Thursday, 16 December 2021

Review : mCaffeine Shampoo & scalp scrub

Hello friends 

How are you all ? Everyone is getting ready for Christmas,  yes only 10 more days to go now. So what are your plans , how are you going to celebrate this year ? Do let me know.  I think in between all the preparations don't forget to pamper yourself and your hairs too. So let's see a way to pamper our hair also this Christmas nicely. 
Few days back I received few products from , and I am excited to share my views for them with you all 😊 

So the very first product is mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo .
This shampoo is enriched with coffee extracts , protein , argan oil and caffeine  and free from harmful sulphates and silicon.

Price : 499 for 250 ml

How to use : Very easy to use , just take a little amount in your palm and apply directly to your wet hair and scalp, massage until the leather forms and then rinse off. 

My experience : Till date i have used it 4 times , and i can see there is a lil bit of changes , it gave smoothness and shine to my hair. And i am happy with it , my hair fall is little less now. everything takes time so i guess i am going to continue to use it. Coffee has many benefits , and it promotes hair growth too.

Rating : 3.5 / 5 

second product is mCaffeine Naked And Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub.
Its enriched with coffee powder , caffeine , natural AHA , rosemary and 

Price : 599 for 250gm

My Experience : This is the first time i have tried a coffee scalp scrub , but let me tell you i liked it and the result was also amazing, as its winters so my dandruff is giving me hard time but this scrub really worked for my dandruff's upto 60 % , and i think if i continue using it then it will surely go to 90%. So you should give it a try guys.

How to use : first wet your hair , then apply it to your scalp like your apply oil and massage it for few minutes . now wash it with water and then shampoo your hair.

Rating : 4/5

look at its texture
loved it

Last one is mcaffeine Natural Loofah
Its made with all natural plant fiber.  Its gentle on skin , removes dead skin and deeply cleanses the skin.
Price : Rs 199

My experience : i loved using it , as i need something with my shower gel or soap to rub my skin , so this worked perfectly for me.
Suitable for all skin types.

Let me know if you have tried these product yet and what was your experience :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Lets play Solitaire :)

 I had been very keen about learning various types of card games since my childhood. A deck of cards has always amazed me. Card games were the backbone of our fun during holidays, family vacation and family gathering. We would form a big circle and play cards whole night. All sweets, snacks and drinks were served right there to us. Those were some golden old days, today life has become so hectic that a large family gathering is near to impossible, someone or other always left out because of work, family or studies.

My life may be so busy but my love for card games has not been changed a bit. My favorite card came has been solitaire. I have played so many solitaire games and never ever have I felt bored about it. I hold the record of least moves solitaire win on my Windows laptop too. Talking about card games I love playing and trying different platform for card games. I try different applications and web sites for the game and it keeps me busy in my free time. I have also had good time and opportunity to try out new type of card games during the Covid lock down. i tried various types of card games in the last year.

I stumbled of this website a couple of months ago. There are so many card games available here on the website. It is pure love for card game lovers. I have come across so many new interesting games here and have learned to play a few although solitaire remains my favorite. The best thing I liked here is that they don't show you useless and stupid advertisements at all. It's so good to have an adware free website where one can play different categories of card games for free.

They have a huge list of card games too. I personally haven't tried all of them but will definitely try them.

My favorite card game solitaire is also available in couple of variants. The first one that I liked the most was  Solitaire pro. It's the solitaire game with a new twist.

The next game that I played and liked was Freecell Solitaire which was also an interesting game to play. 

I have played so many games here and have absolutely loved them. also has other games that one can try if one doesn't finds card games interesting like Logic Puzzle Games, Word Games, Mahjong Games, Hidden Object Games and Match 3 Games. If you are an online game lover and want to play something new and interesting when you are free do visit their website. It's well organised and free to play.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Decorate Home With AOIN

We spend a lot of money trying to look presentable. We do makeover and diver's until we are happy and satisfied.  Well today I am not here to talk about making one self presentable but I am here to talk about making our house presentable and beautiful.  And for this we use home accessories to make our house, rooms living areas look beautiful.  

We all have our own taste and preferences when it Comes to decorate our house. 
There are so many things to choose from and it is quite interesting to decorate your own house and there are various shops and brands offering home accessories and décor. You can find such shops both online and offline. 

I came across a very beautiful website while browsing home accessories for my house, the website is I prefer shopping online more than going out these days due to the ongoing pandemic. And believe me I was just startled by the products Aoin offers for home décor. They have a huge range of house accessories to chose from. 

There are few items that I have picked and I want to share these with you today. 
The first item on my cart is "Moon Star Sun metal outdoor hanging lights". The beautiful piece of art adds a wow factor to the garden sitting area the low lightning with the metallic finish gives an vivid enigma and brings you at peace after a long tiring day at work. A cup of coffee with your loved one in this light can make you forget any worries. 

                                                          Source - Aoin
you can buy it from here.

The second item on my list is "Shell Wind Chimes". I personally always has been a fan of wind chimes. I have always had one hanging by my window and the melody it produces is so soothing and calming.  The shell chime is so beautiful and gives an elegant look to the room and my daughter loves plying with it. you can buy it here.

                                                      Source- Aion

The third and final item on my list is "Artificial Rose Flower Garland" this beauty is mesmerizing and the best part is that you vacancy put it any where in your house and it brings stardom to the place. I am going to use it to decorate my empty walls and make it look awesome. You can buy it here.

                                                       Source- Aion

Aoin has many more such décor items for your house and these are available at very affordable rate and are of extraordinarily good quality. Do tell me which one of these items you liked the most.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

FeelinGirl - Waist and Tummy shaper.

 Hello friends 

Hope you all are safe and sound, I am also good and trying my best to keep my family in a good shape. This Covid has made us realize the value of life and friends and family. 
With everything going on, its very much necessary for we females to keep ourselves also in good health and shape. And to keep us in shape a Waist Trainer For Women is very much important for day to day life. Keeping our waist in good shape is a big trouble for us, that is why a waist trainer is best, we can wear it indoors and outdoors also beneath our dresses this will help us to look our best too.

Shapewears provide instant visible results to our looks, Even i will share here few Best Plus Size Shapewear too, have a look below - 

The very first one is a plus size waist trainer and body shaper. It helps sculpting and loosing few inches, but the best it helps to support your posture while heavy lifting.

The second one is a shapewear for tummy and waist underwear. It has detachable straps, easy to take off. Its designed to give a perfect tummy control.

The third shapewear is like a bodysuit , its unpadded. Its super elastic so its very comfortable and can fit any size. its ruched is heart shaped to enhance your butt.

I know its a tough decision to make as in which one to pick , which will sui your body, which is good quality, which will be comfortable and so on there are many doubts which we face while making a purchase for a shapewear. So for this you can check out Waist Trainer Before And After , where you can have a glance at the pics of shapewears used before and after pics, a very good comparison has been shown with real customer/blogger pics. For accurate results , a perfect body shaper should be picked. So what are you waiting for , go ahead compare and then buy the best which suits you.

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

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