Wednesday 24 September 2014

CollegeDunia - portal for college info

“There is a time and a place for everything and it’s called collage.”
                                                                                                                : - Bill Cosby.
When we are done with our schooling its end of a very beautiful part of our life, but we are not aware of all the fun coming our ways and this fun is commonly known as “Collage”. Collages are the place where people explore their real personality and ability. And thus right after the school we and our parents worry about getting the best collages for them and their children. But in this busy and hectic world we hardly have time to get the best of what we want. Sometimes we lack knowledge of the field and sometimes we don’t have enough time for what we are looking for thus finally many students end up choosing a wrong field for themselves and destroying their career completely. But what if we find all the information’s and details at a single place and at a single click of our mouse? Yes this has been very much possible now. Let me introduce you to a new portal  . This portal serves as a single window for each and every information you want and you will need. 

About Collegedunia: - is a website fully owned and operated by Collegedunia Web Private Limited and is situated in New Delhi. The website aims of endowing students with complete knowledge in the field of collages so that they choose well and choose wisely without keeping a wrong foot. serves a search engine for the students, parents and the education industry helping them with the information on higher education sector in India and abroad too. With the most attractive and user friendly interface collagedunia is the top most educational portal and pledges to provide most brief and relevant data on colleges and universities.

How does Collegedunia work:-
Well collegedunia helps the students as a one stop destination for the search of college they dream of, available courses and the admission procedure with lots of interactive tolls to simplify the process of finding the perfect college. It also address the pertain of the parents to find the best institution for their wards. The highly skilled team of expertise present data in terms of colleges based on ranking, fee structure and marks cutoff thus helping the parents to choose and make decision for their wards in the most informative way.
The website has a very simple and user friendly interface with data of around 20,000 colleges and 6,000 courses categorized in different streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts and much more. One can classify colleges on the basis of location, ranking, ratings, fees and cutoff for different competitive exams.

Why Collegedunia :-
According to Mr. Sahil Chalana Founder of Collegedunia there has been a huge gap between the data catered and the quality of information being assayed by the College wannabees in the pre Admission session. The information provided by the colleges are scattered but the students or the parents looks for a detailed packages in terms of Cut offs, Admission Process, eligibility and even Co-Curricular Facilities. Thus provides a one stop portal for every needs and information one needs to know if they are looking for a college or a university.

So Guys if you are still in dilemma and your brain circuits are going haywire, collegedunia is what you are looking for. Collegedunia has really brought all the colleges and university under one portal and you are just a click away from finding the perfect college and course you have been dreaming off, what are you waiting for just visit today.


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