Saturday 4 July 2015

Bachpan Ke lessons.

"Baar baar aati hai mujhko madhur yaad bachpan teri."
Bachpan or childhood is the best phase of humans life. A tension free life where one doesn't have to bother about anything. It is the best honeymoon period of our life and not only that it stands to be the phase of our life where we can see our kids learning about different things and new ways of life. We teach them the ethics and values of life which later frames their personality but sometimes learning these ethics and values could be a bit tough for them but the parents should not try and push them to learn things instead they should try the fun way of teaching and make their bachpan fun.
Yes you heard me right learning can be fun too and not only that if one can share a good bond with their kids it is easier to teach them and also we get a chance to learn from them. What I am talking about here is buddy parenting and this is a fabulous way where you can teach your child in a very happy jolly way and at the same time you can learn a lot from them because today kids are a lot smarter then we were in our times.
This process doesn't only makes learning easy but it makes a good image of the patents in the kids mind because you don't need to torture them to teach anything instead they learn in a fun way.
I have witnessed it in my life too, yes don't be amused I was a kid too. My momma is the best momma in the world and she has taught me everything I know and every values I have learned.
I was a school going student then and that was a very interesting phase of my life. I was a punctual and attentive student but also a bully type. Once a friend of mine brought a new type of pencil in the class and I was so tempted to have it then and there and it is simple what would I have done. I slapped her right across her face and the very next moment the pencil was mine. My teacher saw me doing this and didn't say anything to me but called up my mom instead.
That evening when I was at home my momma didn't say me anything but instead she asked me about the day. I told her everything except that part where I snatched the pencil from my friend and instead I told her that I got this as a gift. She seemed to be very much interested in the pencil and asked me to teach her how to operate it. I taught her and then she asked me that how would I feel if she slaps me and takes this pencil from me. I was frozen but then I realized that what I did was wrong. I said her sorry and hugged her. That night dad bought me five of those pencils. The next day when I went to the school I said sorry to my friend and returned her the pencil I took from her along with a sorry note and an extra pencil that dad had bought for me. That evening was the "Khul gaya Bachpan"  moment for me.
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