Wednesday 11 September 2013

Step by Step Makeup Guidelines to get yourself all Glam up for an Indian Saree :)

Hello everyone

A very Helpful Guest Blog Post from a very dear friend Surbhi Agarwal 
(Full step by step simple make up guidelines)
In India, Saree is known as the most beautiful attire and the
traditional cultural Dress, so here I am creating a look today which
is inspired by the same theme and I will try to give it two quick
styles, One is a traditional meet trendy and another is fit for simple
stylish theme.
Every Indian girl wants to wear a saree at some day of her life but to
strike the right cord of the look is equally important. So I am trying
to create this look which i always fantasist about. Let’s hope for the
best –

I hope you gonna try this so amazing look and especially when it is
just a super easy process to achieve this look. Here is it how one can
get it done –
FACE- Step 1 to 6
1-      Start with Lakme CC cream. The new stylist is just my first choice
:- ) You see..
2-      Squeeze the tube and take out some CC cream.
3-      Dab the CC Cream to face and neck.
4-      Blend it on face by patting in (use sponge or fingertips )
5-      Blend it well on neck area too. Give me High five and just look at
the pic no. 6 (I am loving it )
6-      Now your face is set with help of perfect stylist which combines
the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of
makeup. And that gonna bring a smile on your face now.

Eyes- Step 7 to 13

7-       Use LAKME Eye Color Quartet Desert Rose
8-      Highlight the shape of the eye by drawing it with the Copper Shade.
9-      Try and give some extra effort on the crease to give it a proper
shade. Also apply the shade Gold with the help of brush and blend it
10-     Balance the both eyes and give them the life with the help of
LAKME Eye color Quartet Deseret rose.
11-     Smudge the color on the lower lid also. Highlight a little near to
the brow line and blend it well.
12-     Indian eyes are so beautiful that a touch of kajal can enhance
their beauty so just use LAKME Eyeconic Kajal near to waterline of the
eyes and feel good to get that always wanted look.
13-     Apply Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Eyeliner to experience that
revolutionary change in your eyes.
You will be amazed to find that how it gives life to your eyes.

Lips 14 to 16

14-     Use LAKME 9 to 5 Lip color to make a great impression that lasts
long.MM1-Rose Management.
15-     As the name says, it is a beautiful Rose shade which is going to
add that perfect feminine essence to the whole look.
16-     So here you are done with the makeup. Just take a look at it and
see if anything needed to correct or add.

Traditional meet Trendy 17-18
17-     Style your hair by just leaving a side partition on left hand
side. Place a small maang tika which gives a traditional feel and put
your ear accessories on.
18-     You can add some style to your look by adding a beaded hairband in
the partition area which gives a very unique look.

HAIRS (Simple and Stylish)
19-     Simply Place the hair on your right shoulder. Clutch them nicely
and use your beaded hairband to create an identical unique look which
is a super easy and instant style. Place a bindi which is totally
optional, I wanted to see myself in one so I tried it here :- )

This is a very easy way to get a pretty Indian saree look which I am
sure is gonna get liked by many ladies out there. So just say

Thank you so much Surbhi for this lovely post 


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  3. Beautiful :) Lovely tut sweets <3
    You done it with such a ease - Very pretty :)
    I loved all the pics ;)

    1. Thanks Vipra !
      I am glad that u liked it.
      It was as easy as it looks in pix :)

  4. Beautiful .. u look gorgeous in saree :)


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