Tuesday 14 July 2015

#AbHarWishHogiPoori With Flipkart.

You know it’s strange…in just the space of a decade, our lives have changed dramatically with technology. From having a device for music, communication, email and to watch videos, we now have one gadget that combines them all- the mobile!

I recently read a fellow blogger’s post on her new Microwave oven , I loved how she became a top chef and created so many wonderful dishes just with this new device!

Technology has permeated every nook & cranny of our lives! It has changed the way we think, live and of course, parent. Other than the devices of distraction which kids love like tabs, technology also opens up a world of learning for kids. While I watch my own little ones play, I often think of my Mom.

Unlike those of her generation, my mom is a huge tech fiend. Not only does she look enviously at the younger generations new devices, she also avidly follows the news online about the latest updates and releases! I often like to joke that she should start a tech blog and make her passion into a fully fledged portal!

Now, as most of you must have noticed- our parents are getting older. As they get older it’s important to keep their minds sharp and their bodies healthy. I’ve always noticed that as soon as my kids get a new game, my mum is the first to explore it with them and she sometimes shows my hubby a couple of features that he hasn’t had the time to discover yet on his phone!

But recently, I’ve noticed a change in my mom. She has become super interested in the world of Instragram. She even created her own account. For now, she enjoys looking at what others have done, I think she is a little afraid to put the pics she takes out there. But now I see that the way she looks at the world has changed. She loves the filters of Instagram, she checks out how to frame a shot, getting the best light and more. But often her phone’s camera lets her down.

My mom, tech geek that she is, has always hankered after the iPhone. So in the spirit of making wishes come true , I have decided I will like to buy the latest iPhone 6 Plus <http://www.flipkart.com/apple-iphone-6-plus/p/itme7zgfevzthsdh?pid=MOBEYHZ2JRQ6UVYF&ref=L%3A7745827345873257978&srno=p_19&query=iphone+6&otracker=from-search> for my mobile loving mommy and surprise her with it. The iPhone 6 plus is like a crush for her though she is 50 now, but still she has a big crush towards gadgets.

I have never gifted such big gift to my mommy till date in my life but though she is turning up 51 this July, this is gonna be her dream birthday present. Our parents care for us and raise us with love. They work hard all their life to give us the best. Each and every happiness we desire, they work to fulfill all our dreams with whatever they can and they never get a chance to realize that their own wishes are always second choice and they never complain or even regret about it. So now it’s my turn to fulfill my mommy’s wish and for sure it is the least I can do for her. Today all I have and will be is all because of her so it is my opportunity to make her wish come true.

#abharwishhogipoori  , and now my mommy’s wish vi poori hogi, thank you Flipkart, so happy to be in this chain!


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