Thursday 29 October 2015

Home Decorating Tips For Diwali !

India is known for its rich heritage and culture. This richness of our motherland is due to the citizens who live here and although being from different states, place or religion they never forget the mantra of unity and equality.We are also known for our festivals that we celebrate. It really doesn’t matters which cast, state or region of India we belong we love all our festivals and celebrate them together.

I love all the festivals but Diwali is my favorite one and I am literally crazy for this festival. Diwali is commonly known as the festival of light. It is yet again a reminder that it really doesn’t matters how powerful evil is it can’t spread its darkness because at the end it is the good which spreads its light. Diwali too signifies the same. The festival brought home Rama after defeating Ravana who kidnapped Sita rama’s wife who were on a 14 years of exile. He defeated the evil and won back his wife and the day he returned to Ayodhya people lighted lamps and candles in his welcome and thus we too do the same.

Well these were the stories and history but I have my own reason to celebrate this festival. Firstly I love lights and togetherness. The festival is full of lights indeed and it also brings home lots of friends and families who are scattered here and there working in different part of the country. It is also the time when we are on the verge of entering the winters which happens to be my favorite season but the main reason of liking this festival is the pomp and the splendors it is celebrated with.

I like the lighting that we put up at our house and especially the earthen pots that are burnt with oil are my favorite. I am not too much into fire crackers because it causes noise and air pollution but instead I like a peaceful Diwali. I don’t light crackers at all. I like to decorate with my house with colorful lights like a Multi colored magic candle or multi colored rice bulbs that we get from the market.
Decor : Lighting by Deepaakula Design

The festival always falls on a no moon night thus there are no natural star or moon lights available thus lightings like Pretty shadow are fabulous items for decoration. The shadow formedby the candle inside the candle holder brings out a beautiful wavy pattern shadows all around it and that is really cool.

Round Crystal Tealight Holder/ 

Holiday Gifts : Homewares by M4design

It is really all about lights for me and I decorate my whole house, my terrace, my outer walls, my courtyard and my room too and I prefer Mood Lighting to hang from my ceiling which casts a beautiful light that looks like a constellation.

kitchen : Modern kitchen by ajinkyainteriors

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Diwali brings lots of light to my life and I eagerly wait for this festival. The love we get from our elders and the gifts too are simply awesome. We get to eat good dishes and sweets after the puja. Diwali is also the day we worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi and also in some part of India this very day is celebrated as the Kali Puja especially in the West Bengal region.  

In short Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and is celebrated all around. If you don’t believe me just look at the satellite image of India on the eve of Diwali and you will certainly know what I actually mean. May this Diwali bring lots of happiness and light to your life, have a light full and safe Diwali.


  1. Diwali ismy fav festival and I am all about decorating and lighting up the house
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