Wednesday 24 August 2022

A Dash of Childhood again

 Childhood has always been fun. Those were some carefree days, when I had nothing to worry about. Eat, Play, Study sleep and repeat was the only routine I followed. Holidays and games were the main ingredients that made these childhood special. With technology not being so vastly updated and indoor and outdoor games were the main timepass and todays generation may not know how fun it was. I would spend lot of time with my parents and siblings playing indoor games. Board games like chess, ludo, snake and ladder were few of my favorite. But long gone are those days.

My holidays were special fun with my family where we used to sit in a circle with a Board game after lunch and we would all play it till the evening. We had tea, snacks and soft drinks by our side always. I have always missed that while growing up and sometimes I wish my child could witness that fun and happiness in her life. I have taught her few board game too.

Last summer vacation I found a very good website while Scrolling through my feeds on the internet. The name made me curious and after a bit of exploring I ended up to a section on the site which said game foe kids and people who like many of the games from their childhood. Now my curiosity was on the max level and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. I found out that the website has many games that I had played years ago and all of them were free to play. There were educational games like Quiz games, word games, physics games and etc. Below the Educational gamed was the section of Additional Games where I found classic kids games, board games, card games and etc.

 I quickly moved to board games and there it was my all time favorite Snakes and Ladders game.

I started a game and played it for few minutes and I found my old childhood memories gushing in. 

I shared the game with my hubby and later that afternoon we had a long game of Snakes and Ladders. The fun was same as of my own childhood and I saw my little princess enjoying the game too. 

The site is super easy to use. It runs smooth on IOS devices and Android devices too. If you miss your childhood and want to live it a bit again I recommend you to visit the site and play few games yourself and feel the childhood rushing through your veins again. You can check out my favorite game here 

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