Friday 29 March 2019

Campaign Monitor the latest marketing Platform.

We have all heard the popular saying, “You buy what you see”. We live in the technical era where we are surrounded by n numbers of brands and products. The decision of buying a product is always directly proportional to the amount or level we have been convinced about that particular product. This level of convincing is the result of the marketing of the product. That is why I say “you buy what you see”.
Marketing has various faces. We see advertisement on televisions, we hear them on radio, we find them on the internet and social media and we receive various marketing related emails. It is a big debate that which form of the marketing is the best and the most effective ones. In my views email marketing is one of the best and effective sources of marketing.
A couple of days ago I came in contact of a wonderful website which helps you create stunning email marketing campaigns, ‘”. This wonderful website helps you build completely branded emails and helps you customize everything right from fonts, colors and spacing between sections so that the emails are pixel-perfect.

The website also has a list of infographics that helps you understand the things better. Some of the interesting infographics that I came across were, “Everything that’s wrong with your email”, “13 things content marketers should know about email marketing”, “Emojis & symbols in Marketing”, “Email marketing vs. other digital Marketing Channels” and etc.

Every single of the above infographics have been well defined and has been backed with good recourse. The facts and figures are so informative and interesting to read for example, Email marketing vs. other digital marketing channels topic y that 37% of U.S. consumers say they don’t trust social media companies with their data where as 75% of consumers are willing to share personal data with a brand they trust. There are so many of such facts about each of infographics and any one can visit the web site and read them for free.
In my opinion Campaign Monitor site has been developed buy some professionals and they have kept every single details in mind while developing the website about generating the best of the best emails for marketing. Not only these emails are informative but they have been designed so perfectly and professionally that they serve as the best candy for the eyes of the viewers. The website is easy to use and has been equipped with all the tools that you require to create a masterpiece. And this masterpiece serves you in the best way it can.
So friends and my dear readers if you have a business of product that you are worried about do visit the Campaign Monitor once. Good things always comes with surprise and I am sure campaign monitor will surprise you. 

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  2. Thanks for sharing this site.

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