Saturday 26 April 2014

Review - TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi Dolls

Its been 3 weeks i am using TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner. So now i think i am ready to give a review to you all :)

Name - TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner

Price -
ShampooRs 80 for 90ml and Rs 215 for 170ml 
Conditioner - Rs 80 for 90ml 

My experience with the shampoo
I have used this shampoo now around 6 times in 2 weeks and i see that it has provided softness and shine to my hair and it has lessen the growth of split ends by 70 % . Oh and i love its lovely fragrance :)

My experience with the conditioner
Its always obvious that with conditioner the shampoo can give you its best results, so same is with me also :)

lovely packaging :)

Rating - 3.5/5
I have heard from few of my friends that this shampoo and conditioner didn worked for them, but the result was not that bad for me
And yes i can think to buy it again :)

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~


  1. I like their packaging , and always like to use a shampoo with good fragrance
    Happy weekend

  2. Hello from Spain: I use TRESemmé shampoo. I really like the brand. Keep in touch

  3. The found tresemme shampoo and conditioner good, not the best though

  4. I don't try this brand, but it's really good stuff! Everybody loves it.

  5. I like so much :)

  6. Great that the shampoo is good for your hair :)
    I use one from L'occitane and love it too :)

  7. Oh very interesting~
    (^・ω・^ )

  8. This is an interesting shampoo! I have heard some positive reviews for this poduct so I want to try it out!!

  9. I have never tried those in particular, but I'm not really impressed with tresemme products :/

  10. Glad to hear it improves the softness of your hair maybe I'll give this shampoo a try as my hair is in a bad condition too! x


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