Tuesday 14 June 2016

Make your passion your profession.

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If you are passionate about fashion, style and trends you could be able to turn your hobby into a real full-time profession. There is a wide array of career paths in the world of fashion from design to marketing, but figuring out how you can turn your creative devotion into a successful career is the first step.
Initially, the best thing to do is to build or hone your skills by taking fashion courses at a school that is completely dedicated to fashion, art and design such as Istituto Marangoni. This is important to figure out what you are (or aren’t) good at, to allow yourself to find what type of career in fashion is right for you. Your passion may take you far, but you will get a lot further with the right skill set.
Next, it will surely help to get an internship at a fashion company to gain experience. In the highly competitive market you have to pay your dues before becoming successful and the right internship is always a productive first step.

If you are doing what you love, working very hard for a few years in order to land in your dream job is just a small sacrifice to make, even if that means getting coffee and answering phones at a company.
Another helpful tip is to be bold and take every opportunity that arises. If you have the chance to network with important people in the industry or get your name recognized by a famous designer, do not hesitate for one moment and take it. The most important thing is to be persistent and always have hope for the future.
If you have already chosen to follow a career you love and are passionate about, never forget why you began to follow this dream in the first place! Even if people tell you to grow up and become more practical, keep moving ahead if fashion is your dream and obsession. In this world you have to block out the noise and work hard to accomplish your goals and this is especially true when pursuing a career in fashion.


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