Monday 13 April 2015

Happiness lies in making others happy !

Hello Peeps !

We have been created differently and so differently from all other creatures on this earth. The only thing which makes us different from other living creatures is our wisdom. We human being has been blessed with a brain we have been given the power to think and act and being human we are pledged to help others and make others happy. We follow our heart and sometimes go way out of our reach to help others and make them happy and in return than it make us happy too. It really doesn’t matters that what circumstances you fall in that you are compelled to do so but yes you doing so and make the other person happy.
The real happiness lies in sharing gifting others and we follow this rule everywhere. Is not it a common habit to gift our loved ones on a good occasion? Yes indeed it is but why? Why do we do so? When we look for an answer only possible reason that I can thing and put forward is that we share our love and respect in form of gifts to our loved and dear ones and thus we have fallen it habit of doing so and today it is one of the common phenomenon of our life.
Like I said we gift and make happy to our loved ones but not someone that we don’t know but today here I am going to share a piece of my own life where I helped a person whom I did not know and there was no possibility that I would have known him. It was a winter and a very harsh winter to be very precise and I was on a tour to Gangtok with my hubby. It was out first time at Gangtok and we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the place.

The scenery was mesmerizing and the place was just out of the world. We were at the M.G.Road market and were too busy shopping that I almost stepped on a child who was sitting by the stairs. He wasn’t poor for sure because he was wearing some nice clothes although his clothes were pale and dirty. At the first thought I was mad at him because that was seriously not a place to sit because anyone could have stepped on him but I kept my cool and asked the kid to get up. He was not from that place around and his appearance made that very clear. I asked him that what was he doing there all alone and why wasn’t he wearing any winter cloths but he kept mum. My hubby told me to ask him the same thing in Bengali because he looked like a Bengali child and fortunately that worked.

The guy was almost in tears and told me that he was separated from his folks an hour ago and now he was clueless that what he should do and thus he was sitting there and waiting for his parents. The first thing I did was so unlikely me I pulled him up and hugged him and took him to the nearest winter cloth shop and bought him some clothes and next bought some tea and dinner for him. The child was better now but the work was only half done we still needed to look for his parents and after visiting the local police authority we found that his parents had just left after lodging a missing complaint of his son and they did leave their contact number there. The authorities made the call and after a few verification's they handed them their kid.
That really felt nice deep within. It was nice experience. We did miss our shopping because we had our flight the very next morning but that was not the main concern because what we did was far more important and peaceful than shopping.

I remember that trip always and it is one of the best I ever had. It feels good in giving others sometimes something that is precious to us and that is what makes us human.
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