Sunday 22 September 2013

Oh Yes I Love Blogging ❤

Hello friends
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Have you guys ever thought why do you love blogging ?
I know many of us never thought about it,
But thanks to Miss Malini for bringing Mega Haul contest for all peoples who loves blogging, and for taking such an important topic #BloggingIsMyCalling .

Frankly speaking i never thought about this,
and even now also i donno why i am so passionate about Blogging. Well every human being has two sides of their personality mainly the shy and the open up side. and according to ma calculation and experience this blogging world lets you reveal your open up side... you are free to express your opinion, views and thoughts about any subject and its completely you thought process what you put forward for the people in the blog. speaking of myself being a house maker blogging has been my best pal where i come and refresh my mind and i find myself in a completely different world. It has become an essential element of ma life, it has been a source of entertainment, socialization and energy booster for me. have i not been blogging i would not have found so many precious blogger friends, i would have never known about my hidden talent to see and analyze things and most important would have never been appreciated for my work so much. this blogging world has given me big opportunity to connect with people from different corners of the world, those people who have same thought process like i have. literally i feel blogging is a whole world in itself once you are in you have a different way to see the world.

So it doesn't matter whether i win or it will be someone else i would really take this opportunity to thank Miss Malini to give a good reason to think about this lovely topic "Blogging is my calling" and i have loved blogging so i will keep blogging ❤

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Love you all ❤


  1. I just love blogging .. it gives me a voice :-D

  2. I blog because I have to write, if I didn't I'd go mad.


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  4. i love taking photos hahah :D

  5. following you back! xo

  6. adorable blog!

  7. this is a very cute post :) one can really see (or read) how passionate you are about blogging :) to me it has also become a source of inspiration and socialisation.i just love taking my photos,editing them and put them on the blog.and it helps me sooo much to not wear the same thing over and over again :)


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