Monday 3 September 2012

My very first product review :) !!!

Hello lovely people here,

This is my very first product review for ma blog :)
Hope it goes well and you all like it :)

Last month i went to market to buy some household products
and suddenly my eyes got stucked to this 
Elle 18 color bomb Nail Polish number 50 
( we girls/women ,before going to market, 
   think that this time we won't buy anything 
   but the truth is, we actually cant CONTROL ourselves :D :D )
I felt as if it was calling me lying there in the shopkeeper's showcase table :D :D
and i had to buy it ^-^

Price : Rs 50 for 5 ml

Its a lovely tangerine coloured nail polish
or u can say Orange colour !!

As soon as i applied it to my nails,
it gave me a very refreshing feeling :)
and now i m in love with this colour
every time i feel like applying it .


I got this actual shade in 2 coats and the finish was creamy and shiny .

Okey now lets see its Pro's and con's

  1. Packaging is too cute
  2. Pocket friendly
  3. Decent brush
  4. Just 2 coats for complete shiny look
  5. Dries up quickly
     The liquid got seperated from the nail paint , when i kept it for weeks,
        but after shaking the bottle it got mixed up again
         So its not that big problem :)

Rating 5/5

Overall its a very good product for me, i am happy with it.
They got many shades, hope to have them all :D

Did u like it??? Do comment beauties...

hugs nd kisses
~ Prerana ~


  1. Nice shade..i recently got shade 18..and i love it!!

  2. Nice post Prerana...
    Is it ur 1st review here???
    Hmm... great :D

  3. Really nice shade at a reasonable price too.
    PS- I have a giveaway on my blog where you can win a haircut or spa treatment of your choosing, would love if you could join in:

  4. Great Review Prerana :D Happy beauty blogging journey!
    Wish you all the very best <3

  5. i love it! TAngerine is such a lovely color!

  6. lovely shade..!! i have this and is one of my favorites.. :)

  7. nice review,loved this nail shade


your comments make my day :):)

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