Sunday 19 May 2019

Looks of Priyanka Chopra from Cannes

Hi folks !

So many bollywood stars are at Cannes this year and all of them are rocking their looks to the top, i love following hashtag #cannes2019 or you can say i am obsessed with it right now, almost every half an hour i am checking my feeds for something new happening at cannes :D
Alright this year i am eyeing at Priyanka Chopra , for some reason i am following her at insta , no idea why but i am a regular visitor to her insta stories :) 
Sharing all her looks at my blog - 

PC made Canned Red Carpet debut in old hollywood style 

love those shoes 

look at this pic its everywhere over internet mentioned just out of a fairy-tale ..... so true

Ahh that fresh look ....

Love all around !

I dont have any right over these images, they belong to different sources

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  1. I so love her style.


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