Monday 9 September 2013

Future of Shopping - 2030

“Shopping” has been defined as an activity where a customer borrows the available goods or services presented by one or more seller. Personally I never knew this definition and would have never known if it wasn’t for “GOOGLE Uncle’s” help. Well in my words Shopping is an act of fun, masti and Refreshment, and the best way to shop is from someone else’s money (just gags).
Shopping and its experience has been kept changing since every era and every day passed. In olden days people used to shop at “HATTS” (an open place/field where sellers used to setup their shops) which were more of temporary type of shops rather then what we see now. But the increased needs and demand of the buyers compelled the sellers to put up a permanent show and these gave birth to shops and markets.
But in today’s busy world we have been accustomed to find all the goods and services of our needs either all at one place in a single establishments so known as shopping malls or at the tip or our fingers also said to be online shopping. But has any one of us imagined what would our shopping experience be in the next coming 10 to 20 years? No wonder with the rapid pace of our development the new shopping experiences would just leave a wow expression on our mouth.
The changing trend and taste of the consumers have made shopping not just some act of buying goods and services but to expect far more than that. It’s not only about a product any more it’s all about the presentation, ambience, looks, offers and much more. In my imagination that day isn’t too far when we can shop just by thinking. It would be really cool. Well in future shopping will get more luxurious; concepts like water floating malls will come into action as we have floating restaurants and hotels now, it can also be a sea side or a river side mall too. To make it more lavish we can have a separate shopping island where people would go just for shopping. Also shopping high up in the air in an air floating mall would be opulent.
On the other hand online shopping which has became one of  the most popular way of shopping will get more safe and secure.  Few online sites like has started it since long back and I think every one of us are aware of the term “e-bay Guarantee”, where your money is only transferred to the retailer if your are fully satisfied with the product. And in case if you are not you can get a refund on your item within 30 days. Believe me these policies are for the consumers and really works in the favor of them. In the coming future all the shopping sites will be linked directly or indirectly to the biggest shopping gala such as e-bay. E-bay has already taken a step further in this field and has introduced a new feature “E-bay Check”. It’s something that we have never heard of before and it’s something which depicts the future of the Shopping in coming years. “E=Bay Check” the latest feature launched by e-bay helps you to find the best deal about the product you are looking for, all you need to do is install this application on your Google chrome browser and it will do the rest for you. You search for any product on the net this application will display the best deals for it automatically. What else would a shopper had asked for. You can learn more about this here . Sites like e-bay is going to change the shopping experience of its consumers completely in the coming future and features like “e-bay guarantee” and “e-bay check” are just a glimpse that what would shopping look like in the future.
Shopping will be more fun and interesting in the future. I was astonished by my younger bro’s imagination of shopping in the future. He said that unlikely now products being delivered at our door step we will find the products delivered directly to us through our laptop screen, one funny guy he is. We may have walking malls which would be available whenever and wherever we want.
Jokes apart Shopping has kept changing its way constantly and will keep doing so, until and unless all the wants and desires of the human race come to an end. But for sure it’s going to be more fun and luxurious in the coming future and will keep beating up our imagination. We should just wait and watch what else has been hidden in its bag and what it’s gona give us.  
So just keep “Shopping”.

This blog post has been written for ‘The future of shopping!’ contest, organized by IndiBlogger and The topic was – Tell us how you imagine shopping to be in the year 2030


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting thought. You have good reason. Keep in touch

  2. U have quite an igagination.. Fliting mall's ahhhh.. It would be lovely... Nd sea sid mall , how cool..
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  3. Oh, it's very interesting article! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Prerana, there are some interesting ideas... I do however love to go shopping in person more than on line... I like trying things on, looking at things first hand before I buy it... Shopping on line is cool but not where I would want to do most of my shopping :)

  5. re: Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post :)

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  6. wow... this is really interesting...makes me think...!

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