Saturday 19 April 2014

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“Cricket is my Religion and Sachin Ramesh Tendulker is my God”. Well it’s not just my story, 100 crore Indians say and believe in the same thing. Cricket has become much more than just a game in our country and people seems to enjoy it in all its forms be it a T-20 game or a Test match the enthusiasm of the crowd remains the same. And it was this enthusiasm which gave birth to a new and great event popularly known as IPL (Indian Premier League). Mr. Lalit Modi had no idea what he was giving the world when he started the first ever IPL in 2008. And today this culture has a viral effect worldwide.
I am a big lover of this game myself and IPL is my favorite format of the game. But it’s not always possible for a person to sit in front of a TV set for 6-7 hours daily to follow the game. And on the other hand no one would like to miss the Dilscoop, Gayle storm, Malinga’s Yorkers or Virat’s sixes too. So what to do??? Now that is a big question.
So let me introduce you to few of the latest feature that has been brought up by that will make your life easier if you are a diehard cricket fan and don’t want to miss even a single shot or update from the IPL seven. The features are Fastest scoreboard, Zip Clips, Action Recaps, Infografix and my favorite Deferred Live. 

Yes you heard it right I use Deferred Live feature of to keep in touch with the ongoing of the IPL. This feature brings to you Live telecast of the match with a delay of 5 minutes. So here is the problem to my solution even if I am busy shopping with my friends or I am with my parents chatting and gossiping I don’t miss a single shot from my favorite game because of Deferred Live feature. 
So next time when you are not in front of your TV set and your favorite team is playing all you need to do is open the browser of your mobile and type in  and enjoy a live 5 minute delayed game through the latest and sexiest Deferred Live feature of

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