Wednesday 17 September 2014

Five simple beauty tricks to take your beauty routine to the next level

You probably know you way around hair and beauty products by now, and might have even established something like a beauty routine for yourself. But the good news is that you never stop learning when it comes to taking care of yourself – there is always something you can improve and do better to take your beauty routine to the next level. We’ve compiled a list of five simple beauty tricks – featuring cotton buds, tinted moisturiser, and doing your laundry – that you might or might not have known about; either way, you should definitely consider incorporating these in your beauty routine to step up your game.

Swap your foundation for tinted moisturiser this summer

Do you have a go-to foundation? Most women do, but even if your foundation is a staple in your daily routine, you might want to mix things up for summer, opting for lighter coverage to let your skin breathe. Tinted moisturiser is a great alternative to liquid foundation – since it provides hydration as well as light coverage, it really brings out the best in your skin. Plus, most tinted moisturisers also provide you with SPF, which is great for summer. You can also mix your own – just combine your moisturiser with a bit of foundation.

Give your hair a rest

Your hair might already be a bit dry if it’s been exposed to the sun. That’s why it’s important to keep your hair routine simple and natural and cut down on washing your hair, which can strip your hair of essential nutrients and oils. Opt for dry shampoo instead if you have oily hair and need to buy yourself time between washes – your hair will thank you!

Keep it clean

Often neglected, clean make-up brushes are essential for a clear skin – after all, you don’t want any bacteria on your face. That’s why cleaning your brushes needs to become a fixed part of your beauty routine too. Every other week, use some dish detergent or baby shampoo to wash them and rinse them under the running tap until the water runs clear.

Make your bed

Since we are already talking about keeping your face clean – it’s not just dirty make-up brushes that you need to look out for, but also dirty pillowcases, too! These can transmit oil and dirt and sabotage your aim to have flawless skin. So remember to wash your bedding regularly to avoid breakout and blemishes – sure, doing your laundry properly isn’t the only factor that will determine how your skin will look, but it shouldn’t be underestimated either.

Fix it with cotton buds

Do you like a classic cat eye? If you’re a fan of eyeliner too, you will know how challenging the art of the perfect wing can be. But just because you’ve made a small mistake, doesn’t mean you have to remove the eyeliner and start all over again. If you have a cotton bud ready, simply dip it in some make-up remover for precise and easy corrections – and use it in the end to clean up your work. This will save you time and make the perfect line even easier.

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  1. great tips , i will have to check on my pillowcases too
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  2. great tips. I wash my hair every other day

  3. Nice Tips. . A G+ for your post and have a Nice day. . . :)


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