Sunday 23 May 2021

Games Now And Then.

Let's go down the memory lane. Let's be a child again. That carefree life, no restrictions no tension and above all love and love everywhere you go. Those were some good old days. I was a pampered kid had lots of love and lots of games and toys to play. 

I have always missed those days and wanted to re live them again. So this Pandemic when the whole world was halted, people staying inside of homes and nature healing itself, I got a chance a second chance to re live my childhood. Everything was shut down and we had nothing to do so to keep us busy and to keep our minds healthy we played new games, cooked together, watched web series and passed our time.

We explored a lots of games like ludo, carrom, chess and some card games too. We played everything we knew and everything we could given within the given limitations. We also explored some online websites for new games and healthy time pass.

There are lots of websites where one can play lots of games. Some of these website needs registration and charge you some money to play but on the other hand some websites are free where you don't need to register or sign up all you need is to go to the web address and explore their game section and play any game you like for free.

I came across a good website

The website doesn't needs any sign up like I said and it has a variety of games to play from. Like they say every good thing is always free so are the games on this site. Although there are uncountable such websites available yet I liked this site because the site has some games which has been my favorite since childhood. So I definitely got a good shot of my childhood back while playing games at I Still remember one of my favorite game from my childhood and I am sure many of you must have played it too. I had a small video game it was black in color and had a small black and white screen. 

Source:- Google

There we so many game in this small gadget like brick games, snake, racing and my favorite game on this video game was Tetris hope many of you are relating to what I am talking about. So after a couple of decades I got to play this game again on this website. It was a sheer pleasure living that moment and playing that game again. If you are still missing out what I am talking about here is a pic of the game I am talking about.

So while browsing the different games I came across the game again and I was so happy to play it again. 

the game was all the same with colorful tiles and a bit of graphics and it felt that the game has also grown up a bit with me but nothing has changed in the concept.

I played the games for hours until my battery ran out and lived my childhood days again, now me and my hubby are competing each other making new records and breaking them.

There are so many these types of games and the website gets updated frequently with new games. Well my favorite was Super Tetris do visit the site and find what is or what was your favorite game. I am simply loving it so will you.  

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~



  1. I used to love playing Tetris.

    1. yes childhood memories .. do check and play again :)


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