Friday 24 April 2015

Happiness Is In Air !

Life is a gift a pure and awesome gift from the creator who has created us in his own image. Being the uppermost and the best creation of the generator we have created a beautiful world for ourselves to live in and have accumulated the best resources for our happiness. It has been our general human nature to look for an opportunity to celebrate for our achievements and the goods we do in our life. We have our festivals and other ceremonies that also gives us an opportunity to be happy. But the biggest question of the lot is that do we really need an occasion to celebrate? Surely we do is not the obvious answer to the question? Indeed it is but the truth to the fact is that we should not be bounded in a protocol to celebrate instead we should turn our each and every day into a celebration. We have restricted our will and conscious and have created an hypothetical network around us that has been designed by us and for us to be happy.

We have the gift of the life and we should be the one to make it happy and live happy everyday. The real happiness does not comes from a festival or a party or a reason to celebrate it truly comes from the people you celebrate it with. It has never been anything but our own friends and family which does the miracle.

The togetherness of our family and friend is all it takes to give us a reason to celebrate. We should not wait for any thing or occasion to cheer our hearts up instead we should look forward for little things that imparts happiness to our lives. These little things adds up and becomes a big beautiful moment and thus adds spark to our lives. Life is all beautiful from every aspect you look from all one needs to do is adjust the focus and the angle one is looking from. Life is not about big events or big ceremonies it is about living it beautifully with the small and the slightest happiness we find in.

This wonderful gift of life should not be wasted and we all should learn to find peace and happiness in our life in spite of all the problems and troubles we face in our day to day life. Every darkness is followed by a ray of light and we should keep our hopes high for that ray of light because if we learn to be optimistic in our life we would be able to find out the happiness in the worst state of our lives too. Do not wait for an opportunity open your heart and try to feel the happiness in the air the happiness which is always present but dissolved in the air and once you learn to be happy in everything and anything happiness is what you will find everywhere and every day of the life would be a big celebration. The occasions and ceremonies will have to wait for their own turn and you will remain happy ever after.  

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