Sunday 9 February 2014

Knowledge Is Great !!

Life provides us with some great opportunity, sometimes we grab it and we let it go in the others. And life presented me with such an opportunity a while ago but I wasn't able to bear the cost then my parents didn't allow me to. But if I get such an opportunity again I would not miss the bull’s eye this time. If I get to study in the The Great Britain I would chose none other than the Thames Valley University. It was my dream destination to pursue my higher studies of Hospitality Management and still is the only place where I want to specialize in the hospitality sector.

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Well though I have a keen interest in Hospitality so I would like to peruse BA in Hospitality management from Thames Valley University now known as University of West London. The only reason to pursue this qualification is to gain a MA in the course further. I dream of taking the hospitality industry to a new height and want to implement something out of the box to it. Also that I am a keen learner and like to learn different aspect and culture of the hospitality I like to study and explore it from different angle.

University of West London is really known to train professionals in each and every field they facilitate. They allow us to develop our technical, supervisory and managerial skill for the hospitality business, with a focus on food related subjects. In this course they teach us about the management of hospitality products and services and encourage us to develop a strategic approach to the ever changing hospitality business, economic and social demand faced by the industry. University of West London has group of highly trained teaching members who are experienced hospitality practitioners and researchers themselves. Also they have some well known Authors included in the teaching staffs too.

The University trains us in both practical and theoretical subjects. It provides us with “n” number of opportunity to get involved in the hospitality industry. Many internal events, external events, guest lectures, industry mentoring programs and competitions are held by the University. While completing the academic studies we complete an industrial training too organized by the university in an international hotel or hospitality company which is usually in different country. This training provides us with essential experience and knowledge that is a valuable for our further career and also gives us the opportunity to study and understand the different cultures.

A combination of continuous method is used to ensure that we have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and abilities in a variety of ways such as presentation, group work and practical written exams throughout the course. The university provides a contemporary learning environment and a range of e-learning facilities to support the students’ development throughout.

So who wouldn’t like to build and start a career with the help of such reputed University. The University of West London has a good review and ranking too, so I would like to study BA in Hospitality from University of West London.

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This blog post has been written for ‘Knowledge Is Great' contest, organized by IndiBlogger and The topic was – If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be, where and why?


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