Friday 3 June 2016

Fun with the wonder car.

I am a traveller and going around watching different places is my hobby. I am a wanderer and free soul. I love cars and they are my best companion in long run. I have travelled long places and so many of them and I have travelled most of them in my car. However i don’t travel in a heard but it’s just me my hubby and my lovely car.

Whenever I travel and wherever I travel I do that by road and I am very peculiar about my car. Talking about cars I love small cars not the big ones because i like to travel light. I came across this beautiful small yet elegant car few days ago. It is a new launch by Datsun and the wonder car is  The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO . This is a must buy car. I have become a big fan of this car. I like everything the car has. It is a great fusion of crossover and urban hatchback and offers the best of the both type.

Talking about the car let’s get into its unique features. The interior of the car is beautiful. It has been given a sporty and classy interior design. The interior is overall spacious. It can accommodate five persons easily and also can carry their luggages with ease. The dash board has been given a modern and classy look. It has a computer which keeps you informed about everything that you need to know. The seats have been built to provide great comfort to the driver and the fellow passengers and if the best fit for a long drive run. It also comes with a built in audio system. The car has power windows and in short it has everything that a modern car has. It is the best I have yet seen.

That was all about the interior now let’s see what it offers in the exterior. The exterior has been given a Yukan design and has the forward styling of a crossover. The car has a smooth and sleek silhouette, it has lean and dynamic side character line and it has a sporty and beautiful look. It has a beautiful D cut grill which gives it a classy look. It has high stance and provides a wider view of the road and the surrounding. It has a very good ground clearance too. The car has been built as a fusion of both urban and crossover like I said thus the car has a very good ground clearance.

The car comes with a very smart and efficient performance. It has a fuel economy of 25.17 kmpl so now you can stay more on the road and your card can run longer. The car has an I-sat engine which has the ability to adjust the spark timing of the engine according to the food quality and power requirements. It has been built to take small turning radius. It has performance augmented brakes too. The car comes with well guarded safe driving technology. It has power starring and makes the drive very easy.

The car has been design all according to my needs I would say and I would prefer to buy it for my long drives. It is a modern world and we need modern cars and this is definitely one of it. The car is launching very soon in the market be ready to rock your world, i am ready to rock mine.   

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