Monday 13 April 2015

Smile costs more than money !

Human beings are said to be social animals and the only possible reason behind it is that we humans like socializing and this socializing has many elements in it. We love others and we love to be loved and this love is clearly visible in our actions and by action I mean the things we do for others and the extra mile we are ready to walk for others that extra mile which has nothing for us but we still take the pain to go though it because we are in love and it love that we want. We care for that person and are always their when he or she needs us. It is all related to love and everything it fare in it.   
We are always ready to give in love because love means sacrifice and that giving is also so enjoyable because it brings smile and happiness to your loved ones. We go way out of our reach and follow our heart to make someone happy and that someone’s happiness makes us happy in return. Here today I am to share a story where I followed my heart and made someone happy and this someone is very special person he is my hubby.

It was the last winter that passed by my hubby was out for his work and was supposed to get home late because being an event planner his work ends late at night. I was expecting a call around 5 in the morning because that was the usual time he used to call me after leaving the work place and I was in a habit of it, but that day I did not receive any calls from him I was worried and tensed. He came back home at 7 in the morning and I was awake by then and the very first thing he said was like a 440 volt current to my body and it took me few seconds to come back into my normal senses. Mr. Hubby lost his band new I phone and was clueless where he lost it. We tried every possible thing but did not find it back. My hubby is a big gadget freak and his gadgets are the second best thing in his life after his friends and family.

I could clearly sense the pain he was going through but he was helpless because buying other such phone was way out of his budget and you are thinking it right it was all on me. I had a fixed deposit for my future plans but my hubby’s happiness was far more important than those plans. I got it all sorted out ordered a new I phone from snap deal and handed it to him. He was so happy and I could tell it from his smile. It was tough for me to spare that money but I went out of my way to see that smile on is face. “Sayad yehi hai pyaar”  

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