Saturday 15 February 2014

Sir !!! #ConditionSeriousHai aapki .

Bhai #ConditionSeriousHai. The very first name which strikes my mind after listening this phrase is Mr.Santosh Kr. Roy. My tuition teacher. Janaw ki condition hardam serious rehti thi. I assume, "Tension dene ka nai hurdum leneka", was his mantra. And apne tension Mai wo dusron ko samil kerna bakhubi jaante the. My younger bro n me used to call him "Chalta firta tension ki Dukan". And believe me this name suited him the best.

Well you might be thinking about the person I have just introduced to you. So let me pull out few of his funny seriousness from my memory. It was a winter evening and my teacher was duly at time on my doorstep talking to my mumma about something very seriously. Man! I was curious as a cat to listen what he was saying so i just stood beside the door to gasp few words and this is what I heard, “Mrs. Sharma apne bachoon ko samjhaeye bicycle leker ghar se na nikle, abhi maine dekha ek bacha gir gaya cycling kerte kerte and uska sir fut gaya”. And I was like what??? if someone doesn’t know how to ride a cycle and falls down accidently should I worry about it like him and should I stop riding bicycle? Holy Cow where does he thinks from and how is he such a good teacher after all. Well I am sorry I forgot to mention my tutor was a Master in science and a gold medalist in chemistry. And I went straight to my brother to spill out whatever I just heard and he was like, “Didi tum tension kyu le rahi ho wo toh guruji ka kaam hai, aise bhi don’t worry mumma is not stopping us from anything just because he said so”. And he handed me a Cadbury 5 Star and said, "Cadbury 5star andar aur Seriousness bahar" Well Cadbury 5star khaker mere kalege ko thandhak aa gai.

Ok wait I think I remember few more of his “serious conditions’” encounter where I was a victim. Once while teaching me how to solve a chemical equation he suddenly asked, “Beta aap kis raste se school ki bus lene jate ho”? And the very moment me and my bro shared an astonishing look and hum samajh gaye aaj toh sir fir chalu ho gaye. And he continued,” Ye jo samne wala rasta hai usme barish ke karan bahoot fislan ho gai hai toh tum dusre raste se jaana, mai abhi girte girte bacha hun“. My brother said him mockingly sir if you fall it doesn’t mean that we may fall too. And before he could continue I pinched him from the back because I knew that sir ki condition toh aise hin serious hai and if humne sir ko chera toh sir humari bhi condition serious ker denge. And my bro understood before it was too late. Not only his he suggested my mumma hell lot of things like don’t keep a pet dog because his dog always runs away with his morning news paper before he could read it and his house keys always. He stopped usingmotorcycle and suggested my uncle not to use it because his neighbor met a road accident.

If you think you have hear it all just wait the best one is here. I was all ready in 8thgood at science I had two more tuitions from my school teachers for science as it was a necessity to study tuition from the school teacher in order to score marks you deserved in the exams. So Mr. Roy approached my father with a box of ladoos in his hand saying that he has been promoted to Vice principle in D.A.V School but has been transferred to Gaya and thus he will not be teaching us any more. We were happy and sad too. But it was ok because we were at par with our syllabus. So we bid him a goodbye gifted him a parker pen and showed him our sad faces and all. But the fifth day since he had left I saw him sipping coffee with my dad at home and was shocked. Later I came to know that he left the school and his vice principle post and ran away because some of the students told him that he was there because the last vice principle died of cancer. And Mr. Roy was so worried that he may end up the same way. I always asked lord a question “bhagwaan tumne duniya mai kaise kaise log banaye hain”?

Any ways he was created by him the way he was and yes unki condition serious toh thi but he was a good person from heart and mind. He continued teaching us till our 10thgovernment teacher job. I still meet him sometimes and say him too that, “Sir aapki #ConditionSeriousHai bahaut”.


  1. Congrats for winning the grand prize! :)

  2. What happened to the judges... did they have a 5 Star each and managed to throw the seriousness of judging out of their system? Well... thank God I wasn't able to submit my entry. :)

    Arvind Passey


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