Monday 17 September 2012

Cute nail art by me :) !!!

Hello beauties
hope you all are doing good :)

This post is about a cute nail art and 
i will make you guys learn how to do it through pictures ,
this is my first nail art post
hope you all like it :)

At first cut the nail art stick into very thin slices (thinner than paper too)
,i.e, usually a cutter is available in the market for it,
but since i am not having a cutter so i used Blade instead of it 
must use it carefully ( my hubby helped me ;p)

I know the slices are not perfect , they should have been more thinner,
next time will try to do it more perfectly
(but they look so cute)

After that just apply a coat of transparent nail paint to your nails
then stick those slices in any format you want
at last again apply a top coat above it
and let it dry for around 20 - 30 minutes 
(in my case i had to dry it for more than 20 minutes)
And *tarang* we are done with it ^-^

Enjoy the final pics 

But i think these sort of nail arts is not for a full time Housewife
coz we have to do a hell lod of jobs at home , 
specially the Kitchen part.
But if you all like it , then i can do it again for you guys and a blog post ^-^

Did you guys tried these sort of nail art??
If yes , what problems you guys faced??
do share

hugs nd kisses
~ Prerana ~


  1. Love it!! the butterflies are soo cute..

  2. soo pretty.....n ur husband helped u cut them...tht was sooo super sweet of him.... :)

  3. very pretty....stick the butterflies using nail glue...fimo will stay for longer time. you can use pre cut slices as they are very thin and won't stuck in anything while doing kitchen work...these are the few tips for DIY but when i use them on my clients hands professionally i stick them using nail glue and apply UV gel topcoat(it requires UV lamp to dry) and nail art stays for around 20 days without a chip or yellowing....:)

    1. oops was nt knowing all this .... thank u so much for informing :)

  4. shwt..cuteness overload!!


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