for me but I still remember that guy who shared my lunch box and I ate his. If that guy wasn't there I would have hated school for the rest of my life but actually it was the friends and the friendship that compelled me to go to that boring classes always. Friends are even important then water because you can live thirsty for a day or two but you can't stay away from your friend for such a long time. Friendship is that glue that binds our lives together. A friend is the partner in crime, a well wisher, a guide and a friend.

When we grow up and we leave our parents and shift to abroad or some other state there is no one to look upon or to rely on but friendship is something that you can always count on. Friendship means going out of the box to help a friend, it doesn’t matter if it is 2:30 in the morning but a friend is always there to share your happiness and sorrow. That is what friendship is. We usually hear no sorry and thank you in yari and dosti and that is so true because the BFF’s don’t say that instead they share a hug and that says it all because friendship is standing next to your friend in all his deeds weather good or bad it doesn’t matter at that point of time friend is all that matters. 

Friendship teaches us to be responsible too. We when are in friendship we have to look after each other and we do care for each other. We need to be Live Responsibly for our friends and we should take care of them. If we are talking about spirit it is quite possible and certain that it comes with responsibilities. We should be responsible of our friend that they don’t drink much and even if they do they do not do something stupid. It is responsibility to drop them safe and sound to their home. have few very good article on Live Responsibly. They are committed to Responsible drinking and have few very good tips about it like “5 Simple rules to avoid an embarrassing Night”, “Get over the Hangover” and etc. They also have a list of occasions with details of venue, timing and where about of most rocking party that you may have ever imagined of. 

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So if have a good friend and he is there for you always and forever just cling to that person because you may not find that friendship again in your life, don’t let it go no matter what. Live or die for friendship because “If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the World”. Sir Abraham Lincoln.

** Disclaimer - This Post Is Only For Age 25 and above

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