Thursday 8 September 2022

Let's Farm Together

 The word Culinary is fun and curious to listen but it's not easy to pursue a career in the Culinary field. I won't say it's impossible but rather I would say it requires hard work and a good level of dedication and patience to gain a good result. Being from the Culinary background I know it's not an easy task to perform and it needs talent to get a good yield. I have also been keen about farming and have worked a bit on my farm. Growing own food specifically fruits and vegetables are so fun and it too requires the same amout of patience and dedication. 

The younger generation has no clue about it. They love everything that's being served to them on the platter ready-made but they have no idea the efforts that has been put into to bring the food to their table. I wanted my kid to know the process and learn about it so that she could learn about the process that is involved in farming. I was surfing the net and there I came across a website which had a lots of Culinary based games foe kids. I wasn't sure at first what it was but thought of giving it a try and to my surprise they had wonderful games like Food education games including Cooking and Kitchen Work, Recycling and Farming. Serving Eaters games including Grocery Stores, Drinks, Cheese Burgers, Mexican Food, etc.

I personally found the Ideal Farming Business game exiting. I opened the game and firstly played it my self. The game involves planting,  harvesting, fertilizing, upgrading soil etc. The game works fine on the mobile phone runs smooth and has very friendly user interface. I palyed the game with my kiddo and to my surprise she loved it too. The game teaches many aspects of farming. Making the soil ready, planting, fertilizing the field and finally harvesting them in time. My kid now knows that the food that is served on the table takes a lot of effort and process to reach her. You can check out the game here .

We played the game and are still playing it making our farm rich and beautiful together it's fun and educational at the same time. You can also indulge yourself in these games according to your choices and preferences they have a long list of it and I am sure you are going to love it. Give your kid a chance to play and learn.

Do let me know if you loved the games and which one has been your favorite. 



  1. Looks like a fun game

  2. Looks interesting and a fun game.


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