Wednesday 27 July 2022

Cosmolle: A Timeless Underwear Brand

As hard as it is to decide which outfit to wear in front of the mirror for hours, it's hard to choose the right underwear. Most people care more about what sweater to wear or what pants to make a combin that matches that sweater, or what looks like it, but they don't care what underwear is important to their health.However, there are some key points to consider when choosing underwear that touch your skin one-on-one.When buying underwear, choosing the right size is very important for our comfort as well as for our health. Wearing small, tight and tight underwear from your body can cause friction and irritation in your body. You must ensure that the underwear you choose creates comfortable of movement in your body.

It is difficult to move with panties and bra that are smaller than our body and very narrow, and also, tight underwear slows down blood circulation because it tightens our body.This can cause itching and burning sensation, causing skin redness. We feel the heat of the summer, and our body is even seasonally sensitive to our skin.For these reasons, we should pay attention to choosing the right bra. The adjustable strap sports bra helps to make us feel comfortable without creating a feeling of excess on our body. Although there are a lot of detailed options available today, I'm going to offer you some examples of great options.


The airWear wireless bra, which I offer you in a beautiful color, is comfortable, durable and supportive. This airwear seamless bra  applies seamless printing technology, is not easy to move up, invisible.High-quality containers in the design are inflatable and do not have deformation and bandage even after too much washing.You can feel like you're getting a special app.

 The internal support in your structure will not discourage you with the fit and comfort it provides with your clothes. The fabric structure of this bra is 40% lighter than other fabrics. However, it should be noted that such underwear should be hand-washed in cold water with mild detergent.


Do you run too much during the day? Work, home, special events, sports, and your time flies. And how important is the underwear you wear in this run? Even if we skip some details as women, comfortable underwear for women should be preferred. If we're the one wearing the pants, the sutures on the pants can irritate the vulvar area. Therefore, the underwear we choose should fit our size and feel comfortable.



Small-size underwear can make us feel uncomfortable, but it can also highlight the excess fat on the edge of the worn area and create an unpleasant image. We should also hand-wash your underwear using cold water and dry them at a low level and use hypo-alllergenic soap to think that the chemical can cause allergies.

Made with 3D prints, these underwear are made of collagen polyamide yarn for a seamless, smooth look with no seams and no lines. You can also use it for yoga pants and ceate our perfect look from the inside out.


  1. Look and sounds like nice under garments.

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