Wednesday 28 October 2015

Keep Your Babies skin soft.

It is world's most beautiful experience to be a mom. That child of your is the sweet result of the pain and suffer you have been through. I mean how could you forget those morning blues, those sleepless nights, that heavy tummy and the extra carvs that you put on? But we do forget them yes you heard me right. That little living creature which was the part of your body once makes you forget each and everything when she/he comes to life and you can see and feel it. Everything that a mother has been through is well paid off.  
Being a mom to a new born changes your life a lot and in many ways. I have been a mom recently and I have a beautiful Princess just 8 months old and believe you me she is more than enough to make me sweat. That little child has no medium of communication and can't tell you his or her problems. It is the mother who have to figure out everything for the baby.  
Babies skin care is one of the biggest concern for a mom. Baby being in the womb are cared, nourished and protected by amniotic fluids and thus have very tender skin and problems rashes, dry skin, sour skin and etc always trouble them. So being a new mom here are few tips that may help you keep your baby skin soft and glowing - 

1)Babies basically depend on liquid diet be it mother's milk, cow milk or other nourishment powders like amulya and lactogin. This diet leads to lots and lots of pee and thus they keep wetting their pants or diapers. This leads to rashes and other skin concerns which are not good for the baby and this becomes the most essential skin care for baby. We need to give them something that may keep them dry all day and all night and luckily we have products like Pamper which ensures 100% dryness to the baby and thus they don't have any rashes and they always keep a good mood.

2)Babies hands and feets are so soft and thus they need extra care too. The skin is not so addicted to the atmosphere and thus needs to be taken care of too. Other body parts always remains covered but the hands and feets are the one which are always exposed thus we need to take care of their hand and feet skins also. So make them wear socks and gloves.

3)Babies skin is soft and thus needs to be moisturized well so that it doesn't go dry and trouble them. They need and take time to adjust to the environment and until then the skin needs extra care by the mother. So the mother needs to apply cream, moisturizer or any good lubricant to keep the skin hydrated.

4)To maintain the proper hygiene of the babies skin we need to give them proper bath everyday if possible or at least at some interval of time. Uses of lukewarm water is advisable instead of cold water because the babies skin being too soft may also be sensitive and thus may not adapt well to the cold water. Special babies soap, shampoo or bathing gell should only be used because their skin can't stand the harshness of the soap or other skin care products. Babies products should be specifically used.

5)The skin needs to be messaged well with special baby oils to provide the strength and nourishment to the skin. The skin should be oiled and oiled regularly three to four times a day. They should be given light and airy clothes according to the atmosphere so that the cloths do not hamper the skin. 

Babies don't have the power to speak yet but it is the mother who share a deep bond with them and they can understand the likes and dislikes of their babies well. They can understand what is ok and what is wrong for the baby and it is a special gift to the mother from the almighty and it should be used well. Babies are special and they need special care and love from the mother. 

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