Saturday 6 June 2020

Kids quarantine activities.

Hi friends

How is this quarantine time treating you all ?? Well my 5 year old kiddo is keeping me damn busy. I am trying all sort of kids activities for her that are free of cost , using  all the stuffs which are easily available at home. 
This one I am sharing with you all here, if you find it interesting or useful then do lemme know guys. 
You just need few cuttings of newspaper and a fevi stick for this. 

After that just ask your kid to paste it in their drawing copy or any other plane paper however they want and ask them to surprise you. Let me tell you this surprise word works like magic.

Well my daughter was very much excited for this activity and she wants to do it again and again. I let her do it as it keeps her busy for a good amount of time. In the end she came to me and said mumma you close your eyes I have a gift for you.  Result mommy and baby both happy 😋😊

So all the mommy's out here do give it a try .
Hope it works with you all. This is my no investment kids activity 😊😊

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info.


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